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Loam Molding


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Basic definition of this large piece, casting method, is a mixture of sand, clay, and other materials, used in making molds, for large castings, often without a pattern.


Loam is soil, that is composed of sand, silt, and clay in relatively even concentration (about 40-40-20% concentration respectively). Loam soils generally contain more nutrients and humus than sandy soils, have better infiltration and drainage than silty soils, and are easier to till than clay soils. Loams are gritty, moist, and retain water easily.


Loam molds, can be made of loose loam mud, loam bricks, loam gutters, loam retainers etc. all formed from loam soils.


To avoid the use of much text, the easiest way to explain Loam Molding is with pictures.



Our first example of Loam Molding will be a Bell.





















mixing the loam






using loam to from bell






























forming bell with loam





























using loam to form bell
































pouring the bell


































Next example is a Loam Bricks Mold to form a Cylinder























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