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Find out secrets for all things, from dining to snagging the best seats at shows.
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Crew members undoubtedly know our ships the best, and they have the insider tips to match.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

There’s practically an endless list of reasons why a Royal Caribbean cruise makes a great vacation for all ages and types of travelers. You have your choice of incredible experiences to choose from—think: thrills like skydiving and surfing—as well as flavors from all over and amazing shows and live music. Plus, you can pick from a lineup of action-packed shipsand 240-plus destinations.

Now, where do you start? We’ve tapped the experts who know cruising best, from crew members and captains to the heads of entertainment and dining. They come from nearly every corner of the world and have experienced every ship and hundreds of destinations. They also have the insider tips to match, so that you can make the most of everything that’ll be at your fingertips.

Here are the top travel tips for a Royal Caribbean cruise from the experts themselves:

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At the AquaTheater, acrobats, high divers, slackliners and more put on shows that make a splash.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Show-Stopping Entertainment

Every Royal Caribbean ship has a lineup of full-scale entertainment everyone in the family can enjoy—several even have shows across four “stages,” the air, ice, water and theater. There are deck-defying acrobatics, slacklining, high diving and more by Olympic-level performers at AquaTheater; ice skaters at Studio B, and the list goes on. For the inside scoop on all things entertainment—like the best seats in the house—we tapped head of entertainment Nick Weir and former Royal Caribbean acrobat Sydney Brown.

Q: Any inside tips on how to make the most of the vast entertainment lineup and the time you have on board?

Nick:Having the Royal Caribbeanmobile apphandy certainly helps because it puts the shows and daily activities right in your pocket. You can easily plan out your days, and that’s always something I recommend our guests do in the morning. Whether you’re new to cruising or a veteran, there’s just so much cool stuff going on—you don’t want to miss a thing.

I also have to mention our matinee performances. You can watch some shows during the day to then have more flexibility at night to catch other shows, see our late-night comedians or watch your home team at Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade.

Read the full Q&A about entertainment with Nick here.

Q: Any advice for guests hitting an AquaTheater show?

Sydney: To catch the best views of a show at the AquaTheater, found on Oasis Class ships like Wonder and Allure of the Seas, sit in the center and about four to seven rows back—and make sure to get there 20 to 25 minutes before the show begins to get those good seats. We also really feed off the audience, so we love when you are loud!

Hear more about Sydney’s story and what it takes to be a cruise ship performer here.

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It’s Sunday Supper every day at Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Mouthwatering Bites

From seafood spots to Italian trattorias and Japanese sushi and hibachi, there’s a variety of food from around the world at your fingertips, hundreds of co*cktails and wines, and even zero-proof drinks. Since many of the most memorable moments on vacation happen while breaking bread, we turned to Linken D’Souza, head of food and beverage, and Captain Sindre Borsheim for their favorite eats and top tips.

Q: What are your inside tips for making the most of your dining experience on a cruise?

Linken: It’s a marathon, not a sprint! Folks want to experience it all on Day One, but there is plenty of time to make sure you get to taste everything because we have a wide variety for every palate. One thing I would recommend though: Pick out a specialty restaurantyou want to try before you get on board and make reservations to go there for lunch. You’ll get to experience most of the menu for a special price.

Pro tip: If you’re traveling with kids, look into My Time Dining. You can have dinner in the Main Dining Room at a time that’s good for you and the kids.

Learn more about Linken’s one-of-a-kind role and many of the dining experiences his team has dreamt up here.

Q: Do you have any favorite meals?

Captain Sindre: While the curry at Windjammer Marketplace is my favorite dish, the specialty restaurants really are something else. I had the pleasure of trying our Italian trattoria, Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar, which can be found on Wonder and Odyssey of the Seas, and it was spectacular. I highly recommend it.

See more of Captain Sindre’s tips for cruising on Odyssey here.

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Santorini, Greece, filled with culture, history and stunning views, is one of many destinations across six continents that Royal Caribbean travels to.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Top-Rated Destinations

From Alaska to Australia, the Caribbean and beyond, you can explore as many as 240 destinations in 61 countries on a Royal Caribbean cruise. For inspiration, First Officer Lovisa Forssberg and Chief Officer of Safety Heather Beasley tell us about their favorite places.

Q: You’ve been all over the globe with Royal Caribbean. What are some of your favorite spots?

First OfficerLovisa: Ketchikan, Alaska; Sydney and Singapore are three of my favorite places. After several years at sea, I’m still amazed by the idea that you can travel to so many places on a cruise ship. You can go to sleep after a day exploring one country and wake up in another—and in my case, I get to drive us there. I’m waiting for all of it to feel mundane, but after over 10 years I’m still amazed by every sunset.

Learn more about how First OfficerLovisanavigated the maritimeindustryasawoman here.

Chief Officer Heather:That is such a tough one since I’ve sailed to many amazing places. If I had to pick, I’d say, Venice, Italy, a historic and beautiful city that’s hard not to love. Santorini, Greece, is another favorite for its incredible views, which look like straight off a Mediterranean postcard. Also, Cozumel, Mexico, for its great food, snorkeling and shopping. I even like to go to Cozumel for vacation.

Chief Officer of Safety Heather shares her journey from cadet to her current positionhere.

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Get the rush of skydiving inside a 23-foot-tall glass wind tunnel on skydiving simulatorRipCord by iFly.

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Action-Packed Adventures

The thrills for kids and adults run the gamut, from resort pools and high-speed waterslides to the RipCord by iFly skydiving simulator and the FlowRider surf simulator. How do you make the most of every adventure on board? Nick Weir and crew ambassador Stephen Burke have a few ideas for you, whether you’re eyeing Ovation of the Seas, Odyssey of the Seas or any other ship.

Q: What are some of your favorite experiences?

Stephen:RipCord by iFly on Quantum Class and Quantum Ultra Class ships, likeOvationandOdyssey of the Seas, stands out because nowhere elsecan you sky dive at sea—especially with a view like this! As a performer myself, I also love to watch the live entertainment going on around the ship. We have incredibly talented performers and entertainers from across the globe.

See Stephen’s tips to have the adventure of a lifetime in Alaska here.

Q: What are the best experiences for families with kids?

Nick:Our dedicated kids program, Adventure Ocean, has fantastic, interactive activities brought to life by our experienced team. Kids can let their imaginations run the show and chart their own adventures. And teens have exclusive hangout areas, too. They have everything from the latest music, games and movies to their own outdoor deck.

Then there’s the lineup ofsports, from rock climbing to ice skating, to surfing on the FlowRider surf simulator on ships like Wonder, Allure, Odyssey, Mariner and Navigator of the Seas. Plus, there’s fun in the form of escape rooms, kids aqua parks and more.

Pro tip: Families can indulge in the Ultimate Family Suite, a two-storysuite that has room for the whole gang, as well as tons of surprises. There’s an in-suite slide, a whirlpool, a movie room and even a karaoke area, to name a few.

Ready to try out these expert tips as told by Royal Caribbean’s crew members? Look for your next vacation and browse the cruises you have to choose from here.

Top Cruise Tips | Royal Caribbean Blog (2024)


What is the 3 1 1 rule on Royal Caribbean? ›

You are allowed to bring a quart-size, zip-lock bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes though the checkpoint in carryon luggage. These combined items need to be less than 3 ounces. More information from the TSA. So the 3-1-1 rule is the TSA's quick reminder: 3 ounces, 1 quart bag and 1 bag per traveler.

Should you tip extra on a Royal Caribbean cruise? ›

You don't have to tip extra on a Royal Caribbean cruise, but if you do, it can change your experience says a cruiser who has sailed with the line dozens of times. Having sailed nearly 30 Royal Caribbean cruises since 2019, I can comfortably say that I've never seen a crew member not treat a customer well.

What is the best tip for a cruise? ›

The average suggestions for cruise tips amount to between $12 and $16 per passenger, per day—which for a standard seven-night cruise comes to between $84 and $112 extra per person, or $336 to $448 extra for a family of four.

What is the best answer for why do you want to work in cruise ship? ›

I love to travel and I think it would be a great opportunity to see different parts of the world while working. I also like the idea of working on a cruise ship because it would be a new and exciting experience. Good luck with your Interview at Msc Cruises.

How to cheat Royal Caribbean drink package? ›

How to Hack (and Share) the Royal Caribbean Drink Package
  1. 1 Buy your drink package before the cruise.
  2. 2 Share the drink package with someone else.
  3. 3 Order top-shelf liquor at the bar.
  4. 4 Take advantage of the non-alcoholic drinks.
  5. 5 Take bottled water with you on excursions.

Can you get away with sharing a drink package on Royal Caribbean? ›

Packages can be purchased by individual guests. All packages are for single guest use and cannot be shared by multiple people. Any guest wishing to purchase an alcoholic b... Are gratuities included in the Royal Caribbean beverage package cost?

Is it better to prepay gratuities on Royal Caribbean? ›

Guests who have pre-paid their gratuity will not see a daily charge during their cruise. The automatic daily gratuity is based on customary industry standards. Applying this charge automatically helps streamline the recognition process for the crew members who work to enhance your cruise.

What happens if you don t pay gratuities on Royal Caribbean? ›

If you don't pre-pay it is OK. You will have a credit card on file with the ship, and on your cabin TV or the app. You will get a daily charge for the gratuities, and your CC will be charged automatically.

How much should I tip my stateroom attendant? ›

Standard tips

The amounts, starting around $11.50 to $16, are generally paid per passenger, per day, and vary among cruise lines and stateroom categories (larger staterooms and suites are generally a couple dollars per day more than standard accommodations).

What happens if you don't tip on a cruise? ›

However, most cruise lines are based in the U.S., where the crew members' pay structure is based on tips. If you refuse to tip on principle, you are impacting the salaries of the people who have served you well onboard.

Do you still tip on a cruise if you prepay gratuities? ›

You don't have to tip on these cruises because the line is already paying gratuities to the staff on your behalf. Additional cash gifts are not expected. Still, some people do leave a little extra for crew members who go above and beyond.

Do most people tip extra on cruise? ›

While the automatic service charges will cover their basic gratuities, it's generally considered good form to tip them a bit extra for a job well done, especially if you have made any special requests. Should you choose to, for a seven-night cruise, consider tipping about $2 to $3 per person, per day.

What is the salary of a cruise ship worker? ›

How much does a Cruise Ship Worker make? As of Jun 3, 2024, the average annual pay for a Cruise Ship Worker in the United States is $49,005 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $23.56 an hour. This is the equivalent of $942/week or $4,083/month.

What is your strength answer? ›

Sample Answer

“My greatest strength is my ability to excel in highly pressurized situations. I have found creative ways to keep calm when working under pressure, for example, organizing my work more efficiently and getting the MOST important work done during the times I am MOST productive.

How often can you get a drink with drink package on Royal Caribbean? ›

No, there is not a daily limit for drinks with the Deluxe Beverage Packages.

Can I order 2 drinks at a time on Royal Caribbean? ›

Can I order multiple drinks at a time with the all-inclusive beverage packages? No. As this is a personal package, only one beverage per guest will be served.

Can I bring full size shampoo on a cruise? ›

I understand wanting to bring your favorite toiletry items with you on vacation. You are absolutely welcome to bring your own shampoo, conditioner, and body wash with you onboard. They don't even need to be travel-sized!

Do cruise ships check your bags for alcohol? ›

Alcoholic beverages (beer, seltzer, or hard liquor) seized on embarkation day will be returned at the end of the voyage provided that they are in the original sealed package. Security may inspect containers (water bottles, soda bottles, mouthwash, luggage, etc.) and will dispose of containers holding alcohol.

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