The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road release date, story, and gameplay details (2024)

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  • The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road release date is set for June 3, 2024 for PC and Mac.
  • ESO Gold Road will be released on PlayStation and Xbox on June 18.

The next chapter of the Elder Scrolls Online, Gold Road, has a release date firmly locked in. The new expansion to ESO will bring about a new Trial, alongside a brand new area to explore. Expect new systems and other gameplay changes with this expansion that will take us on a journey to Mirrormoor to uncover the truth behind Ithelia, the forgotten Daedric prince when the ESO Gold Road release date comes around.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road release date, story, and gameplay details (1)

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road release date is Monday, June 3, 2024, on PC. For those who want to play Gold Road on Xbox and PlayStation, you will have to wait until June 18 for the console launch.ZeniMax Online Studios has confirmedthis release date during the ESO Global Reveal in January 2024. As we approach the release of this new adventure, you are able to pre-purchase Gold Road and its various editions on all platforms right now.

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road story details

ESO Gold Road will take us on a journey through perilous new paths with its new story. We will get to explore the West Weald, which is on the border of Cyrodiil and the Gold Coast. On this journey, we are tasked with searching for the Daedric prince Ithelia. Expect plenty of things to sidetrack you, such as the defence of Skingrad and putting down the Daedric cult in the jungles of Valenwood. Once you’ve completed the main story and all its trappings, there will be a series of “capper” quests, which will tie everything off after the main quests in Necrom and the Gold Road are complete.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road release date, story, and gameplay details (2)

ESO Gold Road will be available to play on PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 consoles. While there is no crossplay between these, the latest expansion to Elder Scrolls Online will be available on previous-generation consoles. ESO Gold Road release date will happen later for PlayStation and Xbox, being available first on PC and Mac. Naturally, you will need the base game to venture forth and play this expansion.

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road new gameplay features

A new system is coming to the Elder Scrolls Online in the Gold Road chapter in the shape of Scribing. Scribing allows you to customise the World and Weapon skill lines, letting you alter the appearance of skills by changing their colours and other visual effects. Alongside Scribing, there will be two new four-player Trials to complete. Here are some new additions coming in the expansion:

New trial

The Lucent Citadel is a brand new 12-person trial for you to tackle. Inside the trail, you will encounter tough world events and bosses that require teamwork to take down. Clearing these delves and public dungeons will grant you in-game rewards.

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New Scribing system

As mentioned, Scribing is a new customisation system being added to the MMO. Scribing will let you collect special skills and change their effects and functionality, letting you essentially create custom skills to some extent.

Explore a new zone

The Gold Road will let us explore a brand new area called the West Weald. This is an Imperial region last seen in Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, which puts it firmly in Cyrodiil, a famous location in Tamriel. The encroaching Valenwood Jungle has popped up seemingly overnight and those pesky Daedric cults are to blame. You will also explore and defend the Colovian capital city of Skingrad, the Dawnwood, ancient Ayleid ruins, and the Colovian Highlands.

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road preorders and editions

There are a few versions of ESO Gold Road that you can preorder. Each edition offers various incentives. When you preorder any version of Gold Road, you will receivethe Welkyndstone Ruins Wolf mount and Welkyndstone Ruins Pup pet. Keep in mind that the pet is only for those who have bought the game before March 18. In addition, you will gain access to the following bonus contentat launch:

  • Eyebright Raven pet
  • Strid River Fisherfolk costume
  • x1 Diamond Anniversary Crate
  • Gold Road Treasure Maps
  • ×2 Experience scrolls (+100% for 1 hour)

The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Gold Road

  • This includes theGold RoadChapter (available at launch in June)
  • Immediate accessto both the base game and all seven previous Chapters (Necrom, High Isle,Blackwood,Greymoor,Elsweyr,Summerset, andMorrowind)

The Elder Scrolls Online Upgrade: Gold Road

  • Includes theGold RoadChapter (available at launch in June)
  • This is the normal expansion pack that only includes Gold Road.

The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Collection: Gold Road

The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Collection: Gold Roadincludesimmediate accessto the base game and all seven previous Chapters (Necrom, HighIsle,Blackwood,Greymoor,Elsweyr,Summerset, andMorrowind) in addition to theGold RoadChapter in June. This edition also includes theseDeluxerewards at launch:

  • West Weald Tharriker mount
  • Skingrad Guard Mastiff pet
  • Skingrad Vedette Armor Pack
  • Ulfsild’s Tome of Legends memento
  • Colovian Emote Pack
  • Additionally, you’ll gain access to theCollector’s/Deluxeedition digital items for all previous Chapters.
The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road release date, story, and gameplay details (2024)


How many hours to 100% ESO? ›

How long does it take to beat The Elder Scrolls Online? The estimated time to complete all 45 The Elder Scrolls Online achievements is 1000+ hours. This estimate is based on the modal completion time from 31 TrueAchievements members that have completed the game.

Is Eso Gold Road out? ›

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road is now live on PC/Mac and arrives June 18 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

How long does it take to beat the ESO main story? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story4751h 4m
Main + Extras75253h 25m
Completionist17667h 47m
All PlayStyles139235h 40m

What happens after 50 in eso? ›

The Leveling Doesn't End

Once you reach level 50, you will begin leveling as a Veteran. You acquire Veteran Ranks the same way you obtained the first 50 levels, and you still gain skill and stat points for each Veteran level.

How long to get CP 3600 eso? ›

You need around 2.2 billion exp to get from cp 160 to 3600. Assuming you are doing brp with the max modifiers you gain around 14-15m exp per hour.

How many hours does it take to get to max level in eso? ›

If you only do quests - ~100 hours. If you complete everything there is to do in each of the 6 Zones - ~200 Hours.

Can you skip the main story in eso? ›

You don't have to do the main quests at all, but if you want access to all the skill trees at your disposal, you'll have to do some specifics. Like for Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Fighter's Guild, Mage's Guild, Undaunted, Psijic Order, Legerdemain, or Alliance skill trees.

What is the max level in ESO? ›

The time it takes to reach the cap at level 50 will vary from person to person. There are 50 levels, but there are also many skill lines to complete. For example, every player can learn every armor class and use every type of weapon by filling out each of their skill lines.

Does Gold Road Deluxe come with Necrom? ›

The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Collection: Gold Road includes immediate access to the base game and all seven previous Chapters (Necrom, High Isle, Blackwood, Greymoor, Elsweyr, Summerset, and Morrowind) in addition to the Gold Road Chapter in June.

Can you play Elder Scrolls Online without gold? ›

However, as with any multiplayer game on the Xbox, both an internet connection and an Xbox Live Gold membership are required to play The Elder Scrolls Online.

How long does it take for a day to pass in eso? ›

Yes, The Elder Scrolls Online has a day/night cycle. One full cycle lasts about six hours, so you will experience around four day/night cycles in a 24-hour period of real-time gaming.

How long does it take to get to level 50 on eso? ›

How long does it take to get to level 50 in ESO? Leveling to level 50 can be done in a few hours if done right. To understand how this can be done we do recommend reading the ESO Leveling Guide. However, for most new players it will take around a month to get to level 50.

How long does it take to research everything in eso? ›

As you research and unlock each trait, the time it takes to learn the next new one will increase. Those times add up quite quickly and by the end of nine traits you will have spent at least a total of 3066 hours, or 128 days to completely research all of them in a single line!

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