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Tenaessoe Williams

(Lights cose \xp slovly. revealing the tvorooms of the Kovalski apartment in theFrench quarter oi* Kev Orleans, StellaKovalski lounges in a rickety armchair,fanning herself vith a palm-leaf fan, endeating chocolates from a paper bag. Sheis reading a movie magaslne. Living roomis empty. There is an imaginary vailbetveen the tvo rooms. In living room, alov door opens upon a roofless porch. Onstair are seated tvo persons, a languid

ro woman, who fans herself "with a palm-leaf fan, unci Eunice Eubbell, occupant ofthe apartment above, vho is eating peanutsand reading a "confession" magazine.Stanley Kovalski enters, followed byHarold Mitchell—Mitch—his friend. Stanleyhurries along street tvoards door of hisapartment. Hitch lopes along behind Stanleytrying to keep up vith the former's stride.Music is still heard. Lights have grovnbrighter.


Stanley(Opening his door, bellowing into living rocs,He enters from porch to above table center*


usy* Steilai Eey, there, Stella, baby]

(Mitch waits dovn right for Stanley.)

Stella(Jumping up from armchair, come3 into livingroom.)

Don't holler at me like that.

Stanley(Tossing package of meat, covered vith blook,to Stella.)


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Stella(Catching package.




(Stanley and Mitch start out do\;n left.)

Stella(Running to front door with package,


Stanley! '.."hero arc you going'j






(Leaning out door, calling,)Can I corse watch?

Stanley(Farther off.)

Corse on I

StellaBe over soonl

(Eunice enters fron porch* Stella patsEunice » s shoulder.


Hallo, Eunice* Hov are you?

EuniceI«» all right,

(Stella puts meat package on table in livingroom and then exits*)(Eunice leans forward*, calls after Stella.)

Tell Steve to get his a poor boy's sandwich*, 'cause nothing'sloft here.

(Stella corses out onto porch, closing apart-ment door behind her* Stella hurries out

„ dovn left. Eunice and Negro woman laugh*Zunico crosses to porch*


Negro Woman(Nudges Eunice with her elbcv*)

What was that package he threw at her?(She laughs.)

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You hush now!



Hcgro Woman(Imitating Stanley's gesture of throwing meat.)

Catch what


(Women laugh together. Blanche Duboisenters from up left. She is carrying asmall suitcase in one hand and a slip ofpaper in other. As she looks about, herexpression is one of shocked disbelief.Her appearance is incongruous to thesetting. She looks as if she were arrivingat a summer tea or co*cktail party in thegarden district. She is about five yearsolder than Stella. There is something abouther uncertain manner that suggests a moth.Music fades away. She is carrying hersuitcase in her left hand. Lights in streetcommence to dim, and interior lighting inapartment brightens. Eunice and Ilegrowoman enter from porch.


Eunice(Looks at Blanche— then at Negro woman, backat Blanche.—To Blanche.)

What's the matter, honey? Are you lost?

Blanche(Standing just to left of stair, speaking witha faintly hysterical humor.)

They told me to take a streetcar named Desire, transferto one called Cemetery, and ride six blocks and get offat Elyslan Fields!

EuniceThat's where you are at now.

BlancheAt Elysian Fields?

EuniceThis here, is Elysian Fields.

(Negro woman laughs.)

BlancheThey mustn't have—understood—what number I wanted . .

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EuniceWhat number you lookln 1 for?

Blanche(Refers wearily to slip of paper in her hand.)

Six thirty-two.

Eunice(Indicating number "632" beside door of apartment.)

You don't have to look no further.

(Negro woman laughs.)

Blanche(Crosses down left. Uncomprehendingly.


I'm looking for my sister, Stella DuBois— I mean—1-Irs.

Stanley Kowalski.

(Negro woman nudges Eunice, yawns broadly.)

EuniceThat's the party. You Just did miss her, though.

(Negro woman rises, stretches, moves a step downright.


BlancheThis? Can this be her home?

EuniceShe's got the front part and I've got the back.

BlancheOh. She's out?

Eunice(Pointing off down left.)

You noticed that bowling alley around the corner?

BlancheI'm not sure I did.

EuniceWell, that's where she's at—watchin' her husband bowl.

(Negro woman laughs.)

You want to leave your suitcase here an 1 go find her?

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Blanche(Moving downstage on porch.


No . . .

Negro womanI'll £0 tell her she come.


Blanche(Putting dovn suitcase.)

(Negro -woman yawns, stretches, fanning herself,slouches out dovn left, drawling a "Yo' wel-come" to Blanche's "Thank you. "J



She wasn't expecting you?

Blanche(Crumpling slip of paper, throwing it away.


No. No, not tonight.

Lunice(Puts bag of raisins in dress pocket.)

Well, why don't you just go in and make yourself at hometill they get back?

(Crosses up on first step.)

BlancheHow could I do that?

Eunice(Coming down step.)

We own this place, so I can let you in.(Eunice slaps front door with flat of herright palm, and it flies open. Euniceleads Blanche in. Blanche enters livingroom, stands with some trepidation, justabove table. Takes in the room. Eunicelooks at Blanche, then at her suitcase,then picks up Blanche's suitcase, stepsinto room, sets suitcase beside kitchencabinet, picks up broom from floor neardoor. Puts broom against right side ofice-box, then notices Blanche's expres-sion, itonice moves to pick up two ofStella's dresses which have been lying

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on day-bod, and starts toward bedroom -withthem. Sho has closed front door. Blanchefollows Eunice in bedroom doorway. Eunice,as she picks up broom,


It's klnda messed up right now, but when it's clean it'sreal sweet.

Blanche(Looking about.


Is it?

EuniceUh-huh, I think so. So you're Stella's sister?

Blanche(Putting down suitcase and lifting her veil.


Yes.(Wanting to get rid of Eunice. Counter cross.)

Thanks for letting me in.

Eunice(In bedroom, spreading or brushing bed abit.)

Por nada, as the Mexicans say—por nadai(Pause.


Stella spoke of you.(She disposes of dresses in bedroom on bedand on her way back, picks up apple from asmall dish on radio table just inside bed-room door.



Blanche(Takes off gloves.)

EuniceI think she said you taught school.

(Has returned, stands center.)


EuniceAnd you're from Mississippi, huh?

(Wipes apple on sleeve of dress. Eat appleup left at icebox.



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EuniceShe shoved me a picture of your home place, the plantation,

(To table and sit on table.;

BlancheBelle Reve?

EuniceA great big place "with white columns*

Blanche—Yes . • •

EuniceSure must be a job to keep up, a place like that.

BlancheIf you vill excuse me, I'm just about to drop.

EuniceSure, honey. Why don't you set down?

(Eats apple.)

BlancheWhat I meant was I'd like to be left alone.

Eunice(Ar>ple at mouth—pauses—pats foot—rises.Offended.)

Well, I don't need a wall of bricks to fall on me I

(Rises and stays at tabic.)

BlancheI didn't mean to be rude, but

EuniceI'll just drop by the bowling alley and hustle her up.


(Blanche looks about her. Crosses to cabinetand icebox and pours drink at cabinet. Downsit. Lights cigarette. Pours another drinkand crosses to living room chair, then sits.)

BlancheI've got to keop hold of myself.

(Stella hurries in from down left, followed

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by Eunice, Stella rushes into apartment andenters up left stage of table, .Eunice goesup spiral stairs to her apartment,


Stella(Calling out joyfully as she opens door,)

Blanche I Blanche 1

(For a moment, the sisters stare at one an-other, Stella rushes into her sister'sarms up center in living room,


Blanche '

Stella, oh Stella, Stella! Stella for Star!(Ker following speeches are delivered witha feverish vivacity as if she feared foreither of them to stop and think.)

Now, then, let me look at you,(Turns away down right.)

But don't you look at me, Stella, no, no, no, not tilllater, not till I've bathed and res ted I I won't belooked at in this merciless glare 1 Come back here, now!Oh, my baby! Stella! Stella for Star!

(Embraces Stella again, ITear center of livingroom. Leads Stella to living room chair andsits her down.


I thought you would never come back to this horribleplace! What am I saying? I didn't mean to say that.I meant to be nice about it and say— oh, what a conven-ient location and such Precious lamb, you haven'tsaid a word to me.

(Crosses to center stage.)

StellaYou haven't given me a chance to honey.

(She laughs, embraces Blanche, but herglance at her sister is a little anxious.)

31ancheWell, now, you talk. Open your pretty mouth and talkwhile I look around for some liquor.

(Crosses to kitchen,


I know you must have some liquor on the place. Wherecan it be, I wonder? Oh, I spy! I spy!

(Crosses to kitchen cabinet. Blanche takesbottle and glass from it. They nearly slipfrom her grasp. She is shaking, panting forbreath, and trios to laugh. Stella moves toleft of Blanche, takes bottle, and leads

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Blanche to nunbor three table and thencrosses to kitchen,


StellaBlanche, you sit down and lot me pour the drinks.

(Blanche retreats to center of living room,Stella brings bottle and glass to tableright. Pouring a shot.


I don't know what we've got to mix with. Maybe a co*ke'sin the ice-box.

BlancheNo co*ke, honey. Hot with my nerves tonight.

(Stella puts bottle on table, puts thestopper in it. Blanche crosses center with.'her drink as Stella goes to ice-box, opensit and peers inside.


Where—where is——?

Stella(At ice-box.


Stanley? Bowling! He loves it.(Blanche drinks.


They're having a—(Grabs bottle in ice-box.


—found some sodal—tournament!

BlancheJust water, baby, to chase it.

(Stella returns to table with co*ke, jarof water, bottle-opener, which she haspicked up from top of ice-box.


Now, don't get worried. Your sister hasn't turned intoa drunkard. She's just all shaken up and hot and tiredand dirty.

(Crosses a bit left.)You sit down and explain this place to mo. What onearth are you doing in a place like this?

Stella(Puts water- jar on table. Sits in chair numbertwo above table, opens co*ke, sips it.)

Now, Blanche.

BlancheOh, I'm not going to be hypocritical. I'm going to behonestly critical. Never, ne-ver^ never in my worstdreams could I picture—


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(Rises and Gestures toward apartment. Turningback to Stella.


Only Pool Only Vj?. ICdgar Allan Poo—could do it Justice I

(Gestures towards street.)Out there, I suppose, is the ghoul-haunted woodland ofWeir I



StellaNo, honey—those are the L.&N, tracks.

Blanche(Taking step toward s Stella.


No, hov; seriously, putting Joking aside. Why didn't youtell no? Why didn't you write me? Honey, why didn'tyou let mo know?

(A step nearer.


StellaTell you what, Blanche?

BlancheWhy, that you had to live in these conditions?

Stella(Rises. Crosses upstage and places co*kein kitchen.


Aren't you being a little intense about it? It's notthat bad at all I New Orleans isn't like other cities.

(Puts hands gently on Blanche.)

Blanche(Moving from Stella's touch.)

This has got nothing to do with New Orleans. You mightas well say

(Pats Stella on downstage shoulder with righthand.


—forgive me, blessed baby. The subject is closed,(Koves down right one step.


Stella(Starting left, above Blanche.)


Blanche(Restraining Stella with her voice. Looksinto her shaking glass, then crosses to leftof table.)

You're all I've got in the world, and you're not glad to

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see me!

Stella(Crosses to Blanche.


Why, Blanche, you know that's not true.

Blanche(Turns to her.


2;0?—I'd forgotten how quiet you are.

StellaYou never did give me a chance to say much, honey. SoI just got in the habit of being quiet around you.

(Exits into bedroom to tidy it.


BlancheThat's a good habit to get into.

(Takes another sip from drink. Crosses tobedroom.


You haven't asked me yet how I happened to get away fromthe school before the spring term ended.

Stella(Picks up garments from bed.)

Well, I thought you'd volunteer that information ifyou wanted to tell me.

Blanche(Brings drink into bedroom, pauses abovearmchair.


You thought I'd been fired?

StellaNo. I—thought you might have resigned. ...

Blanche(Crosses and leans on vanity.)

I was so exhausted by all I'd been through my—nervesjust broke. I was on the verge of—lunacy, almost 1

So Mr. Graves—Mr. Graves is the high school superin-tendent—he suggested I take a leave of absence.—


couldn't put all of those details into the wire # . .Oh,this buzzes right through me and feels so good I

Stella(Crosses and sits on chair.)

Won't you have another?

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BlancheNo , one ' s my limit*

(Checks self in mirror,



Blanche(Looks in mirror above arcs -ing table, turnsto Stella.


You haven't said a "word about my appearance.(Takes off hat, takes it up to bureau andreturns.


StellaYou look just fine.

Blanche(Removes hat and cloves, puts them ondressing table. Keeps purse on left arm.Primps at mirror.


God love you for a liari Daylight never exposed sototal a ruin! But you—you've put on some weight, yes,you're just as plump as a little partridge!

(Stella stands up as Blanche regards her.)And it's so becoming to you!

* StellaNov;, Blanche

Blanche(Crossing down left.)

Yes, it is, it is, or I wouldn't say it* You just haveto watch a little around the hips.

(Pushes her down right.)You mess}' child, you, you've spilt something on thatprotty white lace collar!

(Turns her to face Blanche.


About your hair—you ought to have it cut in a featherbob with your dainty features!

(Looks at Stella's hands.)You have a maid, don't you?

Stella(Crosses to vanity.


No. With only two rooms it's

BlancheWhat? Two rooms, did you say?

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StellaYes, this one and

(She is embarrassed. Gestures toward livingroom,


Blanche(Steps toward living room*)

And the other one?(Blsnche crosses first to k.' tchen table topour drink. Stella crosses to kitchen,


I'm going to take just one tiny little nip more, justto put the stopper on, so to speak, . , .

{Crosses to cabinet. She pours a drink,)Then put the bottle away. Put the bottle away I So Iwon't be tempted,

(She drinks, extends bottle to Stella, whotakes it, puts it back into cabinet. Blanchedrinks, puts down glass. Stella crosses toabove table. Blanche put' purse on table.Taking off her jacket, she whirls left.)

I want you to take a look at my figureld I haven't puton one ounce in ten years. I weigh now what I weighedthe summer you left Belle Rove. The summer Dad died andyou left us.

(She starts drifting up center. Carriesjacket.


Stella(Stella is above table, speaks a littlewearily.


It's just incredible, Blanche, how well you're looking.

Blanche(Up center, touching her forehead shakily.)

Stella, there's—only two rooms? I don't see whereyou're going to put me.

Stella(Gestures toward daybed,


We're going to put you right here,

Blanche(Coming to day-bed, punching it.


What kind of bed's this?

StellaDoes it feel all right?

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Blanche(Dubiously. Gestures to bedroom.


Wonderful, honey. I don't like a bed that gives much.(She crosses into arch between rooms, whereStella lies on bed.


But there's no door between the rooms, and Stanley—willit be decent?

(Turns towards Stolla.


StellaStanley is Polish, you know.

(Crosses to bedroom bed and sits.)

Blanche(Crosses to bedroom.)

Oh, yes. That's something like Irish, isn't it?


BlancheI brought some nice clothes to meet all your lovelyfriends in.

StellaI'm afraid you won't think they are lovely.

BlancheWhat are they like?

StellaThey're Stanley's friends.

Blanche(Crosses to bedroom chair.)


StellaThey're a mixed lot.



StellaOh, yes. Yes, types is right


BlancheWell— anyhow— I brought some nice clothes, and I'll wear

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then. I guess you're hoping I'll say I'll put up at ahotel, but I'm not going to put up at a hotel. I wantto be near you, Stella; I've got to bo with people, I

can't be alone! Because— as you must have noticed

I'm—not very welll(Her voice drops, her look is frightened.Stella crosses to Blanche.)

StellaYou seem a little bit nervous or overwrought or something.

BlancheWill Stanley like me, or will I be just a visiting in-law?I couldn't stand that, Stella.

(Turns to Stella.)

Stella(Turns to Blanche. Crosses center.)

You'll get along fine together, if you'll just try not to-well—compare him with men we went out with at home.

BlancheIs he so—different?

StellaYes. A different species.

BlancheIn what way; what's he like?

StellaOh, you can't describe someone you're in love with.

(Crosses to vanity, picks up photo ofStanley.


Here's a picture of him


Blanche(Crosses to vanity and takes photo.)

An officer?

StellaA Master Sergeant in the Engineers' Corps. Those aredecorations I

BlancheKe must have had those on when you met him?

StellaI assure you I wasn't just blinded by all the brass.But of course there were things to adjust myself to lateron.

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BlancheSuch as his civilian background! How did ho take it vhenyou told him I was coming*

(Crosses to bedroom chair.)

StellaOh, Stanley doesn't know yet.


You—haven't told him?

StellaHe's on the road a good deal.

Blanche(Crosses to vanity.)

Oh. He travels?


BlancheGoodI I mean—isn't it?

Stella(Takes photo.


I can hardly stand it vhen he's away for a night. • .

BlancheWhy, Stella!

StellaWhen he's away for a week, I nearly go wild I

Blanche(Crossing up left.)

Gracious 1

StellaAnd when he comes back I cry on his lap like a baby.

Blanche(Crosses to head of bed.)

I guess that is what is meant by being in love . . .

- (Stella looks up with a radiant smile.)Stella


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Blanche(With hesitancy,


I haven't asked you the things you probably thought I

was going to ask you. So I expect you to be understand-ing about what I have to tell you.

StellaWhat, Blanche?

(Her face turns anxious.)

Blanche(Crosses to down left chair. Faces away.


Well, Stella—you're going to reproach me. I know thatyou're bound to reproach 12c—but before you do— takeinto consideration—you left I I stayed and struggled 1

(Turns toward her.


You came to New Orleans and looked after yourself! Istayed at Belle Reve and tried to hold it together I I'mnot meaning this in any reproachful way, but all theburden descended on my shoulders.

StellaThe best I could do was make my own living, Blanche.

Blanche(Beginning to shake with a new intensity.Moves up and down stage area.


I know, I know. But you are the one that abandonedBelle Hove, not I! I stayed and fought for it, bledfor it, almost died for it



Stop this hysterical outburst and tell me what's happened?What do you mean fought and bled? What kind of -*?

BlancheI knew you would, Stella. I knew you would take thisattitude about itl

Stella(Sits slowly and easily.



BlancheThe loss— the loss . . •

(Turns away.)

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Stella(Turns and crosses to Blanche.)

Belle Reve? Lost, is it?

Blanche(Crosses to living room, to her purse ontable, gets out small bottle of cologne, dabsa bit of it behind her ears.)

Yes, Stella.

(A train passes noisily along the L. & N.tracks outside. There is no long pause indialogue for train effect.


Stella(Leaves photo on bed. Rises, crosses toabove left and stops at door. Looks atBlanche.)

But how did it go? What happened?

Blanche(Crosses to dovn left of table.)

You're a fine one to ask me how it vent I

Blanche I

Stella(A step nearer.


Blanche(Faces toward and to the left.


You're a fine one to stand there accusing me of it!

Stella(Crosses to down right chair.


Blanche J

Blanche(Facing audience directly.)

I, I, I took the blows on my face and my body I All ofthose deaths I The long parade to the graveyard I Father,Mother 1 Margaret—that dreadful way! So big with it shecouldn't be put in a coffin! But had to be burned likerubbish! You just came home in time for the funerals.

(Turns on Stella strongly and crossesto behind number three.)

And funerals aro pretty conparcd to deaths. Funorala arequiet, but deaths—not always. Sometimes their breathingis hoarse, sometimes it rattles, sometimes they cry out

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (19)


to you, Don't lot me go! Even the old sometimes say,Don't let me gol As If you were able to stop them!Funerals are quiet vlth pretty flowers. And oh, whatgorgeous boxes they pack them away in! Unless you worethere at the bed when they cried out, Hold me! You'dnever suspect there was the struggle for breath andbleeding. You didn't dream, but I saw! Saw! SaulAnd now you sit there telling me with your eyes that I

let the place go. How in hell did you think all thatsickness and dying was paid for? Death is expensive,Miss Stella! And old Cousin Jessie, right afterMargaret's, horsl Why, the Grim Reaper had put up histent on our doorstep!—Stella! Bella Heve was hisheadquarters! Honey, that's how it slipped through myfingers! Which of them left us a fortune? Which ofthem left us a cent of insurance, even? Only poorJessie— one hundred to pay for her coffin! That wasall, Stella! And I with my pitiful salary at theschool! Yes, accuse me! Stand there thinking I letthe place go! I let the place go! Where were you?In bed with your Polack!

StellaBlanche! You be still I That's enough!

(Crosses to bathroom.)

Blanche(Crosses to doorway.)

Where are you going?

Stella(Pausing on steps leading to bathroom.


I'm going to the bathroom to wash my face.

BlancheOh, Stella, Stella, you're crying!

StellaDoes that surprise you?

BlancheForgive me— I didn't mean to

(Crosses to vanity. Sound of men's voicesheard from off right. Stella goes intobathroom, closing door behind her. Whenmen appear, and Blanche realizes it mustbe Stanley returning, she moves uncertainlyfrom bathroom door to dressing table, look-ing apprehensively towards front door.

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Stanley enter down left, followed bySteve and Mitch. Stanley pauses neardoor, Steve by foot of spiral stair, andMitch is slightly above and to right ofthen, about to 2° out up left* As menenter, we hear some of following dialogue.)

StanleyIs that how he got it?

SteveSure that's how he got it.—He hit the old weather-birdfor three hundred bucks on a six-number-ticket.

MitchDon't tell him those things; he'll believe it.

(Starts out, up left.


Stanley(Restraining Mitch.)

Hey, Mitch—come back here.

Dialogue resumes as follows. Blanche,at sound of voices, retires down rightin bedroom. Picks up Stanley's photo fromdressing table, looks at it, puts it down.When Stanley enters apartment, she dartsup left, hides behind screen at head ofbed.)

Steve(Enters from porch.


Hey, are we playin' poker tomorrow?

StanleySure— at Mitch's.

Mitch(Hearing this, returns quickly to stairrail, down right.)

No—not at my place. My mother's still sickl

StanleyOkay, at my place. . . .

(Mitch starts out again.


But you bring the beer!(Mitch pretends not to hear, calls out"Goodnight, all," and goes out up left,

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (21)


singing, Eunice's voice is heard from above,)

EuniceBreak it up down there.'

(Stanley reminds Mitch again to bring beer.)I made the spaghetti dish, and I ate it myself*

Steve(Speaking as he goes upstairs. His commentsare punctuated with various colorful expletivesfrom Eunice.


I told you and phoned you that we was playin' Jack's Beer,

EuniceYou never phoned me oncel

SteveTold you at breakfast, phoned you at lunch!

EuniceNever mind! Why don't you get yourself home once in awhile?

(Exits up steps on porch.


SteveGod damn it I Do you want it in the newspaper?

(Disappears upstairs. Door slams shutabove. Stanley has entered his apartment,closing door behind him. Notices meat ontable in living room, takes it to ice-box,Blanche moves to door between rooms, lookingat Stanley.


Blanche(In doorway between rooms*


You must be Stanley. I'm Blanche,

Stanley(Taking off bowling jacket.)

Stella* s sister?


Stanley(Moving towards her. Blanche shrinksback a bit. )

H'lo. Where's the little woman?(Passes below Blanche and goes into bedroom,leaves coat on bed.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (22)


BlancheIn the bathroom.


(Crosses back into living room.)Didn't know you were cominc in tov:n.

(Crosses to kitchen cabinet.)Where you from, Blanched

BlancheWhy—I—live in Laurel.

Stanley(Bringing liquor bottle and glass to table.


In Laurel, huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, in Laurel, that'sright. Not in my territory.

(Holds up bottle to observe its depletion.


Liquor goes fast in hot weather. Have a shot?(Crosses down left of table. Pours a drink.)

BlancheNo—I—rarely touch it..

Stanley(Smiling at Blanche.;

Some people rarely touch it, but it touches them often.(Crosses to her. Drinks.)




Stanley(Places glass on table, takes bottle tocabinet, crosses again above Blanche.)

My shirt's stickin' to me. Do you mind if I make myselfcomfortable?

(Crosses to bed, talcing off his shirt.)

Blanche(Moving toward her purse on table in livingroom.


Please, please do.

StanleyBe comfortable. That's my motto up where I como from.

Blanche(She has picked up her purse, and looks in it.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (23)


It's nine too, It's hard to stay looking fresh in hotweather. I haven't '..ashed or even powdered—and—


(Looks at Ms half-naked figure.)Here you are!

(Puts cologne-soaked handkerchief to herface, turns away.)

StanleyYou know you can catch cold sitting around in dampthings especially when you've been exercising hardlike bowling is. You're a teacher, aren't you?

(Crosses to table and sits number two.



What do you teach?





StanleyI never was a very good English student. How long areyou here for, Blanche?

BlancheI—don't know yet.

StanleyYou going to shack up here?

BlancheI. thought I would if it's not inconvenient to you-all.


BlancheTravelling wears me out.

(Crosses and sits number four.)

StanleyWell, take it easy.

(A cat screens off right, and Blanche jumpsinvoluntarily toward Stanley, who is amused.)

Blanche'what's that?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (24)


StanleyThorn's cats I

(Grins. Crosses to bedroom, then to bathroomimitating a cat. Calls.)

Key, Stella!

Stella(From bathroom.


Yes, Stanley!

StanleyHaven't fallen in, have youYI'm afraid I'll strike you as being the unrefined type.Stella's spoke of you a good deal.

(Crosses up stage of chair number tvo.)You vere married once, veren' t you;'

BlancheYes, vhen I -was quite young.

StanleyWhat happened?

BlancheThe boy—the boy died.

(Distant lilt of the "Varsouviana" is herrd.Blanche, listening to music, moves choppilyto left seat.


I'm afraid I'm—going to be sick.(Music grovs more insistent. She tries todeny the sound, looking fearfully about her.Lights dovn slowly as she rises. When musicreaches a crescendo, she suddenly leaps toher feet, pressing her hands against herears. The lights fade out quickly and cur-tain dov:n. Cut Varsouviana. In darkness,the sound of the jazz band playing a bluesnumber comes up full. They play throughchange.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (25)



Seeno 2

Kiysh, sweetheart*

Oh, Stanley:

(Six o'clock the follvoing oveninc* Blancheis in bathroom, taking a bath. Stella,attired in a slip, is seated at dressingtable in bedroom, completing her toilette.Her dress is on back of chair by dressingtable, Blanche's trunk Y.r.z arrived ^n* isdown right of living roo~ chair. It iso^on, and offers a view of co^c rather im-pressive, if gaudy, wardrobe. On chairabove living room table, cone of Blanche'sdrosses have been carelessly dropped,heart-shaped Jewel-box, full of jewels, arhinestone tiara, and a perfume atomiser lieon table.

Stanley(To Stella.) (Crosses to bedroom doorway.)


~tr;nley(Indicating dresses, looking at trunk. Comesto living room.


What's all that crap?

StellaOh, Stem!

(She runs into his arms end kisses him,which he accepts with lordly composure,and pats her behind familiarly.)

I'm taking Blanche to Galatoire , s for cupper and thento a show because it's your poker night*

StanleyHow about my supper, huh' I'm not going to no Calatoire'sfor su-p^QT,

Stella(Crosses to chair number two.)

I put you a cold plats on ice.

Stanley(Going to ice-box.)

Well ...

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (26)


StellaI'm going to try to keep Blanche cut till the partybreaks up, because I don't know how sho would take it; • • •

Stanley(Has taken a plate from ice-box and crossesto table to number four and sits. Showsplate to Stella. Plate contains some coldham and a couple of slices of liverwurst.


Isn't that just dandy!(Eats some neat.


Stella(Crosses to number three, kneels on chairabove table.

So we'll go to one of the little places in the Quarterafterwards, and you'd better give me some money.

(Looks in his upper pocket for money,extracts some bills.;

StanleyWhere is she?

StellaShe's soaking in a hot tub to quiet her nerves. She'sterribly upset.

StanleyOver what?

StellaShe's been through such an ordeal.


(Gives Stella the money.


StellaStan, we've—lost Belle Revel

StanleyThe place in the country*;



Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (27)


Stella(Separating money, and putting some of it backin his pocket,


Oh, it had to be—sacrificed cr something,(A pause, while Stanley considers. Stellacrosses to Stanley, hand on shoulder,


When she comes in, be sure to say something nice abouther appearance. And don't mention the baby. I haven'tsaid anything ye'-., I'm waiting until she gets in aquieter conditio .*




StellaAnd try to understand her and be nice to her, Stan.

(A look passes between Stanley and Stella,)She wasn't expecting to find us in such a small place.You see, I'd tried to gloss things over a little in myletters.


Stella(Crosses to him, standing just at his left,)

And admire her dress, and tell her she's locking wonderful.That's important to Blanche. Ear little weakness I

StanleyYeah. I get the idea. Now let's skip back a little towhere you said the place was disposed of.

(Stella crosses behind Stanley.


StellaOh!—yes ...

Stanley(Grabbing a corner of Stella's dress andrestraining her as she starts to move left.)

How about that? Let's have a few more details on thatsubjeck.

StellaIt's best not to talk much about it until she's calmeddown.

StanleySo that's the deal, huh? Sister Blanche cannot be an-

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (28)


noyed with business details right now!

StellaYou sav how sho was last night.

StanleyUffl-huh, I sav how she was. How let's have a gander atthe bill of sale.

StellaI haven* t seen. any.



What do you mean to tell me I—She didn't show you no papers,no deed of sale or nothing like that?

StellaIt seems like it wasn't sold.

StanleyWell, what in hell was it, then, give away? To charity?

(Crosses to Stella and grabs her.


StellaShh! She* 11 hear you.

StanleyI don't care if she hears me. Let's see the papers!

Stella(Directly to him.


There weren't any papers, she didn't show any papers,I don't care about papers!

(Crosses to living room chair.)

StanleyListen; did you ever hear of the Napoleonic Code?

StellaNo, Stanley, I haven't heard of the Napoleonic Code.

StanleyLet me enlighten you on a point or two.

- (Follows her and sits her down in livingroom chair.



Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (29)


StanleyIn the State of Louisiana we have what is known as the

poleonic Code according to which what belongs to thevife belongs to the husband also and vice versa. Forinstance, if I had a piece of property, or you had apiece of property

(Spins her around.


StellaMy head is swimming I

StanleyAll right. I'll wait till she gets through soaking in ahot tub and then I'll inquire if she's acquainted withthe Napoleonic Code. It looks to me like you've beenswindled, baby, and when you get swindled under the Nap-oleonic Code, I get swindled, too. And I don't like tobe swindled.

(Crosses to living room table. Sitsnumber four.


StellaThere's plenty of time to ask her questions later, butif you do now she'll go to pieces again. I don't under-stand what happened to Belle Heve, but you don't knowhow ridiculous you are being when you suggest that mysister or I or anyone else of our family could have per-petrated a swindle on anyone.

(Moves to Stanley.


StanleyThen where 's the money, if the place was sold?

StellaNot sold—lost, lost!

(Crosses to right of number two.)Stanleyl

Stanley(Crosses in front of table to trunk. Pullingsome dresses from trunk, tossing them oncouch.


Will you just open your eyes to this stuff I You think shegot them out of a teacher's pay?


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (30)


StanleyLook at these feathers and furs that she comes here toT/jccn herself Inl What's this here? A solid gold dressI believe I

(Holds up gold dress.)And this one,

(He flings out another dress,)What is these here? Fox pieces?

(Holds up a white fox fur piece. Shereaches for it. He grabs her end talks intoher face.


Genuine fox fur pieces a half a mile lonj i Where areyour fox pieces, Stella? Bushy snow hwite ones, noless! Where are your white fox pieces';

Stella"nose are inexpensive summer furs that Blanche has hada long time.

StanleyI got an acquaintance who deals in this sort of merchan-dise. I'll have him in here to make an appraisal of it.

StellaDon't be such an idiot, Stanley.

StanleyI'm willing to bet you there's a thousand dollars in-vested in this stuff here.

(Spies jewel-vox out of the corner of hiseye . Turn s to table.)

And what have we here? Tae treasure chest of a pirate?(Moves to table, flips open heart-shapedjewel-vox.


StellaCh, Stanley!

Stanley(Crosses in front of table and around withpearls.


Pearls! Ropes of them! What is this sister of yours, adeep-sea diver?

(Holding up bracelet, after dumping pearls ontable.


Bracelets of solid gold! Where are your pearls and goldbracelets?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (31)


(Stella takes bracelet from him, crosses toabove table, puts it in Jewel-box.)

StellaShh! Be still, Stanley!

Stanley(Picking up tiara from table.)

And what is this—diamonds? A crown for an empress!(Moves left center, holding up tiara.)

Stella(Restoring jewels to box.)

A rhinestone tiara she were to a costume ball.

StanleyWhat's rhinestone?

Stella(Taking tiara from him, putting it in jewel-box.)

Next door to glass.

StanleyAre you kidding?

(Crosses to trunk.


I have an acquaintance that works in a jewelry store.He's coming up here to make an appraisal of this.

(Gestures toward trunk.)Here's your plantation or what was left of it, here!

Stella(Crosses to number four.


You have no idea how stupid and horrid you're being.Now leave that trunk alone before she comes out of thebathroom!

Stanley(Crosses to number two.)

The Kowalskis and the DuBois' have different notions.



Indeed they have, thank heavens!(Crosses up left to door.


I'm going outside. You come out with me while Blancheis getting dressed.

StanleySince when do you give ma orders?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (32)


(Blanche opens bathroom door— turns back intobathroom to pick up dress. Crosses behindcenter chair.


Stella(Facing him.


Are you going to stay here and insult her?

StanleyYou're damn' tootin' I'm goin' to stay here.

(Takes out a cigarette, lights it. Takesout another, puts it behind his ear. Kecrosses to down left to table and sits on it.Stella stands down left on porch, ana lightscigarette, -which she has taken from her purse.Blanche opens bathroom door, and emerges


wearing wrapper. Crosses to doorway and trunkfor dress.


BlancheHello, Stanley! Here I am, all freshly bathed andscented, and feeling like a brand-new human being!

StanleyThat's good.

Blanche(A step right.


Excuse me while I slip on my pretty new dress!

Stanley(Not getting hint.)

Sure, go right ahead, Blanche.(Realizing what she wants, he rises, crossesinto bedroom. Blanche stands modestly upstageby her trunk to let Stanley pass, then closescurtains between rooms as she says "Thank You."Throws robe on vanity. Sees trunk has beendisturbed. Crosses to bedroom.


BlancheI understand there's to be a little card party to whichwe ladies arc cordially not invited 1



That's right


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (33)


BlancheWhere 1 s Stella"

(Surveys her disordered "wardrobe in trunk.


StanleyCut on the porch,

Blanche(Puts on her dress. After quick look atporch.


I ! m going to ask a favor of you in a moment.(Stella moves to a position of right ofspiral stair, facing right.


StanleyWhat could that be, I wonder?

BlancheSome buttons in back! You may enter


(Stanley crosses to bedroom.


How do I look?

StanleyYou look 0. K.

BlancheMany thanks! Now the buttons!

(Turns her back to him, stands down leftcenter.


Stanley(Stanley comes to her, makes clumsy attemptto fasten hooks.)

I can't do nothing with them.

BlancheYou men with your big clumsy fingers. Hay I have adrag on your cig?

Stanley(Giving her cigarette from behind his ear.


Here—have one for yourself.

Blanche(Crosses to number two to get dress putin trunk.


Why, thanks! It looks like my trunk has exploded.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (34)


Stanley(Lighting her cigarette, after crossing toupstage table.


Me and Stella were helping you unpack.

Blanche(Moving to her trunk, picks up fur piece.


..'ell, you certainly did a fast and thorough job of it.

StanleyIt looks like you raided some stylish shops in Paris.

(Moves to right of her.


Blanche(Arranging dress in trunk. Puts furs intrunk.


Yes—clothes are my passion!

Stanley(Crosses to left of Blanche.)

What does it cost for a string of fur pieces like that?

BlancheWhy, those vere a tribute from an admirer of mine.

(Puts on fur.


StanleyHe must have had a lot of admiration.

Blanche(Posing in fur.


In my youth I excited some admiration. But look at menov#

(Crosses down front of table to behindnumber four. Smiles at him radiantly.)

Would you think it possible that I was ever considered tobe— attractive*

StanleyYour looks are okay.

Blanche(Laughs, puts fur back in trunk.)

I was fishing for a compliment, Stanley.

StanleyI don't go in for that stuff.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (35)


Stanley(Crosses behind number two.


Compliments to women about their looks. I never met awoman that didn't know if she was good-looking or notwithout being told, and some of them give themselvescredit for more than they've got. I once went outwith a dame who said to me, "I am the glamorous type,

(Imitates girl, Placing his hand daintily atback of his neck.


I am the glamorous type!" I said, "So what?"

Blanche(Going to trunk with jewel-bos.)

And what did she say then?

StanleyShe didn't say nothing. That shut her up like a clam.

BlancheDid it end the romance?

Stanley(Crosses upstage of table and sits

.number four.


it ended the conversation—that was all. Some men aretook in by this Hollywood glamor stuff and some menare not.

BlancheI'm sure you belong in the second category.

StanleyThat's right*

Blanchei cannot imagine any witch of a woman casting a spellover you.


BlancheYou're simple, straightforward and honest, a bit on theprimitive side, I should think. To interest you a womanwould have to

(Pauses with an indefinite gesture.

Stanley(Following at her right.


Lay her ccrds on the table.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (36)

-> -;o

BlancheWell, I never cared for wishy-washy people; that was

-, when you wal&ed in here last night, I said to my-self, "My sister has married a man I" Ox course, that wasall I could tell about you at tho moment


(Pats his shoulder.


Stanley(Stands up. Booming.


All right! How about cut tin' the re-bop I

Blanche(V;ith mock covering, hands over her ears.Moves a step left.)


(Stella, hearing commotion, rushes into room.


StellaStanley! You come out here and let Blanche finish dressing!

BlancheI've finished dressing, honey.

Stella. 11, you come out then.

StanleyYour sister and I are having a little talk.

(Continues looking at Blanche.)

BlancheNow, just a moment

(Crosses to door.)Honey, do me a favor. Hun to the drug store and getme a lemon co*ke with plenty of chipped ice in itl Willyou do that for me, sweetie? Please—please

(Stanley crosses down front to trunk.





(Stella goes out down left. Blanche closesfront door, and turns to Stanley. Stanleyextinguishes cigarette on table. Blancheputs out cigarette in tray on table.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (37)


Crosse. i dov/n to behind table,)

Blanch©The poor little thing was out there listening to us, andI have an idea she doesn't understand you as veil as Ido, . • . All right, now, Mr. Kowalski, let us proceedvithout any more digression. I'm ready to ans\;er allquestions. I've nothing to hide. What is it?

(Sprays herself with atomizer she picks upfrom table.)

Stanley(Moving closer to her. Patiently.


In the state of Louisiana thore is such a thing as theNapoleonic Code, according to which whatever belongs tothe wife belongs to the husband and vice versa.

BlancheKy, but you have an impressive, judicial airl

(She sprays him with atomiser, laughs.)

Stanley(Seizing her right wrist.


If I didn't know you was my wife's sister I'd get ideasabout you.

(Releases her hands.)

BlancheSuch as what?

Stanley(Pushing her hand aside.)

Don't play so dumb. You know what!

Blanche(Puts atomizer on table.)

All right, cards on the table.(Gestures cards while crossing in front oftable.)

That suits me. I know I fib a good deal.(Down right at trunk.


After all, a woman's charm is fifty per cent illusion,but when a thing is important I tell the truth, and thisis the truth: I haven 1 t cheated my sister or you oranyone else as long as I have lived.

StanleyWhere are the papers? In the trunk?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (38)


BlancheEverything I own Is in that trunk. What in the- nameof heaven are you thinking of? VJhat's in the back ofthat little boy's mind of yours?

(Blanche crosses behind Stanley, Stanleycrosses to trunk and opens it. Blanchecrosses to trunk.


Let mo do that, it'll be faster and simpler!(Takes out tin deed-box and sits on trunk.)

I keep my papers mostly in this tin box.

Stanley(Looking over her shoulder into drawer.


..'hat's them underneath?

BlancheLove letters, yellowing with antiquity, all from one boy,

( "Varsouviana" is heard in background.Stanley grabs up letters and crosses tocenter bedroom. Blanche, with a cry,replaces tin box in second drawer oftrunk.


Give those back to me!(She follows. Stanley pulls ribbon offletters, holds Blanche off, as she comesat him from left side, then from behind,in an attempt to get letters.)

StanleyI'll have a look at them first.

Blanche(Tugging at Stanley's right arm.)

The touch of your hand insults them!

Stanley(Looking at letters.)

Don't pull that stuff!

Blanche(Struggling to get letters.)

Nov/ that you've touched them, I'll burn them!(Letters scatter to floor. Blanche runsabove Stanley to center, falls to herknees, gathers letters up, ties ribbonaround them.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (39)


StanleyWhat are thoy?

Blanche(Cn her knees,


Poems, a dead boy wrote. I hurt him the way that youwould like to hurt raoj but you can't! I'm not young andvulnerable any more. But my young husband was, and I

never mind about that.

Stanley(Grosses to living room center stage.)

What do you mean by saying you'll have to burn them?

Blanche(Tying up letters.


I'm sorry. I must have lost my head fox- a moment.Everyone has something he won't let others touch becauseof their—intimate nature . . .

("Varsouviana" fades off. Crosses toStanley' and gives him box of letters.)

Ambler and Ambler.

StanleyWhat is Ambler and Ambler?

Blanche(Looks in tin box.


A firm that made loans on the place.(Piles tin box on top of envelope. Turns awayfrom him.


StanleyThen it was lost on a mortgage!

BlancheThat must've been what happened.

StanleyI don't want no ifs, ands or buts! What's all the restof the papers?

Blanche„ (Looking into last envelope of papers at

trunk. Crosses to trunk and sits.)There are thousands of papers stretching back overhundreds of years affecting Belle Reve, as piece by

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (40)

15 Ast

piece our Improvident grandfathers and father and unclesand bro there exchanged the land for the epic fornications—to put it plainly. The four-letter word deprived uc ofour plantation, till finally all that was left, and Stellacan verify that, was the house itself and about twentyacres of ground, including a graveyard to which now allbut Stella and I have retreated.

(Dumping then: into his hands on table aftercrossing to Stanley. Stanley sits numberthree.


Here they all are, all papers! I hereby endow you withthem! Take then, peruse them—commit them to memory,

m! I think it's wonderfully fitting that Belle Raveshould finally be this bunch of old papers in your big,capable hands.

(Jazz music offstage. Drops empty envelopeon table right stage. Crosses to door.


I wonder if Stella's come bach with s^y lemon co*ke?

Stanley(Collecting papers.)

I have a lawyer acquaintance will study these out.

BlanchePresent them to him with a box of aspirin tablets.

Stanley(Still seated, somewhat sheepish. Crossescenter.


You see, under the Napoleonic Code—a man has to take aninterest in his wife's affairs—especially now that she'sgoing to have a baby.

BlancheStella? Stella's going to have a baby?

(Leans on icebox. Stanley crosses to bedand sits.)

I didn't knew she was going "to have a baby.(Stella appears from down left with co*ke ina carton. Blanche hurries across to Stella,takes her out on to porch. Blanche crossesright of table.


Stella, Stella for star! How lovely to have a baby!It's all right. Everything s all right.

StellaI'm sorry he did that to you.

BlancheOh, I guess he's just not the type that goes for jasmine

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (41)

perfume, but maybe he's what we need to mix with our bloodnow that we've lost Belle Reve. We thrashed it out. Ifeci a bit shaky, but I think I handled it nicely, Ilaughed and treated it all as a joke.



(Steve and Pablo appear from up right, carryingcase of beer.


I called him a little boy and laughed and flirted. Yes,I was flirting with your husband I

(As men approach.


The guests are gathering for the poker party.(Men pass through, tipping their hats to ladies.Pablo says "Hi, Steli." Inside men startputting beer in ice-box,


Which way do we go now, Stella— this way?(Points left.)

StellaNo, this way.

(Leads Blanche off down left.)

Blanche(Laughing and starting off down left.


The blind are leading the blind!

(Lights fade—curtain. Jazz music swells andis heard through change.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (42)



Scene 3

(The poker night.Later that night. In living room, Stanley,

bch, Steve and Pablo are gathered abouttable, bunched over their cards, smoking,concentrating. Empty beer bottles arc strungabout, and a couple of liquor bottles, half-

pty, are in evidence. One on table. Pablois in a chair below table, facing upstage.Table is covered with a large scrap of greenbaize. Music fades off quickly at rise.Mitch is in number two chair; Stanley, numberthree; Steve, number four. A low exchangeof conversation passes between the men. Eachhas a hand of cards.



What time is it?

StanleyWhat the hell difference does it make?

SteveHe won't quit till he wins a pot. Anything wild inthis deal?

PabloOne-eyed ^acks are wild.

(Mitch drinks from bottle.)

Steve(To Pablo.)

How many cards did you take?




Anyone want a shot?



Stanley(Taking bottle from Mitch.)

Yeah, me.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (43)

1 .n

(Mitch sits on left end of table, facingleft, and tucks some winnings into his pocket.)

PabloWhy don't somebody go to the Chinaman's and bring backa load of chop suey?

(Cards down* Steve wins.)

StanleyWhen I'm losing you want to eat. Get it off the table,Mitch. Nothing belongs on the table but cards, chips andwhiskey


Mitch(Gets off table. Takes up cards.)

King of on your high horse, ain't you?(Card business. Mitch looks at his watch.Stanley deals cards. Mitch sits.)

V.rell, I ought to go home pretty soon.

StanleyShut up.

MitchI got a sick mother. She don' t go to sleep until I getin at night.

StanleyThen why don't you stay home with her?

MitchShe says to go out, so I go, but I don't enjoy it. Allthe while I keep wondering how she is.

StanleyAw, for the sake of Jesus, will you go home then!

Mitch(Tucking away his winnings. Rises.)

You all are married. But I'll be alone when she goes.I'm going to the bathroom.

(Crosses to bathroom.)

StanleyHurry back and we'll fix you a sugar-tit.

MitchAw—lay off!

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (44)

What've you got?



SteveI got a spade flush. All right, boys— this game ±3 sevencard stud, 11

(Tells joke as he shuffles cards.)This ole farmer is out in back of his house sittin 1 down

owin' corn to the chickens when all at once ho hearsa loud cackle end this young hen comes lickety-splitaround the side of the house with the rooster right behindher and gaining on her fast,



Deal the cards

Steve(Resumes story and deals.)

But when the rooster catches sight of the farmer throwin 1

the corn he puts on the brakes and lets the hen get awayand starts pecking corn. And the old farmer says, "LordGod, I hopes I never cits that hongryl"

(Finishes deal. Pablo end 3teve enjoy story.The three men commence playing in earnest.Stella and Blanche appear from down left,come onto the porch, Blanche carries a paperlantern in a paper bag.


Stella(At closed front door.


Ehe game is still going on.

BlancheHow do I look?

StellaLovely, Blanche.

(Turns to door.


BlancheWait before you open the door till I powder.

(Hands Stella paper bag.


I felt so hot and frazzled. Do I look done in?

StellaYou look as fresh as a daisy.

Blancheat nonsenso!

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (45)


(Blanche finishes pondering, takes back herparcel, Stella opens door. Blanche entersfirst, crossing above table to near door bet-ween rooms. Stella pauses above table.)

Stella(Enters, crosses right to upstage table.)

Well, well, veil, I see you boys are still at it I

StanleyWhere you been?

StellaBlanche and I took in- a show. Blanche, this is Mr.Gonzales and Mr. Hubbell.

(Indicates the men.



BlanchePlease don't get up.

(Absently. Steve starts to rise, lookingat his cards.


Stanley(Restraining Steve.


Nobody ! s going to get up, so don't get worried.

StellaHow much longer is this game going to continue?

(Crosses up a bit.


Stanley( Taking a drink.


Till we get ready to quit.

Blanche(Crosses to chair number four.)

Poker is so fascinating. Could I kibitz?(lie aches for a card.)

Stanley- (Slapping at her hand.)

You could not I

BlancheExcuse me!

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (46)


(She goes into bedroom. Stella has takenPablo's coat off couch, hands it across table.Stanley whips it out of her hand, it fallsto floor. Pablo yells: "My coat!", jumpsup to retrieve it, placing it over back of hischair, resuming his place in game.


StanleyWhy don't you women go up to Eunice's?

StellaBecause it's nearly two thirty.

(Stella is to right of Stanley. Blanche hasgone into bedroom. Puts her hat and gloves onbed and her bag and package on dressing table*Then sits on bed.


Couldn't you call it quits after one more hand?(Crosses upstage to bed. Stanley whacks heron the backside.)

That's not fun, Stanley!(Angrily she crosses to bedroom. Pablo laughs,and men continue playing cards. To Blanche.)

It makes me so mad when he does that in front of people.

I think I will bathe.




BlancheMy nerves are in knots. Is the bathroom occupied?



I don' t know.Stella

(Sits in left chair in bedroom. Blanchehas crossed to bathroom door, and knocks,Mitch opens door, comes out, towel in hand,)

BlancheCh!—good evening!


(Stares at her.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (47)


StellaOhl Blanche, this is. Harold Mitchell. My sister, BlancheDuBois.

BlancheHow do you do 4


Mitch(With awkward courtesy.


How do you do, Miss DuBois?

StellaHow is your mother, Mitch?

(Card game is finished. They rise.)

MitchAbout the same, thanks,

(Stepping down from step to floor.)She appreciated your sending over that custard.

(He starts forward, awkwardly, but cannotpass between the girls.)

Excuse me, please.(Girls ad lib— "Oh excuse me," and Mitchmakes his way past girls, to living roomtable and then to door center. Stellaremoves hat. The girls turn to watch him,smiling at his confusion. At door, herealizes he still is clutching towel.Overcome with embarrassment, he steps back intoroom and hands it to Stella. Quickly, she putsit on bed rail. He pushes aside curtains andreturns to game. Shortly after seating himself,he gets into his shoes. Pablo deals. Girlsgiggle.


Blanche(Moving to center door, unfastening dress.)

That one seems— superior to the others.

Stella(Puts her hat on bureau, then goes to closet,returns with bathrobe, nightgown and slippers.)

Yes, he is.

BlancheI thought he had a sort of sensitive look.

(Crosses to vanity.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (48)


StellaHis mother is sick.

(They both giggle.)

Blanche(Takes off dress.


Is he married^

Stella.(Takes off shoes.)

No.(Puts robe on chair.


BlancheIs he a wolf?

Stella(Puts on slippers.


Why, Blanche!(31anche giggles.


No I I don't think he would be.

Blanche(Crosses to left chair.


What aces—what does he do?

Stella(T.kes off her dress at dressing table.)

He's on the precision bench in the spare parts depart-ment. At the plant that Stanley travels for.

BlancheIs .that something much?

StellaNo, Stanley's the only one of his crowd that's likely toget anywhere.

BlancheWhat makes you think Stanley will?

(Puts on slippers.)

StellaLook at ^him.

(Stanley is drinking from bottle.)

Blanc(Crosses to doorway.)

I've looked at him.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (49)

1 r ~*

StellaThen you should know.

BlancheI*m sorry but I haven't noticed the stamp of genius onStanley's forehead,

StellaIt isn't on his forehead and it isn't genius,

BlancheOh. Well, what is it, and where? I would like toknov;.

StellaIt's a drive he has.. Blanche, you're standing in thelight,

Blanche(With a little cry, as if she didn't knowl.Crosses to chair and sits,)

Oh, am I! Gracious]

^.elli(In a suppressed aside to Blanche,)

You ought to see their wives,

Blanche(Almost laughing,


I can imagine. Big, beefy things, I suppose,

Stella(Crosses to Blanche—carries robe and night-gown. Giggling o


You know that one upstairs . , . ?


(Also giggling. Crosses to left chair,


Oh, that horror


Stella(Almost overcome with laughter.)

Well, one night— the plaster cracked !

(She nearly collapses with laughter.. Blanche crosses to vanity. Blanche

is in Stella's arms, laughing her head off.)

Stanley(Who is losing at csrds.)

You hens cut out that conversation in there I

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (50)


Stella(Crossing a stop upstage.)

You can' t hear us!

StanleyWell, you can he a.- mo and I said to hush upl

Stella(Crosses to doorway,


Look! This is my house and I'll talk as much as I want

BlancheStella, don't make a row.

StellaOh, he's half drunk.

(Picks up towel Hitch left, from bed rail,starts for bathroom. Blanche adjusts screenbelow bed. )

Stanley(To Mitch, who has been looking over shoulderinto bedroom.


All right, Mitch—you in?

(Blanche turns on radio.)

StellaI'll be out in a minute.

(She goes into bathroom, taking robe, slippers,nightgown and towel, closing door.


Hitch(Pulling his attention back to came.)

What? Oh, no—-I'm out!CHe starts to pull himself together, lacinghis s] ... and getting his jacket. Blancheis adjusting screen around foot of bed inbedroom. Radio blares out a rumba.)

Stanley(Bellowing at bedroom.


Who turned that on in there?

Blanc](Peeking through curtains into living room.


I did. Do you mind?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (51)


StanleyTurn it off!

(Blanche ignores Stanley, turns back toscreen.


SteveAw, let the girls have their music!

PabloSure, that's good, Stanley! Leave it on!

SteveSounds like Xavier CugatI

(Stanley jumps up, crosses through curtainsto radio. Turns it off. Blanche cries:"Stanley!" Stands regarding Blanche for along, silent pause, then returns to game.Fable puts down his cards. Blanche movesdressing table chair into position at lowerend of dressing table, facing down rightcenter. Sits. Steve, arguing with Pabloabout the game.


I didn't hear you name it!

Didn't name it, Mitch?

I wasn't listenin 1.



PabloWhat were you doin' then?

StanleyHe was looking through them drapes. How, deal the handover again and let's play cards or quit. Some peoplegets ants when they win!

(Mitch is. on his feet, getting his jacket on.)Sit down!

Mitch(Puts on his coat. Leaning over table from

* left side, confidentially.;I'm going to the "head," Deal me out.


Sure, he } s got ants now. Saven five-dollar bills in his

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (52)


pants pocket folded up tight as spit balls.(Mitch is taking Sen-Sen from small envelopein jacket pocket. Blanche returns.)

PabloTomorrow you'll see him at the cashier's window gettingthem changed into quarters.

(Mitch pops Sen-Sen into his mouth, restoresenvelope to pocket.)

StanleyAnd when he goes home, he'll deposit them one by one ina piggy-bank*


All right, boys— this sane is Spit in the Ocean.(Men resume their play. Mitch moves tobath room.



(Mitch enters bedroom, spies Blanche. Pullscurtain closed behind him.


Oh, hello.


(Mitch makes a little gesture towards bathroom,crosses below her to bathroom door.


ii;cuse me.

Blanche(Sitting at vanity.


Tae Little Boys' Room is busy right now.

..itch(Pausing at foor of bathroom door, embarrassed.)

We've—been drinking beer.(Crosees back toward center.


BlancheI hate beer.

Mitch(Up by armchair.


It's— a hot weather drink.

BlancheOh, I don't think so, it always makes me warmer.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (53)


(Waving her cigarette-holder.


Have you got any cigs?

Mitch(Reaching for his case. Crosses to Blanche.



BlancheWhat kind?

Hitch(Crossing to her right with open case.)


Blanche(Taking one, fitting it into her cigarette-holder. )

Oh, good.(Noticing case.)

What a pretty case, Silver?

MitchYes. Yes, read the inscription.

CShe takes case.


Blanche(Peering at case.


Oh, is there an inscription? I can't make it out.Oh J

(Reads with feigned difficulty.


"And if God choose, I shall but love thee better afterdeath!" Why, that's from ray favorite sonnet by Mrs.Browning I

Mitch(Takes case from her.)

You know it?

BlancheI certainly do!

Mitch(Lights her cigarette.)

There's^ a story connected with that inscription.

BlancheIt sounds like a romance.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (54)


Mitch.. pretty sad one. The girl's dead nov;.

(Card game is finished. Pablo deal3 new hand.)

Blanc.(In a tone of doc .. apathy*



tenShe knew she was dyir a she give me this. A verystrange girl, very sweet—very!

BlancShe must have been very fond of you. Sick people havesuch deep sincere attachments*

ItchThat's right. They certainly do.

BlancheSorrow makes for sincerity, I think.

HitchIt sure brings it out in people.

BlancheThe little there is belongs to people who have know somesorrow.

Mitch(Crosses to Blanche.


I believe you are right about that.

Blanc]I'm positive that I : . Show 2:2 a person that hasn'tknown sorrow and I'll show you a superficial person.Listen to me! My tongue is a little thick! You boys

3 responsible for it. The show let out at eleven andwe couldn't come home on account of the poker game sowe had to go no: re and drink. I'm not accustomedto having more than one drink. Two is my limit— andthree!



Tonight I had three.




Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (55)


itch(Crosses to door*


Deal me out, I'm talking to Miss


Mitch(Repeating name into living room.


DuBois.(Pulls curtains back into place, turns toBlanche.


BlancheIt's a French name. It means woods and Blanche meanswhite so the two together moan white woods. Like anorchard in spring! You can remember it by that—if youcare to.

MitchYou're French?

BlancheWe are French by extraction. Cur first American an-cestors were French Huguenots.

MitchYou are Stella's sister, are you not?

BlancheYes, Stella is my precious little sister. I call herlittle in spite of the fact that she's somewhat olderthan I.


BlancheJust a little. Less than a year.


BlancheWill you do something for me?

MitchSure. Yes> what?

(Crosses in to her.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (56)


Bl i

s to chair for lantern and hands itto Mitch,


I bought this adorable little colored paper lantern atnese chop on Bourbon, Put it over "the light bulb!

Will you, please 1

- itch(Unfolding lantern,


Be glad to.

(Card game is finished, Stanley deals,)

BlancheI can't stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can arude remark or a vulgar action,

(Crosses to front of chair.)

itch(Fussing clumsily with lantern, as if it werean accordion,


I guess we strike you as being a pretty rough bunch,

Blanc.I'm very adaptable— to circ*mstances,

itch1, that's a good thing to bo. You are visiting Stanley

and Stella?


Stella hasn't aeon so well lately, and I came down tohelp her for a while. She's very run down.

hitchYou're not——


;mcheHarried? No. No, I'm en old Liaid school teacher.

(Sits in bedroom chair.)

hitchYou may teach school but you're certainly not an old maid.

BlancheThank you sir! I appreciate your gallantry!

.ten(Working with lantern.)

So you are in the tcac ^ :,_ofession?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (57)


Blanche(Moves down to opposite Mitch.)

Yes, Ah, yes • • •

Kiteh(Fussing with lantern, svings bracket downstage.


Grade school or high school or ?



Hey, Mitch!(Starts up. Ken restrain him.


tch(Bellowing back.


Coming I

(Blanche collapses into chair by dressingtable. Stanley sits, glowering, resumesgame.)

BlancheGracious, what lung power I I teach high school. InLaurel.

• lata w 0._

(Puts lantern on bracket,


.at do you teach? What subject?

BlancheYou guess I

MitchI bet you teach art of music?

(Blanche laughs delicately.


Of course I could be wrong. You might teach arithmetic.

BlancheNever arithmetic, sir, never arithmetic 1



1 don't even know my multiplication tables! No, I havethe misfortune of being an —'iglish instructor. I

attempt to instill a bunch of bobby-soxers and drug-store hom*oos with a reverence for Hawthorn and Whitmanand Pool

Mitch(Crosses half way to her.)

I gues that some of them are more interested in otherthings.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (58)

- no

BlancHow very right you are! Their literary heritage isno. b they treasure above all else! But they're

et things! And in the spring, it's touching tonotice . . discovery of love! Asif nobody had c it before!

iey laugh .tog - itch mutters ".Cxcusei,

M and st : just as Stella openebathroom door. He is in her \ 7, and turnsaround rather foolishly, nearly bumping firstinto Stella, then almost backing into Blanche,who rises, and looks at lantern.)

Ch, have you finished?


Ch, yes!


(Notices lantern.


(Starts to switch on bracket.


BlancheNo. Wait! I'll turn on the radio!

(She crosses to radio, turns it on, itplays n

\ I Wienl")Turn on the light above now!

(Mitch snaps on light.


Oh, look! We've made enchantment!(Crosses to - .at vanity. Begins todance about the room to music. Stella,standing in bathroom door, applauds, witch,standing in doorway, sings and sways tomusic, enjoying the impromptu completely.)

Stanley(Declaring hand.


Three bullets! You dirty greaser


PabloStraight! I got you


(Stanley leaps up from poker game, rushesthrough curtains, begins pulling radio outof its socket.



Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (59)


Stella(Shouting at Stanley, rushes across to belowhim.


Stanley I What are you doing to my radio?(He throws radio on floor. Stella clutchingat him from behind. He says, "Get the hellout of my way!" Throws her off.)

Drunk—drunk— animal thing, you!(Blanche opens drapes between rooms. Mitchcgues with Stanley about radio. Stellashes into living room, shoving at Steve,

then crossing below table, pushing Pablo.Men rise, Stella returns upstage, pushesSteve.


SteveTake it easy, Stella!

(In bedroom, Stanley has stopped belowhitch to tell him, "That's the last time you'llplay the radio during my poker camel")

Stella(Pushing Steve and Pablo over right.)

All of you—please go home! If any one of you have onespark of decency in you

(Stanley hears rumpus in living room, andcharges in. Steve stops him. PushesSteve aside.


Blanche(Crosses with Stanley left.


Stella, watch out, he's !

(Stanley takes after Stella, who retreatsbehind door, up left. Hen quickly follow topull him off.


SteveTake it easy, Stanley. Easy, fellow

StellaYou lay,.your hands on me and I'll

(Stanley follows Stella out. Sound of a blowstruck behind door. Stella cries out.Blanche screams, clutches Mitch's arm, urging

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (60)


him to help Stella. Mitch hurries intoliving room to aid in pulling Stanley offStella.


Blanche(Shrilly. To Mitch. She is at chair inbedroom,


sister is going to have a baby


MitchThis is terrible 1

Blanche('czzz below dressing table, stubs outcigarette in ash-tray.)

Lunacy, absolute lunacy!

MitchGet him in here, men,

(Pablo up. Each on arms of Stanley andsits him down in number three.)

Stella(Staggering into doorway.)

itch(Crossing center toward Blanche.)

Poker shouldn't be played in a house with women.

BlancheThere are my sister's clothes! We'll go to that woman'supstairs!

hitch(In bedroom.


...ere is the clothes';

. he(Getting coat from closet.)

I've got them! Stella, Stella, precious! Dear, dearlittle sister, don't be afraic I

(Crosses to Stella, puts ccat on shoulders,rs Stella up spiral stair, murmuring

"Did . rt you?" etc., consolingly. Mitchfollows them to door.




Poker should not be played in a house with women.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (61)


Stanley(At tabic, number three.)

What's the matter? What happened?

t Stanley to his feet, Steve is atj right, Pablo at his left* Mitch cones

to right of group.


HitchWhat happened? I'll tell you what happened. You justblew your top, that's what happened!

Pablo(Holding Stanley up.)

He 1 s okay now.

Steve(Holding Stanley up.


Sure, my boy's okay!

MitchPut him on the bed and get a wet towel.

PabloI think coffee would do him more good now!

SteveLet's get him some cold water!

MitchPut him under the shower and give him plenty of coldwater!

(Gives Steve a shove toward right. ,Men pullthe struggling Stanley right toward bathroom,Mitch following nd pushing. Heard throughcurses and groans of the struggle.


He shouldn't live with nice women! He don't deserve to!Ee don't know how to treat 'em! Put him under theshower I

(Jaas band is heard. ;ien vanish into bathroom,pushing Stanley ahead of them. In bathroom,a terrific struggle, cries, oaths, a crash.Mitch emerges, shaking splahed water from hissleeves. Grossing through two rooms tofront door. Sadly, firmly.


Poker should not be played in a house with women.(Goes out, looks up spiral stair, exits upright. Pablo and ^tove hurry out beforeStanley's violence. They gather up money

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (62)


from table.


Pablo(Taking up mon id coat from back of chair.)

Let's get the noil out of hero!&'

(Hushes out door, exits down right with aroan, Steve follows him out, starts u;

iral stair. Eunice shouts from abc\"Steve!" Steve i :"-s, "Oh-oh!" and hurriesout down right. Lights inming. S . ley, after a m< b, comes frombathroom. Flops on table, number three, moans*Looks about for Stella, moving uncertainly,

through the rooms. Pauses by phone,s it up. Tries to recall a number.

Finally dials.


Stanley(Muttering into phone.)

Eunice, is ay girl up there? I want my girl!. I'll keepon ringin 1 till 1 talk with my baby!

(Slams phone back into place. Stanley stumblesout onto porch. Looks up spiral stair, throwsback his head like a baying hound and bellows.)




You quit that howlin' down there an' go back to bed!

anleyEunice, I want my girl down here!

EuniceShe ain't comin 1 down, so you quit! Or you'll git the la,;

on you!


oeYou can't beat on t woi ten call her backl Shewon't come, and her goin' to have a baby!

;niceI hop y do haul you in and turn the fire hose on youthe same as last time!

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (63)


StanleyEunice, I want my girl down here with me!

"niceYou stinker! You whelp of a Polack, you!

(Slams door above.)

Stanley(Hollers at bottbm of steps with hcaven-splitting violence.


S23LL-A1 STELL(Stella comes down. uses near bottom step.Stanley falls to his 3 , ssing his feceinto her belly. He ops. Rises, and takes

r into his arms, turning onto porch. Kerfeet are off the ground. As Stella kisses himpassionately.


Don't ever leave me • • . don't ever leave me • . .sweet*heart . . . baby o o *

(Lights in rooms are out, except for a feebleglow through shattered fan-light, a glimmerthrough paper lantern, and a shaft from opendoor of bathroom. Stanley carries Stella totheir bed. Blanche runs down spiral stair,looks into apartment, hesitantly enters, re-coils from what she ices, darts back to porch,closing door behind her. Looks about, dis-traught. Consi , going back upstairs.Turns to Stella* s door, finally leans againstit with a troubled sigh. Mitch appears fromup right. Sees Blanche. Comes to rail toright of spiral stair, leans towards Blanche.Fade off band.


BlancheWhere is my little sister? Stella— Stella!

( On porch.


Kiss DuBois . . .




MitchAll quiet on the Potomac no\:\

BlancShe ran downstairs and went back in there with him.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (64)


MitchSure she did.

BlancheI'm torrified!

Mitch(Coming to left of Blanche.)

i-e's nothing to be scared of. They're crazy about~ach other.

BlancheI'm not used to such

..itch(Crosses to beside her.)

It's a shz:.~ this had to happen when you just got here.But don't take it serious.

Blanche(Crosses down.


Violence! Is so

Mitch(Gestures toward steps.)

Set down on the steps and have a cigarette with me.(Gets out case.


BlancheI'm not properly dressed.

itch(He sits on bottom pj Blanche, on top step.)

That don't make no difference in the Quarter.

BlancheSuch a pretty silver case.

Mitchi showed you the inscription, didn't IV


(Pause. She looks at him.


There's. so much confusion in the world. Thank you forb^ing so kind! I need kindness now.

(Made out. Street cries cc oe, and are heardrough change.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (65)



;:C2 I

Scone h

(Early the following morning a the lightsdim up. Stella is loun in armchair inbedroom, Blanche srs from Eunice's downsteps. Rooms are still in disarray from pokergame of night before, Stella's eyes and lipshave that almost narcotized tranquillity thatis in the faces of eastern idols. Blancheopens door, and hurries into apartment.




Stella(Stirring lazily.


(Blanche crosses to Stella in bedroom.


BlancheBaby, my baby sister I

Stella(Drawing away.


3ianche5what is the matter with you?

Blanche(Looking about.)

He's lefts

StellaStan? Yes.

BlancheWill he be back?

StellaHe's gone to get the car greased. Why?

BlancWhyl—Pve been half-crazy, Stella! len I found out^you'd been insane enough to come back in here after what

jppenedJ— I started to rush in efter you.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (66)

L»11 _


. . .

.- 1J - -' — -. )

Pi - - .. v'.

StPlease s Blanche! Sit do .. .cop yelling,

(Sits at vanity,


...'--. j I will i :tion Jly.73 cc la3t


; ,/ 5you !au3t have



I*c forgotten ' Le you ax , You'retaak .30 such fuss about this*

.la(Kneelic in chair, which faces *r, looking

ror, )

s , you I ist have seemedful ;orrj

it. In


;. • • . ...

i a as a I; ~ r »d of

- If,


tha : s it all r

i . 11 ! . Leh a terrible....

i our veddiad rushed about

place . ht-bulbs h it,

. -

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (67)


Stella(Arranging dressing table chair to facemirror.


Ee smashed all the light-bulbs with the heel or my slipper I

Blanc(Crossing to above >ssing table,)

And you—you let him—you didn't run, you didn't scream?

StellaI was sort of— thrilled by it.

(Crosses to kitchen,, )

Eunice and you had breakfasts

BlancheDo you suppose 1 wanted any ba fast?

StellaThere's some coffee left on the stove.

Blanc(Crosses to doorway.


You're so—matter of fact about it, Stella. other can I be? He's taken the radio to get it fixed.

(Gurgles pie tly.


It didn't hit too hard., so only one tube was smashed.(Blanche crosses to Stella at upstage table.)

BlancheAnd. you are standing there smiling!

Stella'..hat do you want me to do?

Blanc.Pull yourself together and face the facts.

StellaWhat are they, in your opinion?

BlancheIn my opinion? You're married to a madman.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (68)

is, yc sa are, your fix is worse than mine Is! Only you'renot old I You can get out.

Stell(Crosses to kitchen cabinet.


I f m not in anything I want to get out of.




StellaI said I am not in anyt ve a desire to get outof. Look at the mess in this rood— And those empty bot-tles!

(Si 3s in living room. Moves above andaround :, picking up cards, and puttingthe:;: down. Blanche sits 0:1 trunk.


They went through two cases last night I

ht of table.


He promised this morning he . ing to q L ring thesepo!:er parties, but you know how long such a promise isgoing to keep. 1, 'well, it's his pleasure, like mine ismovies and bridge. People have got to tolerate each other'shabits, 1 guess.

Blanc]I don't understand you.

11a ... -- pleasantly, moves up rightfor broom.


I don't understand your indifference. Is this a Chinesephilosophy you've—cultiva . ..


(Crosses to Stella, stands below bed.


Stella(Turning to ~ she, swaying broom idly in herhands, straw end in front of Blanche's face.)

Is what—what?

with if: Iculty as Stella whirlsbroom before her eyes.)

.s— shi about ling— "One tube s.. a

beer bottl s in the kitchen!"— as if nothing outof bhe ordinar h d -nod. Are you deliberatelyshaking that thing in my fa-


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (69)


Blanche(Pushing broom aside,


Stop it! Put is down! I won't have you cleaning upter him!

StellaThen who's Going to do it? Are you?

(Hands broom to Blanche,)

Blanche(Leaves broom by icebox,


I ? I!(Crosses to left. Business used by Stellain tidying up t : oom may vary slightly? theexample herein often holds true,}

StellaNo, I didn't think so,

(Koves below table, starts gathering up cards,)

Blanche(Crosses down left,)

Oil, let me think, if only my mind would function!—V;e'vegot to get hold of some money, that's the way out!

StellaI guess that money is always nice to get hold of,

Blanc.Now listen to me, I have an idea of some kind. Do youremember Shep Huntleigh?

Stella(Crosses behind table. Puts cards in drawerof table,


No,(Kneels by table

9gathers up bottles,)

BlancheOf course you re:. _:untleigh. I went out withhim at college and wore his pin for a while, -ell

•j t.ej.ia


Blanc'1 ran into him last winter. You know I vent to Miamiduring the Christmas holidays?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (70)


Blanche11, I did, 1 tool: tho trip as en investment, thinking

I'd meet someone vith a million dollars.

Stella(Cleaning, Crosses to table. Takes bottlesto kitchen cabinet.


Did you?

Blanche3, I ran into Shop Huntleigh I ran into him on

Biscayne Boulevard on Christ ~:out dusk . . . get-into his car——Cadillac convertible, must have been

a block long!

Stella(Places upper chair in original position.)

I should think it would have been inconvenient in traffic 1

Blanche(Airily. Crosses upstage.)

You've heard of oll-vells?

Stella(Pulls table to original position. Takes greenbaize off table— .. it under left arm. Re-places ash-* tray on table,


Yes, remotely.

BlancHe has them all over Texas. Texas is literally spoutinggold in his pocket.

StellaMy, nyl

Blanche(Crosses to tabic


Y'knc indifferent I am to money, i think of moneyin : of vhat it does for you. But ho could do it,he could certainly do it!

:ellaDo vhat, Blanche?

Blanche(Turning to Stella.)

Why— cot ic up in a— shop!

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (71)

(At cabinet.)Izind of a shop?



Blanche(Crosses down left.)

Oh, a— shop of some kind!—Ee could do it with half whathis wife throws away at the races.

StellaOh, he 1 s married?

Blanche(Turning back.


Honey, would I be here if the man weren*t married,(Stella laughs a bit. Blanche darts to phonein bedroom.)

> do I get Western Unic(Shrilly, into phone.)

Operator I Western Union!

Stella(Making up bed.


That's a dial phone, honey.

Blanel(Sits in bedroom chair.)

I can't dial, I'm too

StellaJust dial "0."

Blanche(Considers a moment, puts phone down, goes todressing table,


Give me a pencil. Where is a slip of paper?(Gets Kleenex and eyebrow pencil from dressingtable.


I've got to write it down first— the message, I mean ...(Uses plain table to write. Stella movesinto bedroom. Blanche, writing.)

Now then—let mo see ;,13arling Shep. Sister and I indesperate situation."

StellaI beg your pardon!

Blanche(Thinking aloud.)

"Sister and I in desperate situation. Will explain details

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (72)


Would you be interested in— ? Would you be—in-b s d in • • .


(Crumples i :, clabs throat.)You nova? get anywhere with ._:*cct appeals!

bella(Laughs. Crosses to chair.)

Darling, don't be so ridiculous!

BIj nche(Rises, crosses to vanity, tosses Kleenex into

sket above di*es. cable, throws pencilonto dressing tj , Picks up purse on dressing



; I'll t ;, I've got to think of— some-Don' t, don't laugh at me, Stella! Please, please

don't laugh at me— I want you to look at the contents ofmy purse


(Opens purse, t out coins.)..-•e's what's in it! Sixty-five measly cents in coin of

the realm!(flings coins on vanity. Crosses to left ofar ir, purse open on left arm.


Stelli(Crosses to vanity, takes up folded currency.


Stanley doesn't give me s i lar allowance, he likes topay bills himself, but— t! morning he cave me ten

,'s to smooth things . ... You take five of it,Blanche, and I'll keep the rest.

(Thrusts a bill at Blanche.)

Blanc.(Crosses downstage of Stella.)

Oh, no. No, Stella!



I know how It -ale just having a littlepocket-i on yo .

(Melodramatically. Sits in chair.)No, thank you— I'll take to the streets!

S ' la(Puts money : rse .


Talk sen. i did you ha] n to get so low on funds?(Closes Blanche's e.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (73)


Blancheicy goes—it just goes places.

(Rubs forehead.)Soma time today I've got to get hold of a Bromoi

StellaI'll fix you one now.

(Starts left towards bathroom,



(Restraining her.


Not yet—I've cot to keep thinking,

Stella(Crosses to head of bod.)

I wish you'd just let things go, at least for a—while . . .

BlancheStella, 1 can't live with him! lrcu can, he's your husband.How could I stay here with him after last night, with justthese curtains between us?

(Tugs at curtains between rooms. Crosses toStella.


StellaBlanche, you saw him at his worst last night.

Blanche(Above armchair.


On the contrary, I s his best I What such a manhas to offer is animal force and he gave a wonderful ex-hibition of that!—But the only way to live with sucha man is to—go to bed with him! And that's your job

not mine!

StellaAfter you've rested a little, you'll see it's going towork out* You don't have to worry about anything whileyou J re here. I mean— . ... - ._~ , . .

~ n ."* Vi fa

(Crosses down stage*)Stella, I have a plan for us both to get us both out I

Stella(SI - down on dressing table.)

'..'ill you stop taking it for granted that I am in seme-thin;- I want to pet out of?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (74)


It It for -ill have sufficientDry of ve to find this place and these poker

players .?sible to live with*(Crosses to Stella.


St(Sitting at vanity.


Well, you're taking entirely too much for granted.

I can't believe you're in earnest.


Blanche1 understand how it hap. .— a little. You saw him inuniform, an officer, not here but

Stella(Wiping picture with Kleenex.)

I'm not sure it would have made any difference where Isaw him.

BlNow don't toll me it was one of those mysterious electricthings between people!—if you do, I'll laugh in your face.

Stella(Violently thro per in basket.)

I am not going to say anything more at all about it.

Blanche(Crosses left.


All right , then , don •



.lahat happen between a man and a woman

in th€ k— that sort of makes everything else seem


- (Crosse.. r.)t you a abou .ire— just—Desire t—

3 of th.- - .-

. fcr j-car that bangs throughthe Quarter, up one old narrow street and down another . . .

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (75)


StellaHaven* t you ever ridden on the street-car?

Blanc)It brought me here—where I 1

:?, not wanted and -.."..ere I'mashamed to be.

StellaThen don't you think your superior attitude is a bit outof place?

Blanche(Crosses to Stella.


I am not being or . .ng at all superior, Stella.Believe me, I'm not I It's ju: his. This is how I lookat it. A man like that is s ne to go cut with—once

twice—three ti a the devil is in you. But livewith? Have a child by?

StellaI have told you I love him.

Blanche(Crosses to bed.


Then I tremble for you!— I just--tremble for you . . .

StellaI can't help your trembling if you insist on trembling!

(Pause. Sound; Whistle and roar of approachingtrain.


Blanche(Above armchair.


May I—speak—plainly?

StellaYes, do. Go ahead. As plainly as you want to.

(They are silent as train roars past. Blanchestands bel ,e. hands to her ears, faceturned to closet, s ;tlng out the racket.

- Under cover of the train's noise, Stanleyenters living room from down right. Carriesa tin of oil, end is covered with grease.Stands inside door, near ice-box, unseen by

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (76)


Blanche end Stella, but visible to audience,overhears the women's conversation.)

Blanche(Moving down, left a bit, above Stella.)

Well— if you'll forgive me—he's common


StellaWhy, yes, I suppose ho is.

BlancheSuppose! You can't have forgotten that much of ourbringing up, Stella, that you just suppose that any partof a gentleman's in his nature I Not one particle, no!Oh, if ho was just ordinary


(Stanley rises and listens.


—Just—plain—but good and wholesome, but—No— . There'ssomething downright—bestial—about him!—You're hating mesaying this, aren't you?

(Moves down lef t.



Go on and say it all, Blanche.

Blanche(Moves in left area.


He acts like an animal, has an animal's habits I Eftslike one, moves like one, talks like one! There's evensomething—sub-human—something not quite to the stageof humanity yet! Yet— something— ape-like about him,like one of those pictures I've seen in—-anthropologicalstudies!

(Crosses to Stella.)Thousands and thousands of years have passed him right by,and there he is—Stanley Kowalski—Survivor of the StoneAgel Bearing the raw meat home from the kill in the jungle!And you—you here—waiting for him! Maybe he'll strikeyou, or maybe grunt and kiss you! That is if kisses havebeen discovered yet!

(Moves upstage.


There in frontmaw-

party of- apes! Somebody growls— some creature snatches atsomething— the fight is on! Cod! Maybe we are a longway from being made in God's image, but Stella—mysister— there has boon some progress since then! Suchthings as art— a3 poetry and music— such kinds of new light

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (77)


have come into the world since then! In some kinds ofpeople some tenderer feelings have had some little begin-ning J That we have to make growl And cling to, and holdas our flag I In this dark march toward whatever it iswe're approaching . . . Don't—don't hang back with thebrutes I

(Stanley hesitaton, licking his lips.Slams shut front door, and opens ice-box.Blanche recoils.)

StanleyHeyl Key, Stellal

(Gets a beer from ice-box, opens it. Pauseand lon£ look between the sisters. Stellakisses Blanche.


Stella(Who has listened gravely to Blanche. Crossesin front of Blanche to kitchen.


Yes, Stanley!


Blanche(Whispering in agitation to Stella.


(She attempts to restrain Stella, who gets upgoes to door between rooms, opens curtains.Blanche can't be seen.)

StanleyHiyah, Stella. Blanche back?

StellaYes, she's back.

(Blanche rises, moves to door between rooms,crowding close to pillar.


StanleyHiyuh, Blanche.

(He has made a step or two center, and grinsat Blanche.


Stella(Looking straight at Stanley. Crosses behind

.. him down left.


Looks like you got under the car.

StanleyThem darn mechanics at Fritz's don't know their can from

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (78)


third baso!

(Takes drink from beer bottle. Slowly Stellamoves belov Blanche tvoard Stanley. Then,with a quick little run, she is in hie arms.Stanley, as Stella throvs herself fiercely athim in full view of Blanche.)

Hey!(He swings her up with his body.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (79)



Scene I

(Gone weeks later. The scone is a point ofbalance between the play's two sections,Blanche's coming and the events leading up toher violent departure. The important valuesare the ones that characterize Blanche: itsfunction is to give her dimension as a characterand to suggest the intense inner life vhichmakes her a person of greater magnitude thanshe appears on the surface. Music is heard ashouse lights dim. Fades off at rise.

AT RIS2: Blanche is seated at table in livingroom, and has just completed writing a letter.Her purse is open on the table beside her.She bursts into a peal of laughter. Stella isseated on bed in bedroom, sewing on socks.She has sewing-box and three slips. Bed isturned down.


StellaWhat are you laughing at, honey?

BlancheMyself, myself for being such a liar I I'm writing a letterto Shep.

(Picks up letter.


"Darling Shop. I am spending the summer on the wing,making flying visits here and there. And who knows, per-haps I shall take a sudden notion to swoop down on Dallas!Eow would you feel about that?

(Laughs nervously and brightly, touching herthroat as if actually talking to Shep.)

Forewarned is forearmed, as they sayl"—How does that sound?

Uh-huh . .


Blanche(Continuing nervously.


"Most of my sister's friends go north in the summer, butsome have homes on the Gulf and there has been a continuedround of entertainments, teas, co*cktails, luncheons—


(A disturbance breaks out in apartment above.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (80)




I know about you and that blonde 1

SteveThat's a God-damned lio


' \ ~ — ^LuniceYou ain't pullin 1 the wool over my eyes! I wouldn't mindif you'd stay down at the Four Deuces it'd be all right I

but you £0 up.

(During fray above—on the line "I wouldn'tmind," Stella says:)

StellaEunice seems to be having some trouble with Steve.



I seen you! You were chasing her around the balcony


I'm going to call the vice scuad.



Don't you throw that at me, you 1



That's for you!



How look at what you've done

(Eunice, above, screams as though she had beenkicked.


BlancheDid he kill her?

(Door slam above. Eunice starts downstairs.)

StellaNo. You couldn't kill her.

SteveYou come back here.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (81)


EuniceI'm going to call the police. I'm going to call the police.

(Coming downstairs, rubbing her backside,Stanley enters from down right. He carriespackage of laundry, wears his good suit.Enters apartment, throws laundry in livingroom on bed.


StanleyWhat's the matter with Dun-uss?

(He has jacket off, puts it on couch, openslaundry parcel. Steve starts down fromabove on the run.


StellaShe and Steve had a row. Has she got the police?

StanleyNaw, she's gettin' a drink,

StellaThat's much more practical.

Steve(Bursting into living room, shirt-tail flying.)

She here?

Stanley(Getting into a clean shirt.)

At the Four Deuces.

SteveThat rut tin' hunk!

(Dashes out down left, slamming door after him.)

Blanche(Tucking Shep's letter into her purse, takingout small notebook.


I must jot that down in my notebook. I'm compiling anotebook of quaint little words and phrases I've pickedup here.

Stanley(Crosses to bedroom. Standing above her, takingoff jacket, putting it on bed, undoing freshshirt.


You won't pick up nothing here you ain't heard before.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (82)


BlancheCan I count on that?

StanleyYou can count on that up to five hundred,

BlancheThat's a mighty high number.

(Stanley takes clean shirts to cabinet, openslower drawer, tosses then in, kicks dravershut, wads up paper laundry was wrapped in,tosses it in corner. Blanche, who has wincedslightly at the noise.)

What sign ware you born under?

Stanley(Putting on shirt.


What sign?

Blanche(Crosses to bedroom door.)

Astrological sign. I bet you were born under Aries.Aries people are forceful and dynamic. They dote onnoise! They love to bang things around. You must havehad quite a lot of banging around in the army and nowthat you 1 re out, you make up for it by treating inanimateobjects with such a fury I

(Stanley has chosen a tie from among threehanging on a hook at left of cabinet.


StellaStanley was born just five minutes after Christmas.

Blanche(Pointing knowingly at Stanley. Dabbinghandkerchief with cologne.


Capricorn— the Goat!

Stanley(Buttoning shirt. Crosses down back of table.)

What sign were you born under'.

BlancheOh, my birthday's next month, the fifteenth of September,that's under Virgo?

StanleyWhat's Virgo?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (83)


BlancheVirgo is the Virgin.

(Stella rises.


Stanley(Contemptuously, with a look at Stella.Tucks in shirt.


ulahl(Stella crosses to bureau with slips andsewing-box. Puts box on bureau, Movesclose to Blanche, leans over her as heties his tie.


Say, do you happen to know somebody named Shaw? Huh?

Blanche(Her face shows faint shock.


Why, everybody knows somebody named Shaw.(Crosses to upstage table.


Stanley(Leaning over table. Buttoning shirt.Crosses to kitchen for boen. Sits numberfour.


Well, this somebody named Shaw is under the impressionhe met you in Laurel, but I figure he must have got youmixed u-p with some other party, because this other partyis someone he met at a hotel called the Flamingo.

Blanche(Laughing breathlessly as she touches cologne-dampened handkerchief to her temples.)

I'm afraid he does have me mixed up with this "otherparty.


(Rises, moves below table, and leans againstit, facing center. Carries purse on her arm.)

The Hotel Flamingo is not the sort of place I would dareto be seen in!

StanleyYou know it?

BlancheYes, I've seen it and smelled it.

(Stella re-appears, crosses to table numbertwo.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (84)


Stanley(Tyinc necktie.


You must've cot pretty close if you could smell It.

BlancheThe odor of cheap perfume is penetrating

Stanley(Sits number four. Taking her handkerchief.)

That stuff you use is expensive?(Smells handkerchief. Tosses it back to her.)

Blanche(Dropping handkerchief behind her ontotable.)

Twelve dollars an ounce!—I'm nearly out. That's justa hint in case you want to remember my birthday!

(Speaks lightly, but her voice has a note offear. Stella crosses to bed, adjusts counter-pane. )

StanleyI figured he must have got you mixed up—but he goes inand out of Laurel all the time so he can check on it andclear up any mistake.

(Stella crosses to dressing table. Stanleycrosses to doorway. Blanche closes her eyesas if to faint. Stanley crosses to daybedfor jacket, calls into bedroom to Stella.)

I'll see you at the Four Deuces!

Stella(As Stanley starts out.)

Heyi Don't I rate a kiss?(Stanley turns. Steve and Eunice start in fromdown left.


StanleyNot in front of your sister.

(Goes out. Stella crosses to bed for socks.Blanche, carrying her handkerchief, crossesupsts^e. On porch, Stanley meets Steve and

.lice returning. Steve's arm is aroundEunice | she is sobbing luxuriously, and he iscooing love words.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (85)



You know I don't love those girls.

Eunice(Sobbing. Also sotto voce.)

I don't give a damn about those girls.(They start upstairs. Stanley gestures help-lessly, amused, after then. Stanley exitsdown right. Stella takes socks to cabinet

puts them in top drawer after Steve and Eunicehave gone up.


You just forget you said it.

(Stella goes back to bureau in bedroom.)

SteveI love you. You know I love you. I only do that with othergirls because I love you.

(As they start up stairs, a great clap ofthunder is heard. Blanche starts visibly.


Blanche(Running to Stella, holding purse in righthand.



StellaAre you still frightened of thunder*?

Blanche(Crosses to vanity. Faint, her expressionalmost one of panic.)

What have you heard about me?

Stella(At left of Blanche.)


BlancheWhat have people been telling you about me?


BlancheYou haven't hoard any—unkind—gossip about me?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (86)


Stella(Crossing to below cabinet in living roomwith socks.


Why, no, Blanche, of course not!

BlancheHonoy, there was quite a lot of talk in Laurel

Stella(At cabinet.


People talk. Who cares?


Blanche(Rise3, follows Stella.)

I haven't been so good "the last two years or so, afterBelle Rove had started to slip through my fingers. Iwas never hard or self-sufficient enough.

(Crosses down left.)Soft people, soft people have got to shimmer and glow.They've got to put on soft colors, the colors of butterflywings and put a paper lantern over the light. But it isn'tenough to be soft—you've cot to be soft and attractive

and I'm fading now. I don't know how much longer I canturn the trick. Have you been listening to me?

(Looks back at Stella

Stella(Dropping her eyes to avoid Blanche's gaze,crosses to kitchen, goes to ice-box, gets co*ke,opener and glass.)

I never listen to you when you're being morbid.(Brings co*ke, glass, opener to table.Thunder.


Blanche(Crosses downstage of Stella to number four.With abrupt change to gaiety.)

Is that co*ke for me?

Stella(Opening co*ke.


Kot for anyone else!

BlancheWhy, you precious thing, you! Is it just co*ke?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (87)


StellaYou moan you want a shot in it?

BlancheWell, honey, a shot never did a co*ke any harm.

(Stella puts down co*ke, starts for kitchencabinet to get liquor, then crosses dovn backof table.


Let me!(Crosses to Stella, leaving purse on left seat.)

You mustn't v/ait on me!

Stella(At cabinet, getting bottle of whiskey and glass.)

I like to wait on you, Blanche. It makes it seem morelike home.

(Pours shot in glass.)

Blanche(Touching her face with handkerchief, shecrosses to bedroom bed and sits.)

Well, I must admit I love to be waited on.

Stella(Looks for Blanche, crosses to bedroom bed,)

Blanche . . . honey—-what is it?

BlancheYou're—you're— so good to me! And I


BlancheI know, I -won't! You hate me to talk sentimental! Buthoney, believe me, I feel things more than I tell you! Iwon't stay long! I won't, I promise I

StellaBlanche 1



I won't -

; I promise, I'll go! Go soon! I will, really!—I won't hang around until he— throws me out! . . .

(Laughs piercingly, grabs glass, but her handshakes so it almost slips from her grasp.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (88)


Stella(Commencing to pour co*ke into glass.)

Now will you stop talking foolish?

BlancheYes. Now watch how you pour

(Takes bottle from Stella to do her ownpouring,


That fizzy stuff foams over!(Che pours. It foams over, spills. Utters apiercing cry, sinks to her knees in front ofbed.)

Stella(Shocked by Blanche's cry, tikes bottle fromBlanche. Blanche jumps up, crosses to vanity.)


Blanche(Putting glass en phone table. Stella keepsco*ke bottle on floor above her.


Sight on my pretty white skirt:(Kneels, surveys damage.)

StellaUse your hanky. Blot gently.

Blanche(Slowly recovering.


I know.—Gently— gently.(Blots damp spot with handkerchief.


StellaDid it stain?

BlancheNot a bitl Ha-hal Isn't that lucky?

StellaWhy did you scream like that?

(Stella crosses to Blanche.)

BlancheI don't know why I screamed!

(Continuing nervously, crosses down left.)ilitch—Mitch is coming at seven. I guess I am justfeeling nervous about our relations.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (89)


(She speaks rapidly, breathlessly.


He hasn't gotten a thing but a good-night kiss, that's allI have given him, Stella. I vant his respect. And mendon't vant anything they get too easily. But on the otherhand, men lose interest quickly. Especially vhen. the girlis over— thirty— They think a girl over thirty ought to

the vulgar expression is— "put out." . . . And I— I'mnot "putting out." Of course, he—he doesn't know— I meanI haven't informed him— of my real age!

Stella(Crosses to Blanche

Why are you sensitive about your age?

BlancheBecause of the hard knocks my vanity's been given. WhatI mean is—he thinks I'm sort of—prim and proper, youknow


(Laughs sharply.)I vant to deceive him 3ust enough to make him—vant me . .

StellaBlanche, do you vant him';

BlancheI want to rest! I vant to breathe quietly again! Yes—


vant Mitch. I vant him very badly! Just think! If ithappens I

(Crosses to bedroom chair and sits.)I can leave here and not be anyone's problem . . .

(Stanley enters from down left with a drinkunder his belt.


Stanley(Bawling out.


Hey, Steve



Key, Eunice!

(From above.


Hiyah, honey!




Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (90)


Stanley(Calling Into his apartment.)


It vill happenl



It will?



StellaIt will! It will, honey, it villi


(Crosses to Blanche. Kisses her head.)But don't take another drink . . .

(Starts for door. Eunice races down stairs,bellowing, "Come on, lover boy. Come on,"and shouting with laughter, Steve in hot pur-suit. Stanley clears for their descent. Haclutches at Eunice, who eludes him with shrieks,runs out down left. Grabs Steve, holds him.Steve shrieks: :, I-jy! Let got", and theystruggle playfully. Stanley is thrown to steps.Stovo runs out down left after Eunice, calling,"Hey, come back hero, you little sweet patootie!"Stella comes onto porch. Stanley grabs at her.


StanleyHiyah, fatty!

(Stella shrugs free, says, "Ah—let no go,"and coolly goes out down left. Stanley, be-wildered, looks after her. Then turns andlooks back toward apartment, thinking ofBlanche and her effect on his life. Soberly,he goes out down left. Sound of chimes off-stage. Blanche stretches and fans herselfidly with a palm-leaf fan she has found lyingto right of armchair on floor.


ElancheAh, me . . . ah, me . . . ah, me . . .

(Young collector enters from down left, startsupstage, chocks number on Stanley's apartment,rings bell.


Come in/"

(The light has grown dim. Collector entersa stop. Blanche rises, comes to door botweenrooms. Carries her drink.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (91)


CollectorGood evening, ma'am.

(Chimes fade away.)

BlancheWell, well! What can I do for you!

Collector(Above table in livinr room.


I'm collecting for the Bvenin? Sts.r «

Blanche(Crosses to him.


I didn't know that stars took up collections.

CollectorIt's the paper, ma'am.

BlancheI know, I was joking—feebly! Will you—have a drink?

(Crosses to kitchen cabinet.)

CollectorNo, ma'am. No, thanks. I can't drink on the job.

Blanche(Puts her drink down behind left seat, goesto left seat, tskes up purse, looks in it.Puts handkerchief in purse.


Well, now, let me see. . . . No, I haven't got a dime!I'm not the lady of the house. I'm her sister fromMississippi. I'm one of those poor relations you'veheard tell about.

(Crosses to chair for cigarette and holder.)

CollectorThat's all right, ma'am. I'll drop by later.

(Starts to go.)

Blanche(Restraining him, a step forward.)

Hey I

(He turns. She puts cigarette into holder.)Could you give me a light?


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (92)


(Takes out lighter, crosses to Blanche.)This doesn't always work.

(He tries lighter unsuccessfully.


BlancheIt's temperamental?

(It flares, she sets her light, touching hishand ,


Ah I Thank you.

Collector(Starts away.)

Thank youl

Blanche(Pauses almost at door.)

What time is it?

Collector(Consulting wrist watch. Crosses in abovetable to center.


Fifteen of seven, ma'am.

Blanche(Crosses to him, facing him.)

So late.? Don't you just love these long rainy afternoonsin New urleans wheu. an hour isn't just an hour—but alittle bit of eternity dropped in your hands— and whoknows what to do with it?

(Crosses to him. Touching his shoulders.)You—uh—didn't get wet in the rain?

CollectorNo, ma'am. I stepped inside.

BlancheIn a drug-store? And had a soda?



CollectorNo, ma'am. Cherry.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (93)




CollectorA cherry soda.

BlancheYou make my mouth water.

(Crosses in front of him pivoting. Toucheshis cheek lightly and smiles.)

Collector(Starts to door.


Well, I'd better bo going

Blanche(Stopping him.


Young man


(He turns. Kb tions toward him.)Young, young, young, young—man I lias anyone ever told youthat you look like a young prince out of the Arabian Nights?

CollectorNo, ma'am.

(Looks away.


BlancheWell, you do, honey lamb. Come herel Come on over herelike I told you!

(Gripping his arms, looking into his face, herexpression one of almost ineffable sweetness.)

I want to kiss you— just once— softly and sweetly on yourmouth ...

(She does.


Run along now! It would be nice to keep you, but I've gotto be good and keep my hands off children.

(He goes, rather dazed, to door. Faintly,waving after him. She crosses a step afterhim.)



Collector(On porch, looking back.)

(She waves again. He waves back and goes outdown left like a child who has had a happydream. Blanche stands in doorway. Mitchappears from up right, carrying an absurd

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (94)


littlo bunch of flovers.)

Blanche(Crosses to doorvay. Gaily.)

Look vho's coming I My Rosenkavalierl(Stiffly, he meets her on porch and offersflovers.


No. Bov to me first I

(Mitch is embarrassed, shakes head. She isadamant. He looks around to see if anyoneis watching, then ducks a quick little bov,flovers extended to Blanche.


Nov present them!(He does, 3he curtseys lov.


Ahhhl Merciiii!

(?pde out and curtain. Jazz band playsthrough change.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (95)



Scene 2

(Later. About 2 A. M. Music fades avay atrise. Blanche and Mitch enter. Blanchecarries hat, purse and flowers. Mitch holdsa ridiculous doll he has von somewhere. Theutter exhaustion which only a neurasthenicpersonality can know is evident in Blanche'svoice and manner. Mitch is stolid but de-pressed. They conic around on porch, Blancheto a position below closed door.)


MitchWell ... I guess it must be pretty late— and you'retired.

BlancheHow will you get home?

Mitch(Moves off step to left of Blanche.)

I'll walk over to Bourbon and catch an owl-car.

Blanche(Laughing grimly.


Is that street-car named Desire still grinding alongthe tracks at this hour?



I'm afraid you haven't had much fun out of this evening,Blanche.

BlancheI spoiled it for you.

Mitch'No, you .didn't, but I felt all the time that I wasn'tgiving you much— entertainment.

BlancheI simply couldn't rise to the occasion. That was all.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (96)


(Turns down loft on porch.)I don't think I've ever tried go hard to ba gay andmade such a dismal moss of it,


MitchWhy did you try if you didn't feel like it, Blanche?

Blanche(Looks in purse.


I was just obeying the law of nature.

MitchWhich law is that?

Blanche(Crosses down.)

The one that says the lady must entertain the gentleman

or no dice! See if you can locate my door-key in thispurse.

(Hands him her purse.


When I'm so tired my fingers are all thumbs.

Mitch(Rooting in purse, comes up with a key.


This it?

Blanche(Sits on step.


No, honey—that's the key to my trunk which I must soonbe packing.

MitchYou mean you are leaving pretty soon now?

Blanche(Looks at stars.)

I've outstayed my welcome.

Mitch(Who has found another key.


This it?

BlancheEurekaT Eoney, you open the door while I take a lastlook at the sky.

(Blanche stares up at the stars. Mitchunlocks door, puts key back into Blanche'spurse, stands awkwardly, a bit behind hor.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (97)


I'm looking for the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, butthese girls are not out tonight,

(Spies them.


Oh, yes, they are, there they are! God bless them! Allin a bunch going hom*o from their little bridge party . • .

(Turns to Mitch.


Y'get the door open? Good boy*(Moves up to his left just below door. Takespurse.


Well, I guess you—vant to go now • . •

Mitch(At hor right.


Can I—uh—kiss you—goodnight?



Ivhy do you always ask me if you may?

MitchI don't know whether you want me to or not.

BlancheWhy should you be so doubtful?

MitchThat night when we parked by the lake and I kissed you,you

Blanche(Crosses down left.)

Honey, it wasn't the kiss I objected to. I liked thekiss very much. It was the other little—familiarity

that 1—felt obliged to—discourage. I didn't resentit I Not a bit in the world! In fact I was somewhatflattered that you—desired me! But, honey, you knowas well as I do that a single girl, a girl alone in theworld, has got to keep a firm hold on her emotions, orshe'll be lost!

Mitch(Crosses down to Blanche. Solemnly.)


Blanche(Turning away a step down left.)

I guess you are used to girls that like to be lost. Thekind that get lost immediately on the first date.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (98)


Mitch(A step after her.


I like you to be exactly the way that you are, becausein oil my—experience— I have never known anyone likeyou.

(Blanche looks at him gravely, then bursts intolaughter, buries her head against his upstageshoulder,


—Are you laughing at me?

Blanche(Patting his cheek.)

No, no, no, honey. No—I'm not laughing at you

(She goes into apartment, he followsto behind number two.)

The lord and lady of the house have not yet returned, socome in.

(Drops hat, purse, gloves and flowers ontable.


We'll have a night-cap. Let's leave the lights off,shall we'?

(Mitch closes front door. Crosses to bed-room. Blanche crosses to kitchen.


The other room's more comfortable ... go on in.(He does. Sits in bedroom chair.)

This crashing around in the dark is my search for someliquor.

MitchYou want a drink?

Bl anche(Taking glasses to him, and shoving him evenfurther into bedroom.


I want you to have a drink! You have been so anxiousand solemn all evening, and so have I, we have both beenanxious and solemn and now for these few last remainingmoments of our lives together

(Grosses to kitchen for bottle and drinks.She is at cabinet, lighting a match.


I want to create— joie de vivre!(Applies match to candle stuck in bottle,which she gets from cabinet. Brings candleto phone table. Draws vanity stool to Mitchand sits.)

I'm lighting a candle.

MitchThat's good.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (99)


BlancheWe are going to be very bohcniian. We are going to pre-tend that this is a little artists 1 cafe on the LeftBank in Paris I Je suis la Dame aux CameliasI Vousetes— Armend! Do you understand French?

MitchNaw. Naw, I don't understand French.

Blanche(Coming towards him.


Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir? Vous ne comprenezpas? All! Quel dommagel I mean, it's a damned goodthing I've found some liquor, just enough for two shotswithout any dividends • • .


BlancheSit down! Why don't you take off your coat and loosenyour collar?

(Takes off his coat.)

MitchI'd better leave it on.

BlancheNo. I want you to be comfortable.

(Puts coat on bed.)

Mitch(Sits in armchair.)

No— I am ashamed of the way I perspire. My shirt issticking to me.

BlanchePerspiration is healthy. If people didn't perspirethey would die in five minutes. This is a nice coat.What kind of material is it?

MitchThey call that stuff Alpaca.

(Crosses right.


BlancheOh, Alpaca.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (100)


MitchIt's very light-weight alpacr..

BlancheLight-weight alpaca.

MitchI don't like to wear a wash coat even in summer becauseI sweat right through it.


(Crosses to Mitch center stage.)

MitchAnd it don't look neat on me. A man with a heavy buildhas got to be careful of what he puts on him so he don'tlook too clumsy.

BlancheYou're not too heavy

MitchYou don't think I am?

BlancheYou are not the delicate type. You have a massive bone-structure and a very imposing physique.

Mitch(Turns to Blanche.


I thank you. Last Christmas I was given a membership inthe New Orleans Athletic Club.

BlancheOh, good.

MitchIt was the finest present I ever was given. I work outthere with the weights. And I swim and I keep myselffit. When I started there I was soft in the belly, butnow my belly is hard. It is so hard that a man canpunch me in the belly and it don't hurt me. Punch molC-o on!

Blanche(Punching him gently in belly, then layingher hand against him.)


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (101)


Can you guess my weight? Come on— guess. Co ahead

lift me!(Mitch lifts her, whirls her around himdown stage. She is nov; facing right.)

Hitch(Holding her up.


You are light as a feather.

Blanche(He lowers her, but keeps hands on herwaist. She affects demureness.)

You may release me now.



I said, unhand me, sir.(Mitch tries to kiss her, fumblingly em-bracing her.


How, Mitch. Just because Stanley and Stella aren't athome is no reason why you shouldn't behave like a gent-leman.

Mitch(Holding her close.)

Just give me a slap whenever I step out of bounds.

Blanche(Trying to get free.)

That won't be necessary. You're a natural gentleman,one of the very few that are left in the world. I

don't want you to think that I am severe and old-maidschool- teacherish or anything like that. It's just

well— I guess it is just that I have— old fashioned ideals!

Mitch(Piano is heard. Mitch releases her. Shecrosses to chair and sits. Eis voicebreaking.


Where's Stanley and Stella tonight?

BlancheThey have gone out. With Mr. and Mrs, Hubbell upstairs.

MitchWhere did they go?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (102)


BlancheI think they were planning to go to a midnight provue atLoew'S State.

Mitch(Crosses to behind stool.)

should all go out together so::e night.

BlancheNo. Ho, that wouldn't be a good idea.

MitchWhy not?

BlancheYou are an old friend of Stanley's?

Hitch(l&ith a trace of bitterness.)

We was together in the Two-forty-first,

BlancheI guess he talks to you frankly?

Mitch(Sits on stool.




BlancheHas he talked to you about me?

MitchNot very much.

(Fade out piano.


BlancheThe way you say that, I suspect that he has.

MitchNo, he hasn't said much.

BlancheBut what he has said? What would you say his attitudetoward me was?

MitchwJhat makes you ask that?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (103)



MitchDon't you get along with him?

BlancheWhat do you think?

MitchI think he don't understand you.

Blanche(Rises, crosses behind on right.)

That is putting it mildly, if it weren't for Stellaabout to have a baby, I wouldn't be able to endurethings here.

MitchHe isn't—nice to you?

BlancheHe's insufferably rude. Goes out of his way to offendme*

HitchIn what way, Blanche?

BlancheWhy, in every conceivable way.

MitchI'm surprised to hear that.

(Turns away from her.)

BlancheAre you?

Mitch(Facing her.


Well, I—don't see how anybody could be rude to you.

BlancheIt's really a pretty frightful situation. You see,there's no privacy hero. There's just this drape betweenthe two rooms. Eo stalks through the rooms in his under-

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (104)


•wecr at night. And I have to ask him to close thebathroom door. That sort of commonness isn't necessary*You probably wonder why I don't novo ouf: Well, I'lltell you frankly. A school teacher's salary is barelysufficient for her living expenses, I didn't save apenny last year, and so I had to conic here for the sum-

That f s why I have to put up with my sister's hus-band. And he has to put up with me, apparently so muchagainst his wishes . . . Surely he must have told youhow much he hates me I

MitchI don't think he hates you.

Blanche(Crosses left.)

He hates me, or why does he insult me? The first time I

laid eyes on him, I thought to myself, that man is myexecutioner 1 That man will destroy me!—unless

MitchBlanche . . . Blanche

BlancheYes, honey?

MitchCan I ask you a question?

BlancheYes. What?

MitchHow old are you?

Blanche(Makes nervous gesture. Crosses right tovanity.


Why do you want to know?

Mitch(Ho follows.)

I talked to my mother about you, and she said, Eow oldis 31anche?

* (Pause.)

BlancheYou talked to your mother about mo?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (105)




HitchBecause I told her how nice you were, and I liked you.

BlancheWere you sincere about that?

MitchYou know I was.

BlancheWhy did your mother want to know my age?

MitchMother is sick.

BlancheI'm sorry to hear it. Badly?

Mitch(Crosses upstage to chair and sits.)

She won't live long. Maybe just a few months, andshe worries because I'm not settled. She wants me to besettled down before she

(His voice is hoarse with emotion. Looks awayfrom Blanche.


BlancheYou love her very much, don't you?

(Crosses upstage to Mitch at chair. Mitchnods miserably.


I think you have a great capacity for devotion. You'llbe lonely when she passes on.

(Mitch looks at her, nods.)I understand what that is.

MitchTo be lonely?

BlancheI loved someone, too, and the person I loved I lost.

(Crosses right center.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (106)


Mitchlead? A man?

BlancheHe was a boy, just a boy, when I was a very young girl,

rx I was sixteen, I made the discovery— love. All atonce and much, much too completely. It was like yousuddenly turned a blinding light on something that hadalways been half in shadow, that's how it struck theworld for me* But I was unlucky. Deluded. There wassomething different about the boy, a nervousness, asoftness, tenderness which wasn't like a man's althoughhe wasn't the least bit effeminate looking— still— thatthing was there. . . .

(Crosses to vanity.)He came to me for help. I didn't know that. I didn'tfind out anything till after cur marriage when we'd runaway and come back and all I knew was I'd failed him inseme mysterious way and wasn't able to give him the helphe needed but couldn't speak of! He was in the quick-sands clutching at me—but I wasn't holding him out, Iwas slipping in with him! I didn't know that. I didn'tknow anything except I loved him unendurably but withoutbeing able to help him or help myself. Then I found out.In the worst of all possible ways. By suddenly cominginto a room that I thought was empty—which wasn't empty,but had two people in it . . . the boy I married and anolder man who had been his friend for years.

(Breaks away, rises, goes upstage. Turnsthree-fourths right at upper onstage sideof table.)

Afterwards we pretended that nothing had been discovered.Yes, we all drove out to Moon Lake Casino, very drunkand laughing all the way. We danced the Varsouviana


("Varsouviana" is heard, fades.)Suddenly, in the middle of the dance, the boy I hadmarried broke away from mo and ran out of the Casino.A few moments later— a shot! I ran out, all did!— allran and gathered around this terrible thing at the edgeof the lake: I couldn't get near for the crowding. Thensomebody caught my arm.— "Don't go any closer! Comeback! You don't want to see!" See? £oc what? Then I

hoard voices say, "Allan! Allan! The Gray boy!" He'dstuck a revolver into his mouth and fired!— so that theback of^his head had been—blown away!

(Sways, covers her face. "Varsouviana"heard again.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (107)


It vas because, on the dance floor—unable to stop my-self—I'd suddenly said— "I know! I sawl You disgustmeI M And thon the searchlight which had been turned onthe world was turned off again and never for one rr.or.cnt

since has there been any lifht stronger than this kit-chen candle • * .

(Crosses to stool and sits, Mitch rises,goes to her, stands behind her.)

latchYou need somebody. And I need somebody, too. Couldit be you and me, Blanche?

(She turns to him. Looks at him. Theyembrace, kiss. Cut "Varsouviana" sharply.)

BlancheSometimes— there's God— so quickly!

(Fadeout and house curtain,


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (108)



Scene 1

(Lights come up slowly. Some weeks later.The rooms have been made pathetically daintywith some of Blanche's bits of finery, pillows,fan slipcovers, etc.

anley starts across up left to down right,the porch area. As he crosses, lights comeup in apartment. Stella is hovering overtable in living room, which is set for four,decorated with party favors, colored napkins.Her approaching maternity is more evident thanearlier in the play. At rise she brinesbirthday cake from cabinet, puts it at centerof table, then goes to cabinet, gets knives,forks and spoons, starts placing them aroundtable, beginning with upstage place and work-ing to right side, below, then to left place,during opening dialogue of scene. Blancheis in bathroom, where she is singing scrapsof a sad blues song. Blanche's trunk isclosed and covered with a net drapery.Stanley enters apartment, puts lunch-pail ontop of ice-box, surveys party set-up.


Stanley(Above tabic )

What's all this stuff for?

Stella(Gets silver.


Honey, it's Blanche's birthday.

Stanleye's here?

Stella(Laying silver.


In the bathroom.


"Washing out some things"?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (109)


(Blanche sings in bathroom.


StellaI reckon so.

StanleyHoy; long she been in there?

Stella(Below table.


All afternoon.



"Soaking in a hot tub"?




(Blanche stops singing.)

StanleyTemperature 100 on the nose, and she soaks in a hot tub


StellaShe says it cools her off for the evening.

StanleyAnd you run out an' get her co*kes, I suppose? And serve•em to Her Majesty in the tub?

(Stella shrugs, occupied with table.Stanley behind number three.


Set down here.(Indicates chair left of table.)

Stella(Left side of table.)

Stanley, I've got things to do.

Stanley(Above table.


Set down


(Stella crosses to behind left chair.


I've got th' dope on your big sister, Stella.

Stella(Coming to his left.)

Stanley, stop picking on Blanche.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (110)


Stanley(Foot on chair,


That girl calls mo common


Stella(Moving to left of Stanley above tablo.)

Lately you been doing all you can think of to rub hery, Stanley, Blanche is sensitive. You've

got to realize that Blanche and I grew up under verydifferent circ*mstances than you did.

StanleySo I been told. And told and told and told I You knowshe's been feeding us a pack of lies here?

StellaNo, I don't— and I don't want to hear

Stanley(Overlapping Stella's speech.)

Well, she has, however. But now the cat's out of thebag! I found out some things!

StellaWhat— things?

StanleyThings I already suspected.

(Blanche sings in bathroom.


But now I got proof from the most reliable sources

which I have checked on


(Bathroom door opens, Blanche pops out inher bathrobe. Goes to dressing table, picksup a drink with ice-cubes, waves to Stanleyin other room.


BlancheHello, Stanleyl

(Gaily, she hums, clinks ice in her glass,goes into bathroom, shuts door. Stellabacks upstage—looks at Blanche.)

Stanley(Sitting above table.)— So.r.e canary bird, huh?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (111)


Stella(Coming back to table, sits left chair.)

Now please tell me quietly vhat you think you've foundout about my sister.

StanleyLie number 02: All this squeamishness she puts on!—you should just know the line she's been feeding toMitch. He thought she had never been more than kissedby a follow! You know Sister Blanche is no lily!

StellaWhat have you heard, and who from?

StanleyOur supply-man down at the plant has been going throughLaurel for years and he knows all about her, and every-body else in the town of Laurel knows all about her 5 sheis as famous in Laurel as if she was the President— ofthe United States

(Blanche sings blues song in bathroom.


— only she is not respected by any partyl This supply-man stops at a hotel called the Flamingo.

StellaWhat about the—Flamingo?

StanleyShe stayed there, too.

StellaMy sister stayed at Bell© Heve.

StanleyThis is after the home place had slipped through her lily-white fingers I Sho moved to the Flamingo! A second-classhotel which has the advantage of not interfering withthe private social life of the personalities there! TheFlamingo's used to all kinds of goings-on. But ever, themanagement of the Flamingo was impressed by Dame Blanche 1

in fact they was so impressed that they requested her toturn in her room-key—for permanently! This happened acouple of weeks before she showed here.

(Stanley rises, moves through center to right^ of Stella.)

Sure, I can see how you would be upset by this. She pulledthe wool over your eyes as much as Mitch's.

(Tries to put an arm around her, she shrugs

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (112)


him off.


Stella(Turning to him,


It's pure invention! There's not a word of truth in it I

(Blanche sings in bathroom, Stanley takesher by the arms, faces her. Blanche is singing.)

StanleyHoney, I told ycu I checked on every single story. Thetrouble with Dame Blanche was that she couldn't put onnor act any more in Laurel!

(Blanche stops singing.


±l->?.y got wised up after two or three dates with her andthey quit, and she coes on to another, the same old line,same old act, same old hooey


( Turns back.


But the town was too small for this to £0 on forever 1 Andas time went by she became the town character. Hazardedas not 3ust different but downright loco—nuts.

(Blanche sings. Stella moves to down rightchair below table, she faces down right.Stanley moves up to position behind Stella,then downstage to table right.


And for the last year or two she has been washed up likepoison. That's why she's here this summer, visitingroyalty, putting on all this act— she was practically toldby the Mayor to get out of town! Yes, did you know therewas an army-camp near Laurel and your sister's was one ofthe places called "Out-of-Bounds"?

(Crosses to Stella. Blanche stops.


Well, so much for her being such a refined and particu-lar type of girl. Which brings us to Lie number two.

Stella(A step toward him. Closing left in.)

I don't want to hear any morel

Stanley(Crosses to number three, foot on chair.)

didn't resign temporarily because of her nerves! No,siree, bobl She didn't. le was kicked out before theSpring term ended— - hate to tell you the reason that

2p was taken— A seventeen-year-old boy— she's gottenmixed up withl . when . . .

(Blanche is heard still singing in bathroom.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (113)


Stella(Crosses to chair number two, head in hands.


This is making me— sick


Stanley(l-ioving above table to cabinet and back toabove table.


. . . the boy's dad learned about it and got in touch withthe high school superintendent. Oh, I'd like to have beenin that office vhen Dame Blanche "was called on the carpet!

(Crosses down left.


I'd like to have zezn. her trying to squirm out of thatone I But they had her hooked rood and proper that timeand she knew that the 3ig vas all up! They told her shebettor move on to some fresh territory, it "was prac-tickly a town ordinance passed against her!

(Blanche stops. Bathroom door opens, Blanchethrusts her head out, holding a bath towelabout her hair.



Blanche(In doorway.)

Stella(Pases. Faintly.)

Yes, Blanche?

BlancheGet me another bath towel to dry my hair with. I've3u3t washed it!

StellaYes, Blanche.

(Crosses to bedroom, gets towel from bureau,up left, takes it in a dazed way to Blanche.)

BlancheVJhat's the matter, honey?

Stella(Turning away.


Matter? Why?

BlancheYou have such a strange expression on your face.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (114)



Oh!(Tries to laugh.


I guess I'm a little tired.

BlancheWhy don't you take a hot bath as soon as I get out?

(Stella goes to below head of bed—handto her back.


Stanley(Crosses down right.;

How soon is that going to be, Blanche?

Blanche(Waving clean towel at him, blithely.)

Not so terribly long i Possess your soul in patience!(Starts into bathroom— stops as he speaks.)

StanleyIt's not my soul, it's my kidneys I'm worried about!

(Crosses upstage, table to trunk. Blancheslams door shut. Stella comes back intoliving room 5 crosses up to number three.Stanley leans against trunk.

Well, what do you think of it?

Stella(Turns to Stanley. Stanley crosses numbertwo.


I don't believe all of thos e ries, and I think yoursupply-man was mean and rotten to tell them. Oh, it'spossible that some of the things he said are partlytrue. My sister was always—flighty


Stnaley(Sits number two.



Stella^ut when she was young, very young

(Dabs at plac-a^- and decorations, not seeingthem. Behind table.


She married a boy who wrote poetry. ... He was extremely

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (115)


good-looking. I think Blanche didn't just love him butworshipped the ground he walked on! Adored him andthought him almost too fine to be hunianl

(Crosses to kitchen, gets small box of pinkbirthday cake candles,


But then she found out


Stella(Bringing candles to table.


This beautiful and talented young man was a degenerate.Didn't your supply man give you that information?

(Opens box of candies.)

StanloyAll we discussed was recent history. That must havebeen a pretty long time ago.

StellaYes, it was— a pretty long time ago . . .

(Starts sticking candles on birthday cake.Pause.


StanleyHow many candles you stickin 1 in that cake?

StellaI'll stop at twenty-five.

StanleyIs company expected?

StellaWe asked Mitch to come over for cake and ice-cream.

Stanley(Uncomfortably, after a pause.


Don't expect Mitch over tonight.

Stella(Looks slowly around at Stanley.



Stanley(Turning quickly to Stella.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (116)


-Stella, Mitch is a buddy of mine. "..r

e were in the sameoutfit together—Two-forty-first Engineers. We work inthe same plant and now on the same bowling team

Stella(Cutting in. Crosses to right of Stanley.


Stanley Kowalski, did you— ? Did you repeat what that—?

StanleyYou're damned right I told himl I'd have that on myconscience the rest of my life if I knew all that stuffand let my best friend get caught I

(Crosses down left.)

StellaIs Mitch through with her?

StanleyWell—wouldn't you be if—


StellaI said, Is Mitch through with her?

(Blanche sings in bathroom.


Stanley(Facing Stella.)

No, not exactly through with her— just wised up!

Stella(Sits number two.


Stanley, she thought Mitch was going to—going to marryher. I was hoping so, too.

StanleyWell, he's not going to marry her new. Msybe he was,but he's not going to jump in a tank with a school ofsharks 1

(Crosses to bathroom and calls at door.)Blanche I Oh, Blanche I Can I please get in my bathroom?

Blanche(Answering through door.)

Yes, indeed, sir, can you wait one second while I dry?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (117)


Stella(Crosses to bedroom. Distressed.)


StanleyHaving waited one hour I guess one second ought to passin a hurry.

StellaShe hasn't got her job. What will she do?

Stanley(Turning to Stella.)

She's not stayin' here after Tuesday. You know that,don't you? Just to make sure, I bought her ticket my-self. A bU3 ticket!

(Fumbles in his breast pocket to showStella ticket.


Stella(Crosses to bedroom chair and sits.


In the first place, Blanche wouldn't go on a bus.

StanleyShe'll go on a bus and like it.

StellaNo, she won't, no, she won't, Stanley


StanleyShe'll go! Period. P.S.— She'll go on Tuesday!



What* 11— she—do? What on earth will she—do?

StanleyEer future is mapped out for her.

StellaWhat do you mean?

(Grabs Stanley's arms. Blanche sings inbathroom.


Stanley(Frees himself from her grip. Going to bath-

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (118)


room door, noundinr on it.)canary birdi Toots! Get CUT of the BATHROOM!

(Stella crosses u o to table. Door opensBlanche emerges with a gay peal of laughter.Steam rises from bathroom.


Blanc'(Stepping into bedroom. Carries hairbrush.Crosses to vanity.


Oh, I feel so cood after my long, hot bath, I feel sofood and cool and—rested.

(Crosses to left center. Stanley £ces intobathroom, slamming door shut, which arrestsBlanche' s crossing.


Stella(Sadly find doubtfully.)

Do you, Blanche'/

Blanche(Brushing hair vigorously.


Yes, I do, so refreshed' A hot bath and a long, colddrink always gives me a brand new outlook on life I

(Looks at bathroom doer, then at Stella.)Something has happened. lat is it?

Stella(Turning away quickly.)

Why, nothing has happened, Blanche.

BlancheYou're lying! Something has!

(Fadeout and curtain. Orchestra is hoardplaying through change.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (119)



Scone 2

(Three-quarters of an hour later, Stanley,Stella end Blanche are completing a dismalbirthday dinner. They are seated abouttable—Blanche, number two; Stanley, numberthree; Stella, number four. Stanley isgnawing at a chop and licks his fingers,Stella is embarrassed and sad. Blanche hasa tight, artificial smile on her drawn face.There is a fourth chair at table, on down-stage side, which is vacant. Music con-tinues behind dialogue.)

Blanche(Who is nursing a drink, speaks suddenly.


Stanley, tell us a joke tell us a funny story to make usall laugh. I don't know what's the matter, we're all sosolemn. Is it because I've been stood up "by my beau?

(Stella laughs feebly.


It's the first time in my entire experience with men, andI've had a good deal of all sorts, that I've actually

in stood up by anybody! I don't know how to take it . ,

Tell us a funny little story, Stanley! Something to helpus out.

Stanley(Licking his fingers.)

I didn't think you liked my stories, Blanche.

BlancheI like them when they're amusing, but not indecent.

StanleyI don't know any refined enough for your taste.

BlancheWell—then let me tell one.

StellaYes, you tell one, Blanche. You used to know lots ofgood stories.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (120)


BlancheLet me see now ...

(Fade off music.


I must run through my repertoire! Oh, yes, I love parrotstories! Do you all like parrot stories? Well, this

)»s about the old maid and the parrot. This old maid,she had a parrot that cursed a blue streak and know morevulgar expressions than Mr. Kowalski.

(Pauses, smiling at Stanley, but there isno reaction from him.


And the only way to hush the parrot up was to put the coverback on its cage so it would think that it was night and

: to sleep. Well, one morning the old maid had Justuncovered the parrot for the day, when who should she seejust coming up the front walk but the preacher! 11, sherushed back to the parrot and slipped the cover back on

cage, and then she let in the preacher.(Phono rings off up right, distantly.Blanche leaps from her chair, listens.)

Ch, that must be in back.(Resumes her place, and her story.)

Well, the parrot was perfectly still then— just as quietas a mouse. But just as she was asking the preacher howmuch sugar he wanted in his coffee— the parrot broke thesilence with: "God damn but that was a short day!"

Blanche throws back her head and laughs.Stella makes an ineffectual effort to seemamused. Stanley, who has been eating anotherchop, has paid no attention to story, butcontinues to lick his fingers.)

Apparently Kr. Kowalski was not amused.

StellaMr. Kowalski is too busy making a pig of himself to thinkof anything else!

(To Stanloy—viciously.


Your face and your fingers are disgustingly greasy. Goand wash \:^ and then help me clear the table.

(A pause. Stanley looks at Stella. Risesand knocks chair over. Suddenly., with aick slap of his hand on chop-plate, breaks

it— then with a sweep of his arm, pushes hisbroken plate, silver, and rost of his foodoff upstage side of table to floor. Blanche.yes a d little p, turns her faceiy to left. Stella stares at Stanley, who

rises and faces her across table— then she

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (121)


ducks her head, ashamed.)

StanleyThat's how I'll clear the table. Don't ever talk that

to mo. "Pig—Polaek—disgusting—vulgar—greasy!"Then kind of words have been on your tongue and yoursister's too much around here! What do you think youtwo are; A pair of queens'? B )or what Huey Longsaid,— "Every man is a King!"—And I am the king aroundhere, so don't you forget it! My place is cleared! Youwant me to clear your places?

(Reaches for other dishes. Stella protectsthem. He looks at the women, stalks out ontoporch, where he moves to left end of it andfaces upstage.


BlancheWhat happened while I was bathing? What did he tell you,Stella?

BlancheI think he told you something about Mitch end me! I

think you know Why Mitch didn't come this evening, butyou won't tell me!

(Stella shakes her head helplessly. Blancherises suddenly, crosses to bedroom.


I'm going to call him.

Stella(Eises and crosses to bedroom doorway, tryingto restrain Blanche.)

I wouldn't call him, Blanche.

BlancheI am, I'm going to call him on the phone.



I wish you wouldn't.

Blanche(Crossing above Stella, takes up phone,dials. Stella goes out onto porch. Stanley

. does not turn to face her.


I intend to be given some explanation from someone.

(Orchestra plays.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (122)


Stella(Reproachfully, to Stanley.)

I hope you're pleased with your doings. I never had somuch trouble swallowing food in my life, looking at thatgirl's foco and the empty chair.

Blanche(At phone.


Hello, Mr. Mitchell, please. Oh— I would like to leavea number if I may.

(Stella looks in at Blanche.). gnolia 90*+7«

(At this point, we hear laughter, at firstquiet, and intimate— and soon boisterous anddownright dirty, between Eunice and Stevein apartment above.)

And say it's important to call. Yes, very important.Thank you.

(Blanche hangs up. Stands helplessly by phone,looking about.


Stanley(Going to Stella, sits on steps. Turningher toward him and taking her clumsily inhis arms.


Stell, it's going to be all right after she goes ctnd

cer you've had the baby. It's gonna be all rightain between you and mo the way it was. You remember

that way that it was? Them nights we had together? God,honey, it's gonna be sweet when we can make noise in thenight the way that we used to and pet the colored lightsgoing with nobody's sister behind the curtains to hearus I

(Stanley chuckles, looks up.)Steve and Eunice . . .

(Stella takes Stanley's arm and leads himback toward living room. She goes to cabinet,gets matches to light candles.)

Stella(As she enters room, speaks to Stanley.


Stanley, corns on back in.(Then, as she approaches candles with match.



Blanche(Rises. Crosses table number four.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (123)


Yes, Oh, those pretty, pretty little candles.(Stella lights match. Blanche rushes for-ward end blows it out. Stands at leftof Stella.)

Oh, don't burn them, Stella! You ought to save them forbaby's birthdays. Oh, I hope candles are going to clowin his life, and I hope that his eyes are going to be likecandles, like two blue candles lighted in a white cake I

Stanley(Crosses above to bathroom, speaks nearbathroom door.


What poetry!(Goes into bathroom.


Blanche(Sits in number four chair, referring to herphone call.


I shouldn't have called him.

Stella(Moving to above Blanche.)

There's lots of things could have happened.

BlancheThere's no excuse for it, Stella. I don't have to putup with insults. I won't be taken for granted.

(Fade off music.


Stanley(Coming out of bathroom, moving to center.)

Hey, 31anehe, you know it's hot in here with the steamfrom the bathroom.

Blanche(Blanche rises, pounding on table and scream-ing at top of her voice.)

I've said I was sorry, three times!(Turns to Stanley. He crosses to doorway.)

I take hot baths for my nerves. Hydro- therapy they callit! You healthy Polack, without a riQTVQ in your body, ofcourse you don't know what anxiety feels like!

Stanley(Crosses down to kitchen.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (124)


I am not a Polack. People from Poland are Polos, notlacks. But what I am is one-hundred-per-cent American,

1 raised in the greatest country on earth andproud as hell of it, so don't ever cull .me a Poiack,

(Phone rings, Blanche leaps up expectantly.Stanley crosses to bedroom phone.


BlancheOh, that's for me, I'm sure!

StanleyDving to phone, brushes her aside.)

I'm not sure. You just keep your seat.( An sver s p'none .


E ' 1o . Aw , yen , he11o , Mac


(Blanche has followed Stanley a step or t T.;o

to phone. Now she turns, almost staggers,a step right. Stella moves forward, touchesBlanche ' s shoulder.


BlancJOh, keep your hands off me, Stella: What's the matterwith you? Why do you look at me with that pitying look?

(Stella leans against ice-box.)

Stanley(Bawling at Blanche.)

Will you SIOJT UP I . IHSREI(Into phone.


We've got a noisy woman on the place. Go on, Mac. AtRiley's? No, I don't wanta bowl at Riley's. I had alittle trouble with Riley last week. I'm the team cap-tain, ain't I? All right, then, we're not gonna bowl atRiley's, we're gonna bowl at the West Side or the Gala!All right, Mac, see you


(Stanley hangs up. Goes to Blanche atible. Stella is standing below ice-box.

ley, reaching in his breast pocket, speakswith faire amiability.


Sister Blanche, I'vs got a little birthday remembrancefor you.

(Takes out envelope containing bus ticket

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (125)


and partly opens envelope.


BlancheOh, have you, Stanley? I wasn't expecting any.

Stanley(Handing her envelope.


I hope you like it.

Blanche( Opening envelope and taking out ticket.


/, why—why, it's a

StanleyTicket! Back to Laurel I On the Greyhound 1 Tuesday!

("Varsouviana" is heard through balance ofscene. Blanche tries to smile. Then triesto laugh. Gives up both, turns accusinglyto Stella at right. Suddenly, she rune above

anley into bedroom, commencing to sobsharply. Pauses in center of bedroom, notLowing which way to run, finally, with

shaking sobs, darts into bathroom, slammingdoor shut. Stanley has moved to center ofliving room. Stella comes to right of him.


StellaYou didn't need to do that.

Stanley(At right of left seat.


Don't forget all that I took off her.

Stella(Following— at his right.


You needn' t have been so cruel to someone alone as sheis.

StanleyDelicate piece she is.

StaliaShe is. She was. You didn't know Blanche as a girl.Nobody, nobody was tender and trusting as she was. But

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (126)


people liko you abused her, and forced her to chsnge.(Stanley goes up to trunk, which duringopening two scenes of this act has bec^closed, and has a fancy not covering throvnover it. Starts to pick up his green bowling-jacket at trunk, Stella follows to below him.)

Do you think you're going bowling now?


(Starts to get into his jacket.)

StellaYou're not going bowling.

(Stanley crosses in front of Stella. Shegrabs his downstage left arm.)

Why did you do this to her?

Stanley(Her violent hold on his arm tears his shirt.)

Let go of my shirt. You've torn it!



I want to knew why! Tell me why!

Stanley(Pushes Stella into bedroom chair, handlingher very roughly.


za we first met, me and you, you thought I was common.w right you was, baby! I was cc n as dirt! You showed

me the snapshot of the place with the columns, i pulledyou down off them columns and how you loved it, havingthem colored lights going! And wasn't we happy together,

sn't it all okay until she showed hero? And wasn'twe happy together? Wasn't it all okay till she showedhere! Hoity-toity, describing me like an ape.

(A pause. Ho starts to put on his jacket, thenturns, studies Stella. Sees she is in pain.Crosses quickly to her. Gently.


Hoy, what is it, Stel? 'Did I hurt you? Whatsa matter, baby?

Stella.. (Weakly.


Take me to the hospital . . .

(Kc quickly supports her with his arm andleads her out.;

(Fade out and curtain. "Varsouviana" upfull through change.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (127)

2 I L


Scene 3

(A while later that evening. Rooms aredimly lighted, Blanche is seated in atense position in armchair in bedroom,holding a drink. She still hears t ie

sound of the Varsouviana. She wears her5sing~gown. She has been drinking to

escape the sense of disaster closing in onher. Fan in bedroom is spinning almostsoundlessly. Mitch enters. He is in hiswork clothes. Hurries to front door ofapartment and pounds on it. No answer—he repeats pounding. Fade off "Varsouviana.")

Who is it, pie ase?



Me . . . Mitch.





Mitch!—Just a minute!(Blanche darts about frantically, carryingdrink, goes to table in living room to hidebottle of liquor. She runs into living room,looks about, sticks bottle and glass underleft seat. 2 .n rushes to dressing table,by now quite beside herself, shaking andmuttering. She dabs at her face—combs herhair. Mitch pounds on door, then burststhrough it, stands inside dimly lightedroom, Blanche hurries to just inside livingroom. Mitch starts around below table inliving room, which is still set from birthdaydinner , wi th cake and decorations*)

Mitch! Y'know, I really shouldn't let you in after thetreatment I have received from you this evening! Soutterly^uncavalier! But, hello, beautiful!

(Mitch brushes past her below table andinto bedroom. Moves towards bathroom, then

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (128)


back upstage! toward bed. Kg is annoyedby draught ifJ .. Blanche follows.)

, ray, what a cold shoulder! i such uncouth opparol!(Cros ..o him.


Why, you haven't even .' d! But I forgive you. I

c-cuse it's such a relief to see you. You'veat polka tune that I had caught In r


;r he: .

.- had anj .. it in your head 3

(She has moved close to him, at his right,below bed.


No, of course you haven't, you dumb angel-puss, you'd neverget anything awful caught in your headl

Mitch(Rubs his hand across back of his neck, wherehe is struck by cold air from fan.)

Do we have to have that fan on;


(Crossing below him to fan, which is ondressing table.)


MitchI don't like fans,

BlancThen let's turn it off, honey. I'm not partial to them.

(Turns off fan. Touching invisible button onbottom of bracket left.


I don't know what there is to drink. I—haven't In-vestigated.

MitchI don't want Stan's liquor.

BlancheIt isn't Stan's. SoiTie things on the premises arc act-ually mine I How is your mother? Isn't your mother well?

("Varsouviana" is heard.)


("Varsouviana" is heard again, faintly.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (129)


BlancheSomething's the natter tonight, but never mind,

laring music, she turn:: away from himend crosses behind bedroom chair.


I won't cross-ex tie the witness. I'll 3ust

(Touches her forehead vn. r



—pretend 1 don't notice anything different .-.bout you!—that—music again . . .

Mitch(Moves a step to her right.


What music?

BlancheThe polka tune they were playing when Allan

(Relieved. Sound of a distant shot. "Var-souviana" music stops abruptly.


There, now, the shot! It always stops after that.(Listening.


Yes, now it's stopped.(hove s right a step.


hitch(Behind her.)

Are you boxed out of your mind


BlancheI'll go see what I can find in the way of

(Turns back to him.


Oh, by the wsy, excuse mo for not being dressed. But I'dpractically given you up I Had you forgotten your invita-tion to supper?

"(Crosses to kitchen cabinet, clatters amongbottles, takes out clean glass.)

hitch(At right of center door.)

I wasn't going to see you any more.

Blancheit a minute I I can't hear what you're saying, and you

talk so little that when you do say something, I don'twant.tojuiss a single syllable of it!

(He turns to bedroom, crosses to below bed.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (130)


moves to back of table. Ha puts hisr ght foot on bed, near head, facing up-



What am I looking around here for?(SI vers uncertainly above table. Holdsglass she has taken from cabinet.


Oh, yes, liquor! a've had so much excitement around herethis evei - that I am boxed out of my mindl

(She re srs bottle under left coat, goesto it, holds it up.)

ksae' s soir n Comfort!(Standing in center door, facing Mitch.)

What is that, I vender?(She crosses to right of him, carrying bottleand glass,


MitchIf you don't know, it must belong to Stan.

Blanc(Crosses to bedroom.


:e your foot off the 'sea. It has a clean cover on it.(Moving to left of armchair, pouring herselfa drink.


Of course, you boys don't notice things like that. I'vedone so much with this place since I've been hero,

tchI bet you have.

BlancYou saw it before I came. 11, look at it now. Thisroom is almost—dainty! I want to keep it that way.

Mitch(Turns to her.


Aren't you leaving pretty soon now?(Crosses down to her.


Blanche(Testes drink.


I \ r if this stuff ought to be mixed with something?It's sweet, so sweet! It's terribly sweet i .7,

it 1 a li .*, I believe: Yes, that's what it is, a

liqueur!(At bear oo.t, chair. runts, Blanche

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (131)


offers hira glass.


I'm afraid you -won't like it, but try it, and maybe youwill-

tenI told you already I don' t none of his liquor. And

n it i You ought to lay ' his liquor. He s^ysyou bean lapping it up all summer like a wild-cati

Blanche(Mitch crosses down left, Blanche turnsto him.


at a fantastic stater: t) Fantastic of him to say it,ana fantastic of you to r t it! I won't descend to thelevel of such c accusations to answer them, even!. lat's in your mind? I see something in your eyes!

(Blanche crosses down right.


hitchIt's dark in here!

(Crosses to loft of Blanche, center bedroom.)

BlancheI like it dark.

(Apprehensively, moves away from himto center.


The dark is comforting to me.(Down right.


MitchI don't think I ever seen you in the light. That's

BlancheIs it'?

hitchI've never seen you in the afternoon.

Blanche(Crosses right to vanity and sits.)

h'hose fault is that?




You never want to go cut in the afternoon.(Over left.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (132)



/, Mitch, you're at the plant in the afternoon!

ten(Behind her.-)

Not Sunday afternoon, Yoi want to go out till. six, end then it's ys some place that's not


Blanc; obscure ning in this, but I fail to

catch it.

tch(Overlapping her speech. Turns her to him.)

at it means is, I've never had a real good look at you,nche.

(Her chin in hand. Leaves her, moves to-rds bracket vhich holds paper lantern

. 3ve dr rig table.


Let's turn on the light her:.:

BlancLight" Which light? What for*.

MitchThis one, with the paper thing on it:

(I taper lantern off bulb, tosseslantern to floor in front of Blanche,down left. She drops to her knees with a

little cry, trying to rescue lantern.


BlancheWhat did you do that forV

Mitch(Crosses down left center.)

Jo I can take a look at you, good and plain!


Of course you don't really mean to be insulting!

itchjust, re 'j lis tic.

.ancheI don't ; realism. I want— mallei


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (133)


Blanche(Still on her knees.)

Yes, yes, .cl I try to give that to people. I do»sent tilings to 1 .1 don't tell the truth, I

tell what ought to bo truth. And if that's a sin, thanlot rae bo d, for it! Don't turn on the light!

Mi t

(Goes to 13 ' t, pulls chain, corres back,pulls Blanch feet, shoves her back;ainst dre; sing table, pushing her faceto harsh glare oX the naked bulb. Slowlybitterly.


I don't mind you being older than what I thought. But allthe rest of it

(Pause— then shouts.


CEHIST!(Drops her arms and steps back a bit awayfrom her.


. at pitch about your ideals being so old-fashioned, andall the malarchkey that you've occn dishing out all summer.Oh, I knew you weren 1 t sixteen any more. But I was afool en: to believe you were straicht.

Llanche(Leaning against sing table, facing him.)

Who told you I wasn't— "straight"? My loving brother-in-law. And you believed hi .

Mitch(A step toward her.)

No! I called him a liar at first. id then I checkedon the story. First I asked our supply man who travelsthrough Laurel. And then I talked directly ever longdistance to this merchant.

(Rises.)Who is this merchant?




Blanc j

y. t - -•:.: b r of Laurel! I 3 ic the man. Hewhistled at me. I put him in his place. Jo now for re-

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (134)


venge, ho makes up stories about mo,

[itchThree people, Kiefabcr, Stanley and Shaw, swore to theml

ib-a-dub-dub, three men In a tub!— a such a filthy tubl

-.itch(Overlapping on "tub"—the first time*)

Didn't you stay at a hotel called the Flamingo?

Blanche(Crosses behind Mitch*


Flamingo? No I Tarantula was the name of it I I stayedat a hotel called the Tarantula Armsl

Latch( 3tupidly.


Tarantula Arms?

Blanche, a big spider I That's whor* I brought my victims,



Yes, I had many intimacies with strangers, After thedeath of Allan— intimacies with strangers was all I

'. able to fill my empty heart with.(Pause,


I think it was panic— just panic that drove me from oneto another, searching for some protection—in the mostunlikely places 1 Even, at last, in a seventeen-year-old boy

(Crosses down etc . To Mitch.).: somebody wrote the superintendent, "This woman is.-'ally unfit for her position:" True? Yes, I suppose—

unfit somehow— anyway, • • • So '. ie here, 1 are wasno- .se I could go, I was played out. You know

played out means? My youth was suddenly gone upr-spout and I—met you. You said you needed

sc. y. II, I needed sc . ...y, too, I . Godfor you, because you s^ d tc be gentle— a cleft inthe rock of the world that I could hide in


(Blanche crosses to him, touches tim, Mitch<- turns head, d to below bod,)

But I much!(Outside, down left, r womanis hoard approaching, and sound of her call,"Floras Para Lc~ .-~~rtos," is hoard indis-

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (135)


tinctly at first, thon more clearly.)Ki'efaber, Stanley and Shaw tied en old tin can to thetail of the kite.

(Crosses to vanity.)

MitchYou lied to me, Blanche.

(Crosses in to her.)

Blanche( Turns on him.


Don't say I lied to you.

MitchLies, lies, inside and out, all lies.

ancheer inside. I didn't lie in my heart. I "was true as

God in my heart to all of you—always—always I

(Mexican woman has app<sared by this time,carrying her tin flovers, coming ontoporch. As Blanche says the first "always"in the speech immediately preceding, theMexican woman mutters "Flores J" on porch.Blanche, hearing "Flores!" on porch.)


Mexican womanFlores . . .

BlancheOh, somebody outside . . .

(Crosses to doorway. "Varsouviana" heard.)

Mexican woman(Continuing as she stands immediately outsidefront door. Mitch cresses center.)

Flores. Flores para les muertos?



No, nol Not now! No*-

, now!

Mexican woman(Sits on stepps up left throughout her speech.Tu: away.;

Flores para ios muertos.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (136)


BlancheI lived in a house where dying old "women remembered their

a • • •

Mexican womanFlores, Flores para los muertos . . .

Blan<(As if to herself.


Crumble and fade—regrets—recriminations . . .

jxican womanCoronas


Blanche"If you'd done this it wouldn't have cost me that I"


Mexican womanCoronas para los muertos. Cornonas . • •

BlanclAnd other things, such as blood-stained pillow-slips

eds changing"— "Yes, Mother, But couldn'twe get a colored girl to do it?" Ho, we couldn't ofcourse—Everything gone but

sxicen womanFlores ...


I .::iean womanFlores para los muertos.

I used to sit here and she used to sit over there anddeath was as close as you are.

jxican womanCoronas.

BlancWe didn't dare even adm^t we had ever heard of it.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (137)


::ican womanCoronas para los muertos . . .

(Drifts out up right.)


Floras • • •

The opposite is Desire.



Flores . . .


Mexican woman


Mexican woman

BlancheSo do you wonder? How could you possibly wonder?

.-jxican woman(Very faintly— almost off up right.)

Coronas . • .

Blanche(Sits in chair left of table.)

Not far from Belle Reve, oafore wo had lost Belle Reve,was a cai .ore they trained young soldiers. On Satur-day nights they would go into town and get drunk. Andon the way back they would stagger on to my lawn andcall, "Blanche! Blanche!"— The deaf old lady remainingsuspected nothing. But si si slipped outside toanswer their calls . • . Later the paddy-wagon wouldgather them up like daisies . • . the long way home . . ,

(Sits in bedroom chair. Fade off "Varsou-viana." Mitch crosses quickly to behindBlanche, places his arms about her waistad stands her up. At first she takes him,

passionately, then pushes him away. Heseizes her roughly—grasping a few strandsof her hair in his left hand.


What do you want?


Mitch(Fumbling to embrace her.


I been missing all summer.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (138)


BlancheTh .. .

-•;| Mitch!

(Sits her down roughly.)Nol You're not clean enough to bring in the house withmy mother,



Go away then,stares at her, then starts bac" .1 up.)

Get out of here quick beware I start s _'ire!

(Ke scr- :s to get out door. She followshim, shoutins.


Get out of .. 3 quick before I start screaming fire I

[He hurries out door, and off up left,.che chases him out, then stands in

doorway screaming.


.•ire ! Fire I Fire


deout and curtain. Orchestra playsthrough change, "C-ood night ladies"commences under other music and mikedapplause.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (139)

<-ir7<~ ; J


Scene h

(A few hours later ... .. Blanche hasbeen drinking fairly steadily sinco prcccd-

; scene, - has opened Lor wardrobetrunk and thrown ; goodly t ; of herfancy clothing around the apartment* Beds,armchair, trunk are covered with finery.Jewel-box is in lid of trunk. A bottlestands mutely on dressing table. Is isthe break-away bottle used late in thescene.) Blanche is standing before dressingtable, glass in hand. She is dressed in asomewhat soiled and crumpled white- satinevening gown and a pair of scuffed slippers.

a wears a rhinestone tiara in her disar-ranged hair. A mood of hysterical exhilar-ation has possessed her, and she fanciesshe hears applause and favorable commentsof her old friends at a party at Belle Reve.Dplause and chatter effect on mike from

right, dying away as curtain rises.)

Blanche_ ; about taking a swim, a moonlight swim at the old

rock quarry? If anyone's sober ...: h to drive a car!Best way in the world to stop your head buzzing I Onlyyou've got to be careful to di\ ere the deep poolis, if you don't come up till tomorrow.

(Stanley enters from down right, comesinto apartment. Ha is still wearing historn shirt and has i a hospi-tal* Carries a large pay, ] ; in which area bottle of beer, a bottle of liquor, abottle opener and some pretzel sticks. Doorto apartment is open. He leaves it open,puts paper bag down on table, goes to ice-box. Gets a glass from cabinet. .an seesBlanche. Stanley grasps the situation."Good Night Ladies" is heard as Blanche

* murmurs to her group of spectral admirers. )-

Ch, my goodness! They're playing "Good Night Ladies."Kay I rest my weary head on your shoulder'; It's so

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (140)


comforting . . .

(Stands up center in bedroom, laying herhead against her hand. Music dies out.


Stanley(Pivots during speech, gets beer and sitsnumber three.)

Hi*ya, Blanche I

Blanche(Crosses to doorway, speaks to him.)

How is my sister?(Crosses in center.


St:(At table, puts down glass.)

She is doing okay.

Blanc.And how is the baby?

Stanley(Grinning amiably.


: baby won't come before morning, so they told me toCO home and get a little shut-eye.

akes bottles out of bag, puts them ontable.


Blanche(A step into living room.


Does that mean we are to be alone in here?

Stanley(Looks at Blanche.


Yep. Just me and you, Blanche. hat f ve you got thosefine feather- s on for?

(Crosses to tabic. Places drink on it.)

BlancheOh, that's right. You left before my wire came.

StanleyYou got -a wire?

BlancheI received a telegram from an old admirer of mine.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (141)



(Above table.)Anything good?

BlancheI think so. An invitation.

(Crosses to trunk and sits.)

StanleyWhat to?

BlancA cruise on the Caribbean on a yacht 1

StanleyWell, well. What do you know!

Blanch 2

I have never been so surprised in my life.

StanleyI guess not.

BlancheIt came like a bolt from the blue!

Stanley(Above table.)

Who did you say it was from?

Blanche(At center.


An -old beau of mine.

Stanl '

The one that gave you the white fo^:-pieces?

Blanche(Crosses to cabinet for pretzel.)

Mr. Shep Huntleigh. I were his ATO pin my last year atcollege. I hadn't seen hi . ;ain until last Christmas.I ran into him on Biscayne Boulevard. Then— just now

this wire— inviting me to a cruise of the Caribbean


. problem is clothes! I tore into my trunk to see

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (142)


at I have that's suitable for the tropics!

Stanla up vith that— . . ... sous—diamond— tiara?

lanche(Crosses to downstage table left.)

This old relic! it ; s only rhinestones.

Stanl(Crosses to tal - three and sits.)

Gosh. I thought it v. . Tiffany's diamonds.

Blanche(In center.


11 i anyhow, I shall be entertained in style.

Stanley(Puts liquor bottle on table.)

It goes to show you, you never know what is coming,

BlancJust when I thought my luck had be^ua to fail me

Stanley(Rises and crosses to bedroom.)

Into the picture pops this Mi i lillionaire.

BlancheThis man is not from Miami. n is from Dallas.

Stanley(Taking off shirt.)

This man is from Dallas?

Blanc.(Crosses to number three chair.)

Yes, this man is from Dallas, uhc.-^ gold spouts out ofground


Stan".>sses shirt on bureau.)

11, just so he's from somewhere!

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (143)


Blanche(Starts to doorway, moving vaguely belowtrunk.


Close the curtains before you undress any further,



This is all I'm going to undress right now.(Crosses below her to ice-box. She retiresto bedroom, drapinj her torn veil about her,casting side-long glances at herself inmirror, left.


Have you soon what I did with the bottle opener?(He is peering into cabinet.


I used to have a cousin could open a beer-bottle withhis teeth.

(Comes to table, sits on it, gets out beerbottle, prepares to open it.)

That was his only accomplishment, ail he could do

he was just a human bottle-opener.(Sits in chair number three.)

And then, one time, at a wedding party,(Finds opener in bag. j

he broke his front teeth off I After that, he was soashamed of himself he used t* snenk out of the housewhen company came . ., .

(Stanley opens b bottle. I?oam gushesforth. Stanley laughs happily, holding upbottle, letting beer cascade over his armsand person.


Rain from heaven:(Drinks.)

at'ya say, Blanche?(Rises, crosses to bedroom, sits on bed.)

Shall we bury the hatchet and make it a loving-cup?

BlancheNo, thank you.

StanleyAw, get with it, Blanche 1

Blanche(At right side of door center.


•What are you doing in here?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (144)


its pajamas from drawer or bureau.)re's . thing I always b out on special occasions

like this, ie silk pyjamas I i^ore on my ^nn; night!

E lanche

StanleyAnd i the telephone ri and they say "You've rota son!" I'll tear this off an c it like a flaj I

(Crosses down £ . Blanche Dills up. of center. eves

; aloft, and rises.)I guess we both entitled to put on the dc .

('. - face on j t, throws ita dressing table. s into liviJ

She moves upstage to avoid him.crosses to kitchen guzzling bear,)

You having en oil millionaire, an having a baby!

(Stands below pillar, hold:. rtain bet-on them, faces left, hollows to doorway.)

m I think of how divine it is s oi ng to be to have.h a thin privacy once ...ore— I could weep with


Stanh(Above table. Eating pretzel sticks from



This millionaire from Dallas is not going to interferewith your privacy any?

Blancl(In doorway.


It won't be the sort of thing you have in mind. Thisman is a gentleman, and he respects me.

(Crosses to bedroom chair. Improvisingverishly.


ants is my companionship. Having great wealthkes people lonely! A cultivated woman, a

an of intelligence end b. .ng, can enrich a man'ssurablyl I ha\ : offer, and

3 doesn't take thorn away. Lysical beauty is passing,

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (145)


a transitory possession. But beauty of the mind and3 of the spirit and tenderness of the heart— and

I : all those things!— aren't taken away, but gro- I

ith tl ars! How strange that I :_d bocalled a destitute woman! :..: I have all of thesetreasures locked in my 3 't. I think of syself as a

ry, very rich woman! But I have been foolish—cast-ing my pearls before

Swine, huh?Stanley

Blanche(In doorway.


Yes, swine! Swine! ... I'm thinking not only of you,but of your fr -, Mr. Mitchell. He came to see mo

ht. He dared to come here in his work-clothes I

And to repeat slander to me,(C2-QC5C5 down right, turns on)

vicious stories that he had gotten from you!— I -~ave

him his walking papers!(Crosses center.


StanleyYou did, huh?

Blanc(Crosses to doorway. ]

But then he came back. lie returned with a bos of rosesto bee my forgiveness. lie implored my forgiveness.

(Pose on turn.


But some things are not forgivable. liberate crueltyis not forgivable. It is the one unforgivable thing inmy opinion and it is the one thing of which I have never,

r been guilty. And so I told him, I said to him,nk you, but it was foolish of me to think that we

could ever adapt ourselves to each other.(Crosses to number chair two end sits.)

Our ways of life are too different.(Stanley leans on back of left chair.


Our attitudes and our b. s are incompatible.^have to be realistic about such things. So farewell, myfriend! - And let there be no hard feclin- . . .

(Crosses to below left seat. Stanley rises.)

StanleyWas this before or after the telegram came from Texas?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (146)


Blanche(Moving down left in living room, haltsabruptly.


at telegram?(Half turns to Stanley, then moves on downleft.)

No I No, after I As a matter of fact, the wire came Justas

StanleyAs a matter of fact, there wasn't no wire at alll

Blanche(Sitting on left soat.


Oh, ohl

Stanley(Crosses to Blanche's right.)

There isn't no millionaire, and Mitch didn't come backhere with no roses, because I know where he is I


StanleyThere isn't a damn thing but imagination, and lies, andconceit and tricks!

(Clutches train of her dress.)And look at yoursolf


(Throws train at her.)Take a loo!: at yourself in that worn-out Mardi Gras out-fit, rented for fifty cents from some rag-picker


(Snaps his fingers.)And with that crazy crown onl

(Sweeps it off her head, tosses it upstage.)What kind of a queen do you think you are?

Blanche(Kising, flees to left of table.)

Oh, God . . .

Stanley- (Below table, following her, into bedroom.)

I've been on to you from the start. Wot once did youpull any wool over this boy's eyesl

(Blanche retreats into bedroom to benchat vanity and sits.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (147)


You come in hero and sprinkle tho place with powder andspray perfume, and cover the light-bulb with a paperlantern, and lo and behold the place has turned into

;ypt and you are Queen of tho Kile I Sitting on yourthrone, and swilling down my liquor! I say—Hal Hal

(Clutches her firmly, as she nearly faintsin his grasp,


Do you hear me? Ha—ha—ha!(Pushes her aside— to stage loft center.He picks up his pa jama coat from dressingtable, and goes into bathroom, slammingdoor. Scream is heard off, up left, Soundof excited murmurins in street, and fromcafe, up right, Blanche runs to phone.Sits upper end of left seat beside it, ter-rified at sounds from outside. As shedials, then gets operator.)

BlancheOperator, operator! Give me long distance, please,

I want to get in touch with Mr, Shep Huntleigh of Dallas,He ! s so well-known he doesn't require any address. Justask anybody who—Wait!! No, I couldn f t find it rightnow—please understand— I—wol No!—Wait I I can't!I can't!

(Puts down phone, trembling. Crosses tokitchen, staggering. Goes once more tophone, kneels beside it, clutching herpossessions,


Operator! Operator I Never mind long distance. GetWestern Union, There isn't time to be—Western—WesternUnion!



Union? Yes! I want to— Take down this message: "Indesperate, desperate circ*mstances! Help me! Caughtin a trap! Caught in


(Hears a sound from bathroom door,


Oh!(Stanley emerges from bathroom. He hasput out bathroom light. He is dressed inhis red silk pajamas. He grins at Blanche,then advances to phone, which is clicking,

^ receiver off hook. Puts receiver back onhook.


StanleyYou left the phone off the hook.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (148)


Blanche(Starting after him.


Let me get out— let mo get by youl

Stanley(Just inside door. Upstage.)

Get by me? Sure. Go ahead.

Blanche(Indicating a place somewhere left.)

You—you stand over there I

StanleyYou got plenty of room to walk by me now.

Blanche(Works -way down to vanity.)

Not with you there 1 But I've got to get out somehow!

StanleyYou think I'll interfere with you?

(Softly. Starting to move toward Blanche.)Come to think of it—maybe you wouldn't be bad to—inter-fere with . . .

Blanche(Below dressing table.)

Stay back! Don't you come toward me another step or I'll


BlancheSome awful thing will happen! It will!

Stanley(Closing in slowly.)

What are you putting on now?

BlancheI warn you, don'tl I'm in dangerl

(As sho continuos, she fumbles for scissors,then picks them up from dressing table.)

StanleyWhat do you want that for?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (149)


BlancheSo I can cut your face -with it I

StanleyI bet you would do that


BlancheI would! I will if—

StanleyOh, you want sorae rough-house! All right, let's havesoma rough-house


(Springs towards her. She cries out. Heseizes her hand holding scissors, twists itbehind her.


Tiger— tiger! Drop the scissors! Drop it!(He bends her to his will, picks her upin his arms.


We've had this date with each other from the beginning!(Starts towards bed with her.)

(Quick fadeout and curtain. Orchestraplays through change.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (150)

^ " A


Scene 5

(Some days later. Music fades off at rise,Stella is back from the hospital, and hasBlanche's suitcase open on dressing tablechair, which faces upstage, She is packingBlanche's things, standing below bed, fold-ing slips which she puts in suitcase whichshe then closes. Blanche's trunk is closed,locked. Some of Blanche's slips are on bed,one on back of armchair. The dress she willwear is draped over back of dressing tablechair. Her jacket is on bed. In living roomanother poker game is in progress. Stanleyis seated above table, Mitch at his right.Blanche's jewel-box is lying in armchair.Stella has been crying, as she arrangesslips. Eunice cones down from above, carry-ing dish full of grapes and other fruit.When she enters living room, there is anoutburst from poker game. Eunice closesfront door behind her. Stella comes to abovearmchair, picks up slip from back of chair,starts to fold it.


StanleyDrew to an inside straight and made it, by God I

Pablo1-aldita sea tu suertol

Str.nleyFut it in English, grease-balll

PabloI am cursing your rutting luck!

Stanley(To Kitch, prodigiously elated.)

You know what luck is? Luck is believing you're lucky.Take at Salerno. I believed I was lucky. I figured thatfour out of five would not come through, but I would . .

and I did. I put that down as a rule. To hold a frontposition in this rat race you've got to believe you're

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (151)





You . . . you . . . you . . . brag . . • brag . . . bull• . • bull . . .

(Turns away from game, faces front and restshis chin on arm on back of his chair.


Stanley(To others, astonished.)

What's the matter with him?

Eunice(Crosses to table between number threeand number four chairs.)

I always did say that men were callous things with nofeelings, but this does beat anything. Making pigs ofyourselves.

(Goes through curtains into bedroom. Stellais seated at vanity.


StanleyWhat's the matter with her? Come on, let's play.

(Game resumes in silence.

StellaHow's my baby? Is he demanding his supper?

Eunice(Putting bowl of grapes on backless chair.Crosses to Stella.


Sleepin* like a little angel. Brought you some grapes.

Stella(Moving downstage at left of Eunice. Leavingslip on back of armchair.


Bless him. I just ache when I'm not in the same roomwith him.

EuniceYou better leave him right there till you know what getssettled.. Where is she?


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (152)


Eunice)v is she?

StellaSho wouldn't eat anything, but asked for a drink.

EuniceWhat did you tell her?

StellaI just told her we made arrangements for nor to rest inthe country. She's got it mixed up in her mind with ShepHuntleigh.

Blanche(Opens bathroom door, calls out.)


Stella(Eunice crosses to bedroom chair and sits.)

Yes, Blanche?

BlancheIf anyone calls vhile I'm bathing, take the number andtell him I'll call right back.


Blanche(With difficulty in being coherent.


And, Stella— that cool yellow silk— the boucle— see ifit's crushed. If it's not too crushed I'll wear it andon the lapel that silver and turquoise pin in the shapeof a_sea-horse. You will find them in the heart-shapedbox I keep my accessories in. And, oh, Stella— try tolocate that bunch of artificial

(Long difficult effort to remember name offlower.


violets in that box, too, to pin with the sea-horse onthe lapel of the jacket.

(Blanche closes door. Stella turns toEunice.


StellaI just don't know if I did the right thing!

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (153)


EuniceWhat else could you do?

StellaI couldn't believe her story and go on living withStanley


EuniceDon't you ever believe it. You've got to keep on goin 1


honey. No matter -what happens, we've all got to keepon going.

Blanche(Opening door, peeking out of b athroon.


Stella, is the coast clear?

StellaYes, Blanche.

(Speaks to Eunice, then crosses to left ofBlanche.


Tell her how well she's looking.

Blanche(Stella on her left, Eunice crosses toright of Blanche. Blanche steps out ofbathroom, carrying hairbrush.


Please close the curtains before I come out.(Closes bathroom door.)

StellaThey're closed.

Stanley(Speaking low, at the game.)

Hey, Mitch.(Dialogue in the bedroom does not wait onconversation' ever the poker game. Pablomakes a characteristic comment. Blancheis in her robe. She carries a hairbrushand brushes hor hair as she stands downleft. There is a tragic radiance about her.


Blanche(Speaking with a faintly hysterical vivacity.)

I have just washed my hair.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (154)


StellaDid you?

BlancheI'm not sure I got the soap out,

EuniceSuch fine hair I

Blanche(Accepting the compliment.


It's a problem. Didn't I get a call?

StellaWho from, Blanche?

Blanche(Crosses a little down stage.)

Shep Huntleigh . . .

StellaWhy, not yet, honey


BlancheHow strange! I

(Crosses to vanity. At sound of Blanche'svoice, Mitch's arm has sagged and his gazeis dissolved into space. Stanley barks athim.)

StanleyEey, Mitch! Come to I

(Mitch returns to came. The sound of thisnew voice shocks Blanche. She makes alittle gesture, forming Mitch's name withher lips, questioningly* Stella nods, andlooks quickly away. She glances from Stellato Eunice. Stella glances away.)

Blanche(With 3udden hysteria.


What's happened here? I want an explanation of what'sgoing on here?



Hush! Plush!

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (155)


EuniceHushl Hushl Honey!

StellaPlease, Blanche.

Blanche(Facing upstage toward them.


Why are you two looking at me like that? Is somethingwrong with me?

EuniceYou look wonderful, Blanche. Don't she look wonderful?


(Blanche is removing her robe below dressingtable.


EuniceI understand you're going on a trip.

StellaYes, Blanche is. She's going on a vacation*

EuniceI'm green with envy.

Blanche(Crosses to bed, drops robe on bod.Exasperated.


Help me, you two! Kelp me get dressed


Stella(Taking up Blanche's dress from back ofdressing table chair and going to herwith it.


Is this what you want?'

Blanche(Taking dress, getting into it.)

Yes, it will do! I'm anxious to get out of here. Thisplace ls^ a trapl

Eunice(Going to bed, picking up Blanche's violet-colored jacket .5

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (156)


Such a pretty blue Jacket.(Stella at left of Blanche. Eunice at rightof Blanche helping her dress.)

StellaIt's lilac-colored.

EuniceI'm color-blind as a bat.

Blanche(Spying grapes, crosses to bedroom chair.)

Are these grapes -washed?



Eunice(Starts down left. Puts jacket on bed.



Blanche(Below armchair.


Washed, I said, are they washed?

EuniceWny, they're from the French Market.

BlancheThat doesn't mean they have been washed.

(Listens to chimes.)Ah, those cathedral bells, they're the only clean thingin the Quarter. Well, I'm going now.

(Crosses up to below bed.)I'm ready to go.

(Starts to put on jacket—does so.)

Eunice(Whispering to Stella.)

She's going to walk out before they get here.

StellaWait, Blanche.

Blanche(Looking towards living room.


I don't want to pass in front of those men.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (157)


EuniceThen vait till the game breaks up.

StellaYes— sit down and • • •

Blanche(Crosses to vanity. Suddenly listening asshe puts on hood, to a far-away sound, in-haling a far-off odor.


I can smell the sea-air. My element is the earth—butit should have been the water—water— the blessedestthins that God created in those seven days. The restof my days I'm going to spend on the sea.

(Fade off chimes.


And when I lie, I'm going to die on the sea. You knowwhat I shall die of? I shall die of eating an unwashedgrape.

(Crosses to phone table.)One day out on the ocean I will die—with my hand inthe hand of some nice-looking ship's doctor, a veryyoung one with a small blond moustache and a big silverwatch. "Poor lady,


(As she puts on her hood. Chimes.


they'll say, "The quinine did her no good. That un-washed grape has transported her soul to heaven."

(Moves downstage to below armchair.


And I'll be buried at sea sewn up in a clean white sackand dropped overboard at noon

(Crosses to vanity and sits.)in the blaze of summer— and into an ocean as blue as—the blue of my first lover's eyesl

(Stella comes to Blanche, takes her in herarms. A strange man appears on porch, andrings doorbell. He is followed by a strangewomen, severely dressed in a dark, tailoredsuit, and carrying a small black, profes-sional looking bag. Chimes fade away asdoorbell sounds.)

Eunice(To Stella, when doorbell rings.)

That must be them.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (158)


(Stanley rises, goes to door to answer bell,A low exchange between him and strange man,Stanley says: "Doctor?" The strange man,"Yes." Stanley nods, says: "Just a minute,"Turns back into living room.


Blanche(On hearing bell.


What is it?

Eunice(Covering. Crosses to doorway,


Excuse me while I see who's at the door.


(Eunice comes into living room, meets Stanleyabove table. Stanley tells her the doctorhas arrived, Sunice takes a quick glanceonto porch.


Blanche(Tensely, going to dressing table.)

I wonder if it's for me?

(Stella goes to above armchair, faces upstage.Eunice returns to bedroom,Speaks brightly to Blanche,


Eunice returns to bedroom, pats Stella's arm.he.)

Someone is calling for Blanche.

BlancheIt is for me, then! Is it the gentleman I was expectingfrom Dallas?

Eunice(Looks at Stella,


I think it is, Blanche,

Blanche• (Turning to dressing table,)

I'm not quite ready.

StellaAsk him to wait outside.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (159)


BlancheI . . .

(Eunice returns to living room, nods toStanley. Stanley turns to doctor on porchand says, "She'll bo here in a minute,"Doctor nods, turns to strange woman, andtells her same thing.


Stella(Crossing to behind Blanche—taking slipfrom back of armchair to suitcase.;

Everything packed?

BlancheKy silver toilet articles are still out.


(She hurries to below dressing table, openssuitcase, gathers up articles, packs themquickly—together "with slip* Stanley crossesto doorway.)

Eunice(Crosses to doorway.


They're waiting in front of the house.

(Doctor crosses back to nurse down rightcorner of platform.


31ancheThey? Who's "they"?

EuniceThere's a lady with him.

BlancheI wonder who this "lady" could be I

(Looks at Stella* who averts her eyes.Turns to Eunice.;

How is she dressed?

EuniceJust— just— a sort of—plain-tailored outfit.

(Stella closes suitcase, stays above dressingroom chair.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (160)


BlanchePossibly she's

(Her voice dies out nervously. Stanley hasmoved right in living room, and is standingfacing drawn curtains,)

StellaShall we go, Blanche?

(Takes up suitcase,)


(Crosses to doorvay. Eunice opens curtains.Blanche stares at Stanley. Turns to Stella.


Must we go through that room?

(Stanley steps downstage to right of leftseat.


I will go with you.

(To Stella.How do I look?


BlancheThen turns to Eunice.)






(Blanche starts into living room, Stellafollowing. Stella hands suitcase to Eunice,who follows.


Blanche(Crossing above table to door.


Please don't get up. I'm only passing through.(Crosses to door. Stella follows closelybehind Blanche, and Eunice comes to aposition close behind Stella. Blanche stepsonto porch, and stares at strange man, whoturns to her with a kindly look. Blanche,retreating slowly. Looks at Stella. Back

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (161)


to man.


You are not the gentleman I was expecting.(Stella turns quickly into Eunice's arms.Stanley steps to behind Eunice*)

That man isn't Shop Kuntlclgh!(Huns into bedroom, darts behind head of bed,Doctor enter room of commotion—motionsnurse, who also enters.)

Stanley(As Blanche passes him.)

Did you forget something?

(Stella starts for Blanche—Eunice holds herback.



Yes, yes, I forgot something!

s(Strange man has stepped into room. Standby doer. Strange woman crosses throughliving room. Stella starts after her. Stan-ley stops Stella gently, and Eunice drawsStella back into her arms. Stella is now atleft of Eunice. Mitch rises.)

Strange woman(Puts her bag on bed, stands facing 31anche,who cowers behind screen at head of bed.Woman speaks in a voice as bold and tonelessas a fire-bell.


Hello, Blanche I

Stanley(Turning to bedroom, standing below trunkat left of center door.)

She says she forgot something.

Strange womanThat's all right.

StanleyWhat did you forget, Blanche?

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (162)



Blanche(Crosses down center.)

Strange womanIt don't matter. We can pick it up later.

StanleySure. We can send it along with the trunk.

(Taps Blanche's closed trunk.)

Blanche(Slowly retreating in panic to down centerand down left.


I don't know youl I don't know youlalone—please!

(Crosses down

I want to be—left





Now, Blanche 1

Strange woman

(Blanche falls on floor. Woman crosses toright of Blanche and picks her up by arm.


Stanley(Crosses to bedroom center.)

How, Blanche—you left nothing here but spilt talcum andold empty perfume bottles, unless it's the paper lanternyou want to take with you. You want the lantern?

(Tears lantern off light bulb, and throws itdown on dressing table. Blanche cries out.Stanley turns away to center door. Blanchedarts up center with lantern. Strange womanseizes Blanche's arm and forces her to thefloor, her head toward footlights, lyingbetween the dressing table and armchair.Following occurs almost simultaneously. Doc-tor crosses downstage right— then to center—and up through arch to bedroom.


Stanley(Sotto voce.


Keyl Hoy! Doctor, you'd bettor go in.(Doctor crosses to Blanche and kneels down.Poblo crosses up center to right of Stanley.Steve sees Mitch go for Stanley.


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (163)


Stella(Rushing onto porch.


Oh, my God, Eunice, help me! Don't let them hurt her!Oh, GodI Oh, please, God, don't hurt herl What are theydoing?

Eunice(Following to right of Stella, puts down gripbetveen foot of stairs and down left pillar.)

No, honey, no, no, honey. Stay here. Don't 20 back inthere.

(Holds Stella.)Stay with me and don't look.

Stella(Eunice on second step. Stella on porchfloor.


What have I done to my sister! Oh, God, vhat have I

done to my sister!

Eunice(Still holding her.)

You done the right thing, the only thing you could do.She couldn't stay here, there wasn't no other place forher to go.

(During this, Mitch has started below table,around it, to up center, where he rushesStanley.


MitchYoul You done this, all a your God-damn' rutting viththings you

(The men grapple. Pablo and Steve pull Mitchoff Stanley

5and push him down in chair at

right of table, where he collapses, head inarms, sobbing. Strange man has passed belowthem into bedroom, kneels beside prostrateform of Blanche, at her right— the strangewoman kneeling at Blanche's left—holdingBlanche's hands firmly behind her back.)

Strange woman- (Pinioning Blanche's arms.)

These fingernails will have to be trimmed. Jacket, Doctor?

Strange manNot unless necessary.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (164)


(Stanley is standing up center, Pablo tohis right, and Stevo above Kitch, comfortinghim. Strange man, leaning close to Blanche.Lifting her eyelids.)

Miss DuBois


(Turns to him, pleadingly.)

Strange man(To woman.


It -won't be necessary.



Ask her to let go of me.

Doctor(To woman.


Yes—let go.

(Woman releases Blanche. Strange woman rises.Steps downstage left a bit, Kan helps Blancheto her feet. He takes off his hat. She looksat him, wavering—puts on her hood— at first,then smiling, as she would at a new beau. Shelooks triumphantly at woman, then bade to manwith a radiant smile. Stanley returns to hisplace at table, sits. Blanche crosses up cen-ter in arch, turns to man in doorway. He hasfollowed her and is now at her left.


Blanche(lias arranged her hood about her face, andsmiles.


Whoever you are— I have always depended on the kindnessof strangers.

(Che takes man's downstage arm, and they startthrough living room, woman following, picks\^o her bag from the bed. Pablo faces upstage*

* In living room, Stanley has rested his place,and on above line, Steve sits down in hisplace, below table. Blanche and man go tofront door. Stella turns as Blanche approaches.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (165)


"Varsouviana" music rises.)

StellaBlanche 1 Blanche I Blanche *


(Blanche ignores her sister. Man comesto her upstage side, and she takes his arm.Woman follows, and when they pass the spiralEunice hands woman Blanche's bag, then stepsa bit right, looking after the little pro-cession. Stanley rises, cones to loft ofStella, on steps, takes her in his arms.Pablo returns to table, sits.



(Stella 30bs with inhuman abandon. There issomething luxurious in her complete surrenderto crying now that her sister is gone. Stan-ley speaks to her voluptuously.


Now, honey. Now, love. Nov, now, love. i\Tow, now, love,

Now, love . . •

(Music approaches a crescendo. The littleprocession passes across through streettowards up left exit.)

Steve(As curtain starts to fall.


All right, boys— this game is seven-card stud.(He deals cards.


(The curtain comes down slowly.)

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (166)


Cast Members


Name Address Phone Number

John Dillon

Lisa Valenti

Ardis Korsch

Frank Siegle

Larry Hovey

Leanna Lenhart

Tom Gillen

Jeff Kless

Glenda Apt

Phil Moore

Linda Rowland

Yolondia Dozier

817 Colorado

1807 Todd Road

1807 Todd Road

Route 3

309 North 16th

l8l4 Hunting

618 Marlatt Hall

206 West Stadium

1814 Hunting

321 Poliska Lane

1114 Bluemont

1213 West 20thJunction City

Pr 6-4318

Je 9-2373

Je 9-2373







Pr 6-8284


Je 9-4641

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (167)

Rehearsal Record


Date Place Time

April 11, 1966 Holton Hall 7; 00-10:00 p.m.April 12, 196S Hoiton Hall 7: 00-10:00 p.m.April 13, 1966 Holton Hall 7: 00-10:00 p.m.April 14, 1966 Holton Hall 7:,00-10:00 p.m.April 15, 1966 Holton Hall 7::00-10:00 p.m.April 18, 1966 Holton Hall 7:;00-10:00 p.m.April 19, 1966 Holton Hall 7: 00-10:00 p.m.April 20, 1966 Holton Hall 7:;00-10:00 p.m.April 21, 1966 Holton Hall 7'[00-10:00 p.m.April 22, 1966 Holton Hall 7::00-10:00 p.m.April 25, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7::00-10:00 p.m.April 26, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7:,00-10:00 p.m.April 27, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7::00-10:00 p.m.April 28, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7:;00-10:00 p.m.April 29 , 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7:,00-10:00 p.m.May 2, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7:[00-10:00 p.m.May 3, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7::00-10:00 p.m.May 4, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7::00-10:00 p.m.May 5, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7«:00-10:00 p.m.May 6, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7::00-10:00 p.m.May 9, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7::00-10:00 p.m.May 10, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7 :00-ll:00 p.m.May 11, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7::00-12:00 p.m.May 12, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7::00-12:00 p.m.May 13, 1966


Purple Masque Theatre 7:[00-12:00 p.m.May 15, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 7 [00-11:00 p.m.May 16, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 6::30-12:00 p.m.May 17, 1966 Purple Masque Theatre 6,[30-12:00 p.m.May 18, 1966

(Performance) Purple Masque Theatre 6:00-10:00 p.m.May 19, 1966

(Performance) Purple Masque Theatre 6:00-10:00 p.m.May 20, 1966

(Performance) Purple Masque Theatre 6:00-10:00 p.m.May 21, 1966

(Performance) Purple Masque Theatre 6:;00-10:00 p.m.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (168)



A Streetcar Named Desire was given on May 18, 19, 20 and

21 in the second semester of the 1965-1966 school year. All

four performances were given in the Purple Masque Experimental

Theatre, Gate 2, East Stadium, Kansas State University.

Call Performance

First Dres3 RehearsalMay 11, 1966

Second Dress RehearsalKay 12, 19^6

Third Dress RehearsalMay 13 j 1966

Fourth Dress RehearsalMay 15, 1966

Fifth Dress RehearsalMay 16, 1966

Sixth Dres3 RehearsalMay 17, 1966

First PerformanceMay 18, 1966

Second PerformanceMay 19, 1966

Third PerformanceMay 20, 1966

Fourth PerformanceMay 21, 1966

7:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m.

6:30 p.m.

6:30 p.m.

6:00 p.m.

6:00 p.m.

6:00 p.m.

6:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (169)


Expenses of Production

Royalty $100.00

Set . . 47.93

Props 21.96

Make-up 4.54

Costumes . 12.14

Lighting and Sound. . . 90

Printing - 20.33

Advertisem*nt 42.15

Sales Tax . . . 8.93


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (170)




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Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (171)


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Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (172)



Rodney M. V/ilson

B. A., State College of Iowa, 1961


submitted In partial fulfillment of the

requirements for the degree


Department of Speech


Manhattan, Kansas


Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (173)

This thesis presents the information used in present-

ing the play, A_ Streetcar Named Desire as a thesis production

on May 18, 19, 20 and 21 in the Purple Masque Theatre, Gate 2,

East Stadium. The production was sponsored by the Department

of Speech and the K-State Players. The purpose of this book is

to provide information on the production of the play so that

someone reading the book would be able to understand how the

production was done. This was done by placing in the book a

copy of the program and the critic's review. The section on

the author gives a brief account of his life as a background for

his writing. The section of thematic material attempts to show

the development of the work of the author and in particular A

Streetcar Named Desire. The section on the interpretation and

character discusses the director's view of each character and

an explaination of why the, characters were costumed and present-

ed as they were in relation to the basic thematic material


The setting is described in full with explanations of the

atmosphere and mood that was intended. Included in this section

is a list of set props and a sketch of the floor plan. Pictures

are included to show the costumes and the effect of costumed

characters in relation to the setting.

The lighting for this show was fairly difficult, for in

order to create the mood demanded by the play the director must

also decide how visible his characters must be to the audience.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (174)

Cue sheets corresponding to the script are included for both

lights and sound. The allotted budget for this shov/ was

$150.00. A list of the expenditures is included.

The is typed out in full including all the block-

ing moves that were used by the director as well as some line

interpretations. The script was the one used by this cast.

The final pages show technical information about cast listing

and rehearsal schedules as well as performances.

Streetcar Named Desire - [PDF Document] (2024)


What mental illness does Stanley have in The Streetcar Named Desire? ›

Audiences in the 1940s and '50s might have recognized Stanley's hypersensitivity to insult or threat and his violent overreactions (as well as Blanche's loose grip on reality) as symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), though that medical diagnosis wouldn't be adopted for decades.

What mental illness did Blanche have in streetcar? ›

Blanche DuBois, the tragic heroine of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, has always been read as either "mad" from the start of the play or as a character who descends into "madness." We argue that Streetcar adumbrates elements of trauma theory, specifically symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder such as ...

What is the most famous line from A Streetcar Named Desire? ›

The iconic quote from Tennessee Williams' play, A Streetcar Named Desire, "Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers," reflects the complex nature of the protagonist, Blanche DuBois. Throughout the play, Blanche's life unravels as she becomes increasingly isolated from her family and society.

Why does Blanche bathe so much? ›

She bathes constantly so as to soothe her nerves. But this is also a cleansing symbol. By her baths, she subconsciously hopes to cleanse her sins away.

Why does Stanley hate Blanche so much? ›

First of all, he hates her aristocratic past and he is outraged by her attempts to fool him showing that she is better than he and his friends. This is contradictory to his image of a woman. It makes him look for “dark spots” in her past and he finds them. Stanley does everything to ruin life of this woman.

Why does Stanley expose Blanche? ›

Stanley does not have the sensibility to realize that perhaps Blanche and Mitch could have had a successful marriage in spite of Blanche's past. Instead, he feels some manly obligation to inform Mitch of Blanche's past life.

Does Blanche get lobotomized? ›

Blanche's Incarceration

She was hospitalized several times and eventually received a lobotomy, which left her unable to care for herself. Tennessee spent much of his own money caring for her and dealt with the guilt of her predicament his whole life.

Why does Blanche sleep with her student? ›

And by sleeping with others, she is trying to fill the void left by Allan's death — "intimacies with strangers was all I seemed able to fill my empty heart with." And she was particularly drawn to very young men who would remind her of her young husband.

Why does Blanche go insane at the end of the play? ›

Her life crumbles from her own self destruction. By the end she is able to release her true self through all the lies, drinking and infatuation with men. Her struggle with fantasy and reality is more then she can bear, therefore driving her to insanity.

What was Stanley Kowalski's famous quote? ›

Stanley : I am not a Pollack. People from Poland are Poles. They are not Pollacks. But what I am is one hundred percent American.

What is the final message in A Streetcar Named Desire? ›

The ending to A Streetcar Named Desire is all about cruel and tragic irony. Blanche is shipped off to a mental institution because she can't deal with reality and retreats into illusion—yet Stella is doing the very same thing by ignoring her sister's story about Stanley.

What was Blanche's famous line? ›

Blanche : Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

What was Blanche DuBois secret? ›

She was fired for having an affair with a 17-year-old pupil – a secret which she'd like to keep private. Interests… booze. Blanche does her best to hide her alcoholism behind good manners and a sense of propriety, but beneath her polished exterior is an insecure woman who hides the truth of her suffering with lies.

What does Blanche call her husband? ›

She and her husband pretended that nothing had been discovered and drove out to a casino together. But while Blanche and her husband were dancing the Varsouviana polka, she erupted, telling him that he disgusted her. Her husband, who she refers to as “the boy,” rushed out of the casino and committed suicide.

What excuse does Blanche give for her promiscuity? ›

What explanation does Blanche give for her promiscuity? According to Blanche, after her husband committed suicide, she always felt lonely and needed something to fill that empty hole up. She explains how having sexual relationships with others can fill up the missing space in her heart.

What is wrong with Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire? ›

In the end, Stanley's down-to-earth character proves harmfully crude and brutish. His chief amusem*nts are gambling, bowling, sex, and drinking, and he lacks ideals and imagination. His disturbing, degenerate nature, first hinted at when he beats his wife, is fully evident after he rapes his sister-in-law.

What personality disorder does A Streetcar Named Desire have? ›

This research analyzed Histrionic Personality Disorder that portrayed in a drama entitled A Streetcar Named Desire. Histrionic Personality Disorder is a mental disruption where the sufferer has a big desire to be the center of attention.

Is Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire a narcissist? ›

Stella's husband, Stanley, plays the role of a abusive narcissist, whose dominance and control is challenged by the arrival of Blanche. Blanche tries to expose, confront and exploit his vulnerabilities.

How is Stanley described in A Streetcar Named Desire? ›

Stanley Kowalski

Stanley is the epitome of vital force. He is loyal to his friends, passionate to his wife, and heartlessly cruel to Blanche. With his Polish ancestry, he represents the new, heterogeneous America. He sees himself as a social leveler, and wishes to destroy Blanche's social pretensions.

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