Yesteryear Antique Ctr-Hnvr (2024)

Yesteryear is a newly renovated 26,000 Square Foot Facility with 140+ Booths and Display Cases stocked by 135 dealers. We feature Quality Antiques & Collectibles - Please refer to Our Dealers page for more information. Check our website for new dealers, special sales or upcoming events. We Do Not share your address or email address.

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Michael Natale

Jun 13, 2022


It's one of our favorite pickin' places in the area! Wide variety of vendors and items to choose from at reasonable prices.


May 29, 2022


Great place to visit if you enjoy hunting for Antiques and collectables. Every booth is full of vendors so it's worth stopping. Overall prices are fair, easy parking and a clean friendly environment. They usually have multiple people working so there is always someone to help with getting keys for cabinets. Quite large would take an hour or more to look at everything.

Mary J.

Apr 23, 2022


Always packed with great stuff. Always new things. Super helpful, cheerful and welcoming. We love these guys!

Matt Taz Strickler

Apr 18, 2022


This place is just awesome, y'all gotta checkout stand 322 she is absolutely wonderful to talk with, thank you Ashley Cappetta

Rachel Wentz

Apr 12, 2022


This place is HUGE! Organized very well with over 135 booths. Employees are super nice! Holiday, sports, primitive, retro, vintage, Pyrex, plush, trains, glassware, artwork, etc. There is something for everyone.

Laurie Ebresole

Apr 09, 2022


Alot of variety! Not crazy about the policy of employees they send out to "stalk" you while your I had 2 items in hand, and I couldn't figure out why this woman who worked there kept walking by me staring at I was stealing or something. Then, after finding my daughter I realized the whole number/give them your items they hold up front. But yeah, I'd rather have a cart and put my items in while I shop. Just my preference. Nice people though.

George Chronister

Mar 27, 2022


Excellent variety and clean. Be careful with prices though, some things are half the price as they would be, at a hobby shop for example, and other things cost half more.

Jay Fauver

Mar 12, 2022


Great place with lots of good deals. I recommend everyone stops by booth #322

Tiki Bar

Feb 09, 2022


I have found some really nice vintage and antique items here. Some items are overpriced but others are a great deal. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I'll definitely be back!

Liz S.

Aug 25, 2021


Loved this place. Stopped in not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Even my husband had a great time looking around. Left with lots of treasures.

Jeff K.

Jul 23, 2017


Made my first trip to Yesteryear. It's really big with so many booths to poke around in. They've got a a pretty good range of antiques, lots seemed pretty reasonable. I honestly didn't find much I wanted, but that doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't good. I liked looking around at everything. I wish they had more dealers with desirable vinyl records and vintage audio gear.

They also have restrooms and a small cafe. The staff was friendly and very caring about ensuring the stuff my wife purchased was secure. If you like antiques or like neat historical artifacts it's worth a visit.

Mari S.

Jun 05, 2017


Solid antique mall with many different vendors, sales and selections. Stock was a bit more varied in terms of age but it's a good stop when in Hanover.

Matthew H.

Mar 27, 2017


Great place! Large amount of dealers with a nice selection of items. A lot of Fenton glass and some primitives mixed in. Not as many sales as Black Rose but nonetheless I had some great finds. There checkout system is quick and efficient def need to visit when you are in Hanover!

Marlayna G.

Nov 14, 2016


What a nice store! Large, lots of vendors, and organized booths. Some of it is flea-market goods and country/"vintage" chic, which prevents me from giving it 5 stars, but some vendors had good inventory that I would count as real antiques (early 20th century).

Freddy S.

Dec 01, 2014


This is my kind of antique mall. I walked out with 7 random things, and I paid under $70. The antique dealers outnumber the craft dealers (a plus for me), and there were plenty of dealers to visit.

Jim H.

Jan 31, 2011


We're a fan of antique malls, and this is one of the nicest ones we frequent. As for all antique malls, there is the gamut of dealers represented--some better than others. The better ones have fair prices, move their stock to keep it fresh, don't cram a lot in their stalls and always have something new for sale. The worst ones are the ones who LOAD their stalls with junk you could find at the Goodwill, never lower their prices to reflect the economy, won't dicker with you, and consequently you tend to see the same merchandise year after year.

The staff is friendly and helpful, often funny and jovial. I like the "Wall of Shame" that has images of recently caught shoplifters. There's a cafe, which we've never tried, but the food and cakes on display always look tempting.

Vanessa W.

Aug 31, 2006


This brand new co-op is bound to become one of my favorites. They have an excellent selection of retro items, among other things. Lots of smalls, but some furniture too. Clean, well-run, and very nice staff.

Yesteryear Antique Ctr-Hnvr (2024)
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