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Flask-Less Molding


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This unique Casting Process is best understood by visiting the Web Link of Hunter Machine, Manufacturer of Flask-less Molding Equipment.


Hunter Web site link :




Flask-less Molding simply explained, is automated sand casting.


Flask-less Molding is a variation of sand casting or green sand molding that has been automated for speed, high volume output and repeatability.


The process delivers the true economies of automatically mass produced sand castings, namely greater productivity, lower cost and higher quality castings.


In spite of its name, Flask-less Molding does use flasks.


This one of those variations of  the Cope and Drag Concept, that is being discussed through out this Website.  


In Flask-less Molding Process, the sand filled flask is rebuilt and used over and over in a totally mechanized and automated sand molding process. A flask must be used on all sand molding, for the containment of the sand while the sand is firmed about the pattern or match plate.



Hunter Web site link :




Please make a visit to this website of Hunter, this will clearly explain the Flask-less Molding Concept. This is an animation that show with vivid detail, the Concept of Flask-less Molding.



Photos of actual Hunter Automatic


Molding [ flask-less molding] Machines


































































Illustration 1






























Illustration 2


























Flask-less Molding Benefits


The benefits of Flask-less Molding are impressive and include uniformity, high density molds, high output of products, elimination of mold shift, and drastically reduced labor expense.


Flask-less Molding also provides a mold hardness that is consistent throughout the mold and offers rapid core setting, easy inspection of cores, utilization of existing tooling, high casting quality, reduced finishing time and quick pattern changes.


A Flask-less Molding Machine Operator can adjust the cope and drag heights and the total squeeze pressure to accommodate different mold densities and mold hardness to meet the demands of the specific molding application. The operator can also adjust the sand fill allowing the adjustment for variations in each pattern. It is possible to produce complex molds and molds with deep pockets, which are difficult with traditional, normal sand casting procedures.


We have discussed in Sand Casting Section, how labor intensive, that process really is, especially if you have to make 100's to 1,000's of the same exact casting. The drawback for years to Flask-less Molding, was the high costs of the Tooling required.


However, with today's computer assisted tooling design and plate manufacturing, the starting costs for Flask-less Molding in in a range that almost any casting job that has respectable annual volumes and is a job that has a few year life span, is make economic sense to consider running those castings as Flask-less Molds.




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