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YMusic: Stream YouTube anywhere, anytime

YMusic is a practical app catering to music aficionados who frequent YouTube for audio content. It's designed to offer a streamlined experience, allowing users to enjoy YouTube's music library without interrupts.

Uninterrupted YouTube Music: YMusic lets you listen with screen off

YMusic is a free, versatile music application designed to enhance the YouTube music listening experience on mobile devices. It offers a unique set of features that set it apart from traditional YouTube streaming, catering specifically to users who wish to enjoy music without the constraints of an active screen and who also seek the ability to download content for offline listening. Want to learn more? Keep reading and find out!

  • Screen-off listening: YMusic enables users to listen to YouTube audio content even when the device screen is turned off. This feature conserves battery life and minimizes data usage by eliminating the need for the screen to stay on during playback.
  • Seamless YouTube integration: The app seamlessly integrates with YouTube, allowing for easy transition from the YouTube app to YMusic, making it hassle-free to access and play favorite tracks.
  • Music downloading capabilities: YMusic functions as a downloader, supporting various formats (MP3, WebM, MP4, Opus) for extracting audio from YouTube videos. This eliminates the necessity for separate conversion tools when downloading music.
  • Last.FM integration: Leveraging Last.FM integration, YMusic fetches artist and album information intelligently, enhancing the organization and clarity of the user's music library.
  • Customizable features: The app's AI-driven playlists learn user preferences and offer personalized playlists for an enhanced listening experience. Customizable rules further allow users to tailor playlists to their liking.
  • Visual customization: YMusic provides a range of color schemes to personalize the user interface. Alongside this, users can benefit from custom equalizers, gapless playback, and home screen widgets for added convenience.
  • User-friendly interface: YMusic offers a familiar and easy-to-use interface, making navigation and playback of music content intuitive and straightforward.

YMusic stands out as an efficient, user-friendly app for streaming YouTube music with unique features like screen-off listening and robust downloading capabilities, making it a preferred choice for those seeking an enhanced music-listening experience on their mobile devices.

Do you need a more feature-rich app?

Best YMusic alternatives

if you're looking for more feature-rich alternatives to YMusic, several apps cater to varying needs and preferences for streaming and downloading YouTube music. Here are some of them:

  • Vanced: A modified version of YouTube with added features such as background playback, ad-blocking, and the ability to download videos for offline viewing.
  • Spotify: A renowned music streaming platform with a vast library of songs, playlists, and podcasts. While it doesn't directly support YouTube content, it offers an extensive music collection and curated playlists.
  • YT Music: YouTube Music, an official YouTube app, dedicated specifically to music. It offers personalized recommendations, playlists, and the ability to discover new tracks based on user preferences.
  • JDownloader: While not exclusively for YouTube, JDownloader is a robust download manager that supports a wide range of websites for downloading video and audio content.
  • SnapTube: Allows downloading from various websites, including YouTube, in multiple formats and resolutions. It offers a user-friendly interface and quick downloading capabilities.

Should you download YMusic?

Music stands out as a valuable tool for avid YouTube music consumers. It offers uninterrupted streaming, efficient downloading, and a plethora of features tailored to enhance your music-listening journey. If a cohesive, personalized music library appeals to you, YMusic is worth downloading despite occasional alerts.

For those seeking an uninterrupted YouTube music experience with added downloading capabilities and personalized features, YMusic is a worthy choice.


  • Low data usage (up to 90% data savings)
  • Background player for slow network connection
  • Download video content from YouTube in various formats, including MP3
  • Automatic detection of the artist and album
  • Smart playlists
  • Diverse format support
  • Last.FM integration


  • Occasional "Unauthorized Message" alerts due to third-party nature

Program available in other languages

  • Descargar YMusic [ES]

Download YMusic for Android - Free (3)

YMusicfor Android



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