DEXA Scan Topsham, ME - Body Fat %, Lean Mass, Fat Mass, and Bone Density | DEXA Scan Near Me (2024)

DEXA Scan in Topsham is located at 4 Union Park Road, Topsham, ME, 04086


How the DEXA Scan (Body Composition) in Topsham Works

What is a DEXA Scan (Body Composition)?

DEXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) scan is a medical imaging technology that measures bone density and body composition. Since DEXA relies on low-energy X-ray beams, the image shows bone and soft tissue alike. These beams have different peak energy frequencies to target bones and tissues. This high-precision imaging test has been around for decades, and DEXA was introduced for commercial use in 1987.

What Results will the DEXA Scan (Body Composition) in Topsham provide?

  • Fat mass

  • Lean Mass

  • Visceral Adipose Tissue

  • Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

  • Comparison with your age range

  • Body fat distribution by region (arms, legs, waist and hips).

  • Android (waist) Fat and Lean Mass

  • Gynoid (hip) Fat and Lean Mass

  • Android/Gynoid ratio

  • BMI

  • 1:1 call with MD (after you receive your results online)

Why Should I complete a DEXA Scan (Body Composition)?

DEXA is the gold standard for understanding body composition. Doctors are increasingly viewing weight as a poor measure of health. DEXA can assess health status and risks more accurately by focusing on muscle mass, fat mass, visceral fat, and bone density.

Here are a few reasons you might want to complete a DEXA Scan in Topsham:

  • Weight management

  • Preventing muscle loss when losing weight.

  • Monitoring fat loss and potential muscle loss.

  • Improving your training or diet.

  • Monitoring visceral fat for preventative health.

  • Preparing for a competition.

  • Monitoring Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and Visceral Fat.

  • Improving longevity.

Do I need a referral from a GP to get a DEXA Scan (Body Composition) in Topsham?

ME state does require a prescription, even if you are completing the DEXA scan for preventative reasons. The great news is that Fitnescity handles orders when the DEXA scan provider requires one. Fitnescity works with a national network of board-certified physicians to coordinate the process remotely when you purchase a scan through Fitnescity. Once you finalize scheduling for your DEXA scan appointment, you will notice a link to complete a form which will be sent to Fitnescity’s independent network of referring doctors. This allows you to get an order without taking time off work to obtain one or paying fees to visit your doctor.

What can I expect from a DEXA Scan (Body Composition) appointment in Topsham?

  • The test administrator will record your height and weight, either by asking you directly or measuring on site. Note that DEXA machine will determine actual weight.

  • The scan will last for about 20 minutes; the appointment for about 45 minutes.

*Please inform us if you are over 500lbs as some DEXA machines have size restrictions.

How should I prepare for my DEXA Scan (Body Composition) in Topsham?

  • Wear comfortable clothes, such as gym attire.

  • Do not wear any items with metal or hard plastic, such as buttons, zippers, jewelry, watches, hair clips, bras with metal clasps or underwires.

  • Inform the test administrator if you have any metal in your body, such as a pin or replacement joint.

  • No fasting required, however some consider best practice to be a 4 hour fast prior to the scan.

  • Please note that DEXA scans do subject you to small amounts of radiation. A whole body scan produces a level of radiation equivalent to flying by airplane from New York to California.

  • Due to the radiation described above, if you believe you may be pregnant, please refrain from doing the DEXA scan.

Is the DEXA Scan (Body Composition) safe?

One of the biggest concerns that people have about DEXA scans is safety in terms of radiation. You’ll be pleased to know that the DEXA scan is safe. This type of scan uses a significantly lower level of radiation than standard X-rays. In fact, this noninvasive scan involves minimum radiation, which is comparable to flying from New York City to Los Angeles.

Although DEXA scan is painless, noninvasive, and generally safe, it’s not suitable for everyone. People under the age of 18 years shouldn’t get a DEXA scan. The scan isn’t suitable for pregnant women and people who are unable to stay still for 10 to 15 minutes.

Will I be able to understand my DEXA Scan (Body Composition) results?

Interpreting DEXA Scan (Body Composition) results is easier than you think. When you do a DEXA Scan (Body Composition) with Fitnescity, you get access to your dashboard. There, you can see your result and what the values represent. Your dashboard also shows how you compare to other people of the same age or gender.

Fitnescity also gives you the option to speak 1:1 with a physician, should you have any questions about your results and how you can use them.

Your dashboard shows all results in detail and describes what they mean. That way you gain insight into your health status and what lifestyle modifications to implement for better values next time.

Does the DEXA Scan (Body Composition) location in Topsham provide visceral fat results?

Yes! While some machines are not equipped to measure visceral adipose tissue (VAT), the DEXA Scan (Body Composition) in Topsham does come with visceral fat measurements.

Is there an acceptable amount of Visceral Fat?

In terms of adipose tissue, visceral fat is particularly important. DEXA Scan (Body Composition) results show VAT information in three categories: mass, volume, and area. The area is a crucial measure because it correlates to elevated risk of various health conditions. So, if your VAT area is between 10 and 100cm2, it is classified as a normal range. Values between 100 and 160cm2 represent increased risk, and scores between 160 and 300cm2correlate to high risk.

How much does the DEXA Scan (Body Composition) in Topsham cost?

When completed under the right conditions, DEXA Scan (Body Composition) typically costs $150-250 per scan, depending on whether you get a package or a single test. Outside of Topsham, the price varies by geography and provider. For instance, some DEXA scan providers outside of Maine do not require a physician order due to state regulations, and some providers even offer the test in a van to reduce the costs. However, Fitnescity does not recommend that you complete a test in a mobile van because the machine is designed to be placed in a clinic setting and may not produce the most accurate results under such circ*mstances.

Will insurance cover my DEXA Scan (Body Composition) in Topsham?

DEXA Scan (Body Composition) scans are not covered by insurance. You can, however, use your FSA/HSA plan to cover for the scan.

How often should I complete a DEXA Scan (Body Composition)?

How often you should complete a DEXA Scan (Body Composition) depends on your goals, but every two to six months is useful for people who want to measure their body composition with emphasis on adipose tissue. The most practical approach is to get a package at Fitnescity so you can hold yourself accountable. You also want to complete your DEXA Scan (Body Composition) at the same Topsham location for increased test-to-test repeatability.

When it comes to bone density, you may need to do a DEXA Scan (Bone Density) every two to five years or sooner, depending on bone density risk factors and age.

What other tests does this Topsham DEXA Scan (Body Composition) location offer?

The RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Test measures the number of calories required by the body to maintain basic functions such as heartbeat, breathing, temperature regulation, and brain activity. This number varies widely from a person to another. A standard Fitnescity RMR Test involves using a metabolic cart and indirect calorimetry, the clinically recommended and industry reference standard of testing, to measure the number of calories burned per day at rest. Whether your goal is to lose, gain, or maintain weight, this information is highly valuable for designing a personalized weight management program.

The VO2 Max Test measures the maximum amount of oxygen your body is able to uptake during exercise and is considered the gold standard of assessing cardiovascular fitness. A standard VO2 Max test with Fitnescity involves wearing a respiratory mask connected to an indirect calorimetric metabolic cart and heart rate monitor while running or cycling at a progressively increasing speed or resistance until unable to continue. Measuring your VO2 Max can not only help gauge your level of cardiac fitness but improve the efficacy of training by more accurately determining training zones.

Are there any other test locations in Maine?

Yes, Fitnescity is the national leader in DEXA, VO2 Max, and RMR testing. You can find hundreds of locations nationally under this locator: DEXA scans near me.

Where can I learn more about Peter Attia, DEXA scans, and VO2 Max

You can read more about Peter Attia on many of our blog posts about his work. If you are a customer, stay tuned as we occasionally offer his book as a gift to all Fitnescity customers.

Is there a weight limit for the DEXA Scan (Body Composition)?

The answer may vary by machine. The DEXA Scan (Body Composition) in Topsham is located at 4 Union Park Road, Topsham, ME 04086 has weight limit of 500lbs and no height limit.

For other locations, please visit the individual location’s page using this DEXA Scan Finder.

Fitnescity does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or a qualified medical professional if you have any questions about your results.

DEXA Scan Topsham, ME - Body Fat %, Lean Mass, Fat Mass, and Bone Density | DEXA Scan Near Me (2024)
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