10 Best Mods for Nioh 2 (2024)

Nioh 2 keeps the Souls-like waving high especially in the void of absence left behind by the Dark Souls trilogy. The Japanese medieval fantasy game does have its own merits. Its combat is definitely more dynamic and exhilarating than most games in its sub-genre. The result is a serious demand of skills and attention from the players while they manage several aspects of combat along with the prevalent threat of hampering deaths and subjectively unfair enemies.

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At times, it can be nerve-racking but PC players can dampen all that mental breakdown from stress with mods. Being the proper port that it is on the PC, Nioh 2 has an interesting collection of mods at the ready. Most of them are cosmetic upgrades but some make the game's visuals better while others further increase the game's brutality.

10 FOG Disable V3 - No bloom optional

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Nioh 2 has some rather excessive visual effects especially once it was ported into the PC. One of the most notable visual anomalies in the game is the generous application of volumetric fog This is a recurring quirk among many Japanese RPGs, including Monster Hunter World.

Thankfully, some PC players got a little too fed up with it and decided to do something about it. FOG Disable V3 - No bloom optional is a simple mod that removes two invasive visual effects. These are the volumetric fog and the bloom. For some systems, this might even increase the framerate.

9 Eyes Retext

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Eyes are off in plenty of RPGs. This is because a lot of them use significantly different lighting for the character creation screen and the in-game graphics. That leads to some miscalculated pickings. That or you probably just don't like the eye textures regardless of the lighting variance.

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In any case, Eyes retext is a handy aesthetic mod for that concern. This mod adds several new eye textures to the game. All of them can be recolored for better personalization. Now you can recreate certain anime characters in Nioh 2, particularly a certain emo best friend with weird eyes in Naruto.

8 Clearly - Reshade Preset

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If you do find Nioh 2's fog of war a little too intense but would still like to keep it for atmospheric purposes, then Clearly- Reshade Preset is a good compromise. Reshades are basically color tinting mods for video games that can intensify or mute certain color shades.

It's useful for breathing life into old games or making new games less of an eyesore. In Nioh 2's case, the graphics are somewhat outdated. Removing the fog only makes this more apparent. That's why the Reshade preset in question enhances the graphics without completely blowing away all the fog.

7 Round Eyewear

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Despite the Japanese fantasy setting, the characters in Nioh 2 more or less adhere to their portrayed time period's trends. That means there is no available ocular eyewear for anyone with bad vision. That's a shame since plenty of character designs could have used that modern touch.

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That's why Round Eyewear exists. Certain players found it apt for Nioh 2's custom creations to have better fashion options. It's not lore-friendly, of course, but if you want to turn the game into an anime, then employing this mod is a must.

6 Phantom Mask

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Speaking of fashion options, that's more or less the endgame in Nioh 2, just as in many Souls-like games. You don't need to break the lore in order to look good in Nioh 2, there are plenty of other mods that fit in well with the lore and the time period.

One of those is the Phantom Mask. It's actually just a retexture of the Sohaya mask. Instead of that, you'll get the female phantom yokai form mask. It's a prettier and shinier version of the old thing and fits in well with many characters that have a cleaner look.

5 Longer Twin-Tails Hairstyle

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Another thing in the fashion aspect of Nioh 2 that leaves lots of players wanting is the hair selection. Some of them are either too short or too tame, especially for a Japanese game with lots of supernatural elements. The Twin-Tails is apparently, too short for some of you.

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Hence, Longer Twin-Tails Hairstyle was born. The mod is pretty self-explanatory. Several inches of growth are added and they still use the in-game physics. However, the developers kept that hairstyle short for a reason so expect to see some clipping issues.

4 Cleaner Combat Effects

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Combat in Nioh 2 is like a Mexican piñata party. You hit the enemies and press several buttons and skills to be showered with enough lights to give you a headache. At times, even this can be detrimental to your focus in tight situations.

So do away with those extravagant particle effects with Cleaner Combat Effects. Using this mod, you no longer have to suffer the excessive explosive light show that happens whenever you kill an enemy or change stances.

3 Buster Sword (Final Fantasy 7 Remake Style)

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In case you've already ruined the immersion by including some of the prior mods, then you might as well go all-out with the Buster Sword mod. It brings Cloud Strife's famous oversized sword from Final Fantasy 7 right to your character's hands and soon after, into the enemies' guts.

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Surprisingly, the Buster Sword's crude design fits the lore of Nioh 2. The modders did well to simulate the light and specular maps of the sword that they reflect and react to the game world fittingly. The sword is also grimy and weathered enough for Nioh 2's dark and ominous locale.

2 Improved Antialiasing - Nioh 2

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Despite being a decent PC port, Nioh 2 is not without its technical faults. One of those is the rather outdated implementation of anti-aliasing. It removes the pixelated jaggedness of images. This is pretty common in console games due to the reduced resolution.

Nioh 2 lacks some of the more modern PC options. Improved Antialiasing fixes this by adding depth-based SMAA and an optional FXAA on top of that. This can also improve performance if you opt to use them instead of the inherent anti-aliasing of the game.

1 Challenge Mod

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Last but not least, something to make Nioh 2 even more difficult: the Challenge Mod. The mod is essentially a table that you can use in order to customize the difficulty levels in the event that you've ascended the game's enemies.

With this mod, you can customize the health and damage levels of the enemies and more. On top of that, there's also a global speed modifier in case you want something fairer than artificial difficulty. Somehow, you can use it for multiplayer, but that's not recommended.

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