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We have done our best to provide you videos which explain through visual technologies the Castings Processes we are presenting to you in written format. Please do not just come and stare blankly at the videos.  Only after you have read through the Casting and Molding Processes Sections All Processes , you are comfortable with the basics of these Casting Processes, you understand the Castings Terms, and the Casting Names, will you fully understand the video selection that have been assembled here for your review.


In this Video Links Section, we have assembled various U-Tube Type Videos that further explain Casting Processes, Pattern Making, etc.  You will find this extremely helpful, once you get the basic understandings digested.

Watching as the workers poured aluminum into 'green sand' molds. They eventually become IV stand bases.

Casting Zinc Alloy at Quality Metal Craft, Detroit

Making cores

Tubalcain shows how to make sand mold using a pattern with an irregular parting line. This is part B of a two part video.

FOUNDRY WORK Mold Casting Shakeout part 5 tubalcain

Sand Casting - PART ONE with Philip White and Jenny Dunseath

Sand Casting - PART TWO INTRODUCTION Philip White & jenny dunseath

Sand Casting - PART THREE with Philip White and Jenny Dunseath

Sand Casting Mould Making - no sound

Sand Casting 2 (Pouring Aluminium)

High pressure die casting

Aluminium (LM25) Sand Casting - Aluminium Foundry, UK

Die casting aluminum

Investment Casting Process

Investment Casting

Aluminum Casting - Aluminum Investment Casting Video

Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting

powder metallurgy

powder metallurgy system

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