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Once you have made the decision to seek out some Professional Help with your Casting Project, the hard work is just about over.  The next step, is simply to get the Project Details organized, and then call Wynn Danzur Marketing.


You may have a Casting Process in mind, that you think is the correct and suitable choice. Your choice could well be the correct one. However, the quantities of castings required; the appropriate and necessary alloy; the detail of the Casting itself; the time frame to production castings; and more, can all contribute to what Casting Process will ACTUALLY be the CORRECT CASTING PROCESS. This is where the Professional Help from the Foundries that support Wynn Danzur become so extremely important to the success of your Casting Program. You DO NOT want to use a Casting Process, that will not provide you with the best, and most profitable Casting Program.




1. Getting the Organization Started:


Have your required budget for this casting project established, and know how much extra funds you can have handy, just in case the project runs past your budget figure.


Organize your thoughts, your requirements, your notes, and drawings.


Have all your information available, like the addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, fax numbers, purchase orders, ship to address, etc., all at your finger tips.


Have organized your blue prints, or your drawings, your concepts.


In summary make sure you have all the necessary information to quote the job.


Here are some many time missed examples:


- the alloy to be used to produce the components

- the scaled weight of the component

- the quantities of Castings needed to be made for your project

- is there a pattern or a tool to make these parts from?

- where is this pattern or tool, or do you need  to have the pattern or tool, made; do you need to fix existing tool, etc.,

- are samples of your project available for the foundry to see, and then send back unharmed.

- when does your company need these parts that being quoted

- will there be secondary operations needed, examples being, paint work, machining operations, packaging, etc.,



2. Time to Contact Wynn Danzur


Once you get your project organized contact Wynn Danzur by any of the means listed on How To Contact Page. Link >>> How to Contact Us


You will be greeted by competent and conscientious people, whom you will soon call friends. Anything omitted from above, they will help you with. They will get the proper Foundry involved, and no doubt the foundry will be contacting you with their questions. They will explain to you the Invoicing, the Terms, the Freight, and answer any additional questions you will have.


From the first day you contact Wynn Danzur, till the day the Castings reach your dock, Wynn Danzur will be on top of your project, speaking with the foundry, and will keep you 100% in the Informational Loop.






3. Insurance and Confidentiality Agreements


Insurance Requirements:


Now is the time to think about Insurance on your Tooling or Patterns.


Even though you, have never, or  may never, or ever see them, the patterns or tooling are yours, and should be treated as the assets they are.


The foundry will usually store these items for free, as long as you are planning to, or are placing orders. They will repair and up date theses items as needed, usually for a small charge, explained before work is started.


Should your choice of foundry be struck with an "Act of God," and your tooling or patterns, are damaged or destroyed, it is your responsibility to have them Insured, NOT the foundry!


If you have those patterns insured, you are just one step ahead. If not, contact your Insurance Agent today. These patterns can be covered by insurance policies you probably already have, and most likely for only a small additional premium.






Confidentiality Agreements: 


Next item that comes up at this time of Ordering Castings, is the Confidentiality Agreements.


Wynn Danzur Marketing, will assist you, in having your "CA's" completed and returned to you by ourselves, and the foundries that we work for.


If you require a "CA" prior to beginning any process, we understand, and are here to help.


Just call or write; e-mail or FAX; the document with letter of explanation. We will complete one for Wynn Danzur, and have the one intended for the Foundry completed and return to your specified location.




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